The Politics of Believers-A Plea for Sanity

Political Landscape Today

Political Landscape Today

It seems we are no longer the UNITED States of America.  We look as divided as at any time in our history.  No I do not expect a war of succession to break out within a year.  But the political landscape in America today is sickening.  We do not look like we have a common ground, compromise is seen as a dirty word, selling out your ideals, crossing over to the other side.  And this has come after we have won the great ideological war against communism.  Instead we are waging a war with ourselves.  Even with an external enemy still a threat to hurt America.  We are no longer Americans.  Instead we have become Liberal Americans, Democrat Americans, Conservative Americans, Republican Americans.  Its not enough just to love this country, we must now choose a side and stick to it because God or a Non Deity forbid, the other side will take over and ruin the country for everyone.

democracy is a tyranny of the majority.  However these days (not just for the past year, but for the past few election cycles), we seem to have forgotten that.  The majority of the country votes for certain candidates and those who lose are either replaced or do not gain power.  And we go on with our lives moaning how the other guy is fucking up this great nation of ours by doing this or that.  Well we used to anyway.  Now the losers seem so angry that its hard for them to accept the fact that they lost.  No more: “oh well, lets hope he/she does not mess up too much, but we’ll see.”  We now hear calls of complete and total rejection of everything the winner does.  There are efforts to illegitimize those in power.  There are even expressions of hope that they will mess up and ruin the country in the process just because some are angry that their side lost, and so they can prove their petty little point and scream to all the world “See, I was right.”  The country be damned, they were correct.

One and the same, just like their biggest critics.

One and the same, just like their biggest critics.

This is not just based on today.  The liberals of this country are as guilty as the conservatives.  Just under 9 years ago they were as angry that Bush beat Gore as the Republicans are now angry that some black liberal beat McCain.  They hate each other with a passion, yet might as well be on the same side.  They say the same things.  They hate with the same venom.  Meanwhile those of us in the middle are stuck listening to insane rants from idiots who claim they speak for us.  This country has always had its share of lunatics, some even with power and influence.  But never IMO did they have so much power and influence, and never have their voices been taken as seriously as today.

Again, when I say TODAY I mean that in years time.  For four years the louder of the Democrats claimed that the 2000 election was not legitimate because of the Florida mess.  They refused to accept the Supreme Court decision, and Al Gore’s eventual concession, that George W. Bush was a legitimate president of the United States of America.  Now we have the loonier of Republicans claiming that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is not a legitimate president of the United States of America because they fail to accept the election commission’s acceptance of proof of birth, nor do they accept the fact that from all the attacks that came from the McCain camp (and they did not miss a thing, neither did the Obama campaign) during the election there was no real question of Obama legibility to become the president.  In 2000 there were some silly actors “threatening” that if Bush wins they will move out of the country.  In 2008 we heard similar from the right.  If only.  Bush was accused of ruining this country.  Obama is apparently destroying America as I write these words.

In the past there have been partisan attacks from one side against the other.  But they were mostly based on personal dislike of a person (Republicans were not enamored with one William Clinton) , or based on policy issues.  Now it seems that we do not need even those flimsy excuses.  Anything the left even attempts to do is immediately rejected out of hand by the right.  There is no debate of the issue, but flat out rejection, its not bad because it does not make sense, its bad because the other side proposed it.  It was the same just a few years ago, only then it was those who today are in power who were rejecting anything that Bush proposed, not on its merits, but simply because he proposed it.  The zealots have taken over political debate.  And the politicians are buying into this madness.  Sure there are still hollow campaign promises of “reaching across the aisle,” but as soon as the election is done all hands are firmly in their side of the aisle.  They fear that political compromise (which apparently is a bad word these days, don’t let you children learn it), and actual cooperation with their opponents will be seen as a betrayal of their side.  Their supposed “base” wont tolerate anything other than complete dogmatic politics.  They are pandering to the vocal minorities of their camps.  Forgetting that is was the non-believers, those who actually got them elected, and who too need to be also considered.

I know I know, the zealots love the country so much that they want to save it from ruin.  Yes, its lovely that they want to save me from the evil incarnate that is Barack Obama, just as the liberals were trying to save me from the devil that was George Bush.  However one thing that they have forgotten is that the MAJORITY do not want them to save us all.  The majority voted for these guys.  The majority wants them to take us in the direction they want to take us because they AGREE with them and their policies.  Its shocking I know, but those who voted for these guys also have a voice, they made their voice heard when and how it mattered most, by voting.  But no, the zealots refuse to accept that.  We were duped into voting for this or that guy.  Only they see the light, the other side is too naive to notice the lies and propaganda.  We were indoctrinated by the politicians (the other side’s politicians of course, my side only tells the truth and are an example of virtue and purity), blinded by their sweet lies, and while they sharpen their horns we live in oblivion to the TRUTH.  And as any fanatics they and only they see the TRUTH.  And only they can save us from evil.

The difference between left and right

The difference between left and right

That is not to say that the opposition should just shut the hell up and take everything the winners do with a smile.  No, by all means oppose those in power.  But do so because you disagree with a particular policy.  Don’t hope the other guy fails.  Cause guess what, every time Bush got something wrong we ALL lost.  There were no winners, because it was not a Republican policy, but an American policy.  Now every time Obama will screw up it will affect us all.  However every time you will manage to stop him, you are affecting the whole country.  So instead of calling the new president of the United States of America names like “communist,” “secret Muslim,” “socialist,” or claiming he is not a legitimate president; or looking for things you can criticize him for, why not sit back, relax a little and listen to him.  I listened to both him and his predecessor.  I did not vote for Bush, I disagreed with many of his policies, however some I had no problem with because I thought they made sense.  I reluctantly voted for Obama, I was not part of this “hope” crowd, although I felt that a “change” was in order (hence my vote).  I did not see him as the second coming.  Nor do I believe he is a Godless Communist/Socialist Muslim (sic!) hellbent on destroying this great country of ours.  He is just some politician with an idea on how to make this country better.  Now we may disagree with some of those ideas, as we are bound to do, but we must give him a chance so he can propose them and then we can critique them on their merits.

But no!  The lunatics are running the political asylum these days.  Our politics these days are based on our beliefs and preconceived ideas we have, and not on policies.  Politics are becoming like religious debates now.  Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals are sounding more and more like evangelists trying to convince the other side to convert and claiming that everything the other side does is blasphemy!  When liberals screamed their loud heads of at Bush, they were called unpatriotic, while they claimed their “patriotic” right to criticize the president.  Now the same people who were so incensed at those un-American liberals who dared to attack the sanctity of the office of the president of the United States are screaming their heads of at the president of the same United States by invoking their “patriotic” right to oppose him.  Of course the liberals are now shocked that anyone could treat a president in such a disrespectful way.  The flag wavers, overnight, have become the flag burners.  While those who burned the flag now proudly display it.  Its not only hypocrisy, its fucking childish and insulting to us all.

Pot is actually Kettles twin brother.

Pot is actually Kettle's twin brother.

Its not that one side is wrong.  Its not that they oppose the other side.  Its how they oppose it.  Everyone seems to have an agenda.  An agenda to completely discredit the other side.  Listening to political debates is like listening to a conversation between Martin Luther and Pope Leo X.  The bloggers do it, the mainstream media does it, and most sadly, our politicians do it.  Everyone is a believer, and as such they believe that their view is the only correct way to achieve American Paradise.  Of course any and all dissent from within is seen as as blasphemy and betrayal.  The “debates,”  such as they are, are screaming matches not political conversations.  To the Liberals Obama can do no wrong, and if he can it is only because he gives in and compromises.  To the Conservatives Obama can not do anything right, if he ever will, it will only be when he completely gives in to the right.  And unless George Bush became the incarnation of Ted Kennedy nothing he did would have been accepted by the left.  Nor would he be criticized by the right at all unless he actually would have done something that the left would have liked.  We are living in a polarized society, where those on the extreme fringes of our political spectrum have taken over the politics of the country.

The are no political opponents anymore.  We are only left with political enemies.  All it takes for the right now is to scream out a few catch phrases like “socialism,” “big government,” “Barrack HUSSEIN Obama,” and those who are not enamored with Obama stop listening to what he has to say and reject what he wants to do, on “principle.”  It was the same not long ago when “civil liberties,” “oil, and “right wing conspiracy” were the catch phrases used to instantly reject anything to come out of the White House.  My side were saints, the other side is evil.  Only true believers have a voice.  Only they care, the rest of us are at best political sinners willing to compromise our political values.  Therefore we should be ignored and shunned because only the zealots know the Way.

Really?  Is this what it has come down to?  Is this what we believe?  Was Bush only a hellbent despot who wanted to expand the American Empire and only supported big business and the rich?  Is Obama a Muslim communist (sic) who wants to take all of our hard earned money away from us and wants to destroy the very fabric of America?  Is it not possible that both are patriots who wanted to improve the country and lead us into better times and only their ideas on how to achieve that differ?  Could it be possible that neither of them was the worst thing to ever happen to this country.  Could it perhaps be that they are just politicians trying their best?  Could it?  Not according to the zealots.  And if you don’t believe me, just ask them, they will tell you the truth, for only they know what TRUTH is.


Kirk Cameron Is a Hypocrite

Well I just wasted 6 minutes of my life watching the hypocrite talk about us losing our liberties?  What liberties?  I hadn’t realized that we had a clause in the Constitution protecting our right to be Christians.  Of course Kirk (formerly of Growing Pains) mentions not one word about those poor little Jews not being able to read the Torah in schools, nor anything about those poor Muslim kids not being able to recite the Qua’ran in homeroom.  Apparently college kids are being brainwashed into believing in Evolution.  My GOD!!!   What a shock!  College kids brainwashed.  How is the government not closing down Universities all over America and arresting all the professors for violations of our liberties.

Oh wait.  I know why.  Because young Mr. Seaver is full of shit.  Now I am no Constitutional scholar but even I figured out what the First Amendment means.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof

Nowhere does it say little Jimmy has to be taught that Jesus is his saviour in a public school.  As far as I know we are allowed to freely practice ANY religion we choose.  Nor are we prohibited from establishing religions.  So what’s the problem Mr. Seaver?  Oh I know.  We have sinful hearts and only the Gospels can save us!  Isn’t that correct Mr. Seaver?  So again, what fucking God given liberties are being taken away from us?  Seriously now.  Which ones?  He started the video moaning about the 10 Commandments and poor Gideons.  But how is that an infringement?  So our dear Kirk is full of shit there.  But lets go on please, it gets better.

Using the 150 anniversary of the publication of The Origin of Species by Darwin, Cameron’s friend, an evangelist named Ray Comfort (really?) will add an “introduction” to said work (an “abridged” version I understand) and they’ll be giving out 50,000 free copies to those poor brainwashed college kids (up to over 100,000 at the time of this post).  If you have seen the video then you are by now bored because I am repeating what’s in it.  But wait!  There is a point somewhere here.  Its the introduction itself.  Now I don’t really have a problem with the general idea of a “debunking” introduction itself, despite it being a cheap way to go about “saving” those poor brainwashed college kids.  It would be harmless and silly really when you think about it.  Its some of the shit that’s in there  that pisses me of.  Apparently Darwin was raised a proper person, a god fearing Christian.  He became an agnostic (for which he shall suffer eternal damnation I’m sure), but he never denied the existence of God, nor had he claimed that one can not believe in Evolution and God at the same time.  Hello!  So Darwin says there is a God.  Very nice.  What does this have to do with his theory?  And doesn’t it prove that being a Christian and believing in evolution is not mutually exclusive?  It gets better though.

Apparently Adolf Hitler was an Evolutionist.  Yes kids, Hitler was.  We know Hitler was evil incarnate.  And if you believe in evolution, like he did,  you must be just as bad as Hitler. Hence evolution is evil.   But since none of us want to be like that crazy Nazi bastard we should disassociate ourselves from him and everything he believed.  That is what I got from reading the introduction.  Otherwise what would be the point of posting numerous quotes from Mein Kampf?  So all you vegetarians will be shocked to learn that our dear Adolf did not partake in meat.  Eat bacon or burn in hell.  To save even more of you it has to be disclosed that Hitler was also a dog lover, so any of you who had a puppy will too suffer for all eternity.  Repent I say, repent!!  Darwin was also a racist and thought women were dumber than men.  Like many of our great Christian scientists.  Yes, most were products of their time and believed in what was believed in their day.  Some our our great Founding Fathers (you know those who would want Kirk to spread Christianity to our Universities) were not only racists but slave owners.  What does that prove?  Absolutely nothing.  Just as saying Darwin was a racist proves nothing.

I noticed this bit in the introduction

He is outraged by torture, terrorism, abortion, theft, lying, adultery, fornication, pedophilia, homosexuality, and blasphemy.

The “He” is God of course and these are the things that piss him off along with rape and murder (mentioned earlier in text).  God likes war?  Well I guess that as long as none of us are getting laid before marriage its ok.

Then we learn how the other major religions are false and we can be saved only through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It also points out how so many of the great scientists were believers.  Now I don’t really have a problem with that.  Any believer believes his is the only true faith.  Fair enough.  But if we are including Hitler in the evolution argument, should we also not include some of the less than reputable Christians.  Fair is fair don’t you think?  Is Christianity debunked because a Torquemada was a Christian?  Do the sins of believers have an effect on your beliefs?  Well they should not.  What people do in God’s name may put a particular denomination into a bad light but it does not necessarily reflect badly on God himself.  I am sure both young Mr. Seaver and Mr. Comfort would agree with me on that.  So why fucking Hitler?!  Is there no sane, logical way to argue this?  Look I get it, you believe evolution is bullshit.  Fair enough.  But why do people like the two mentioned need to resort to such tactics to prove it to everyone?  Oh that’s right, they are doing it because they love us and want us to be saved.  Well, fuck you.  I do not need hypocrites to save me.

Generally I have no problem with religious people.  My belief is that as long as people are not trying to kill me they can believe in whatever they want.  However militant, fanatical theism frightens me in any form.  Whether they are people who are willing to blow themselves up to gain entry into paradise by taking a few, or a few thousand, infidels with them.  Or whether they are Bible thumping “do gooders” who love me so much that they will resort to almost anything to save me.  They all frighten the shit out of me.  And they all are fucking hypocrites.

Why is science so threatening to them?  Why, if God exists, do they attack it so hard?  Shouldn’t faith give them comfort.  Why is atheism or agnosticism so threatening to these people?  I get the part about wanting everyone to be true believers and be saved.  But why the militant stance against anything they disapprove of?

Now I haven’t dealt with some of the dubious “scientific” arguments in the introduction, I am not a scientist, I leave that to much abler and better prepared minds.

If you are interested in reading the introduction here is the link to an early version (I understand that it is being revised, at least that is what the official site says and they aren’t providing a direct link to it) here it is in a nice pdf format, and its even illustrated.

I Worship Terrorists.

Yep, I do, not many people would admit to such a thing publicly while living in a Western country these days.  But I do.  My heroes attacked government institutions, attacked the recognized authority, bombed stuff and people, shot people.  They were your run of the mill terrorists.  Many were caught and were killed by the authorities, or were imprisoned.  Some escaped punishment and were able to live out their lives in hiding or in exile.  They were condemned almost universally.  Yet I worship them.

According to most governments in Europe the fighters of the November Rising of 1830 unlawfully took up arm against the legal authority of the Russian Czar.  Poland at the time was partitioned between Prussia, Austria and Russia.  The Russians set up the Polish Congress Kingdom, of course under Russian rule.  There were however some privileges granted to the Poles.  Poland was allowed to have its own Army for example, although it was supposed to be under the general command of Russia whose Czar also proclaimed himself the King of Poland.  New repressions and revolts in France and Belgium gave the Poles the incentive to rise up.  And so they did, it lasted just 11 months.  Poland was surrounded by nations who willingly helped the Russians to put down the rising.  Initially all went well, most of the early pitched battles ended in Polish victories.  But without outside support it could not last.  That support was not forthcoming.  So after a few losses, and some guerrilla fighting the rising ended in defeat.  It led to even more repressions.  In the end the fighters were even condemned by the Catholic Church (Poland was Catholic while Russia, an anti-Catholic state was Orthodox) and the fighters  were excommunicated by their Church.

Similar fate was suffered by those Poles who rose up in January of 1863, more condemnations, repressions, more of them sent to Siberia.  This is what happens to terrorists.  Another of my heroes who was a terrorist was Josef Pilsudski.  Yes, the Father of the Second Polish Republic was a terrorist.  Arrested and sent to Siberia on trumped up charges, he later returned and joined the Socialists.  He helped organize train robberies to get funds for his movement.  The Socialists assassinated hundreds of Russian officials, made bombs, and were trying to organize a nation wide revolt.  After Poland regained its independence he let himself be a part of a coup and became a “dictator” of Poland.

Of course the Germans occupying Poland during the Second World War called any resistance fighters terrorists.  Then those same people were called the the dreaded “T” word by the new Polish Communist Government set up by Russia.  What they failed to mention was that they made them into “terrorists.”  The best and the brightest of Poland, those who survived over 5 years of brutal German occupation, were getting arrested, shot, or sent to gulags just for being patriots and for fighting for their country.  So they went back to the forests and fought back against the brutal Polish/Russian Communist regime.  Yet for decades they were called bandits, terrorists, reactionaries, murderers.  The Warsaw Jews who just wanted to die with dignity were also called terrorists by the Germans when they rose up to fight against annihilation.

There are countless stories like that.  Good people fighting for their cause, but labeled terrorists.  Sometimes its just luck and success that change the person’s label from terrorist to national hero.  Sometimes a person is branded as both.  Tadeusz Kosciuszko was a hero of the American Revolution.  He later went back to Poland and fought for its freedom.  For that he got prison, exile and an excommunication by his church.  His bad luck was that he ended up on the losing side.  If George Washington failed to win the war for American Independence he would have surely been hung as a traitor.  He won and became the first American president.  England branded as terrorists the same people that it was allied with less than a decade later.  Most of Israel’s leaders fought the British before becoming statesmen.  Now they in turn fight Palestinian terrorists.

Does the end justify the means?  Does the end matter really?  Is it ok to kill innocent people in the name of freedom?  Is it ok for governments to wage wars and kill even more people?  Is it really different when the person doing the killing is wearing a uniform?  Now I am not condoning terrorism, nor condemning governments who use military force.  But in the end innocent people die just the same.  In my mind no one who blows up buses, hotels, or markets, or who fly planes into buildings, has any rights, and I don’t really give a shit what cause they use to excuse their murderous actions.  It does not justify their cause, no matter how weak they are.  The weak are not always right, sometimes they are just weak.  On the other hand, is it ok for us to invade countries and kill thousands of people for revenge or democracy?  Politics is rarely about the right and wrong.  Mostly its hypocrisy gone wild.  The United States was formed through the right to revolt.  The South seceded from the USA by those same principles, of course the USA opposed this.  At the same time the CSA, while fighting for their right to secede forbade any further succession from the CSA.  Go figure.

These days this may not be a popular view, on the other hand, some will lap it up.  But terrorism is not as black and white as it would appear, just ask the Irish.  At the same time I still want all those bastards who attacked my country on 9-11 dead.  I  support Israel, and have a hard time excusing the Palestinians’ actions, despite their plight and struggles.  I also don’t want some freaks to start bombing government buildings just because they they feel “oppressed” by those in Washington.  However we can not allow our government to run around the world and kill people with impunity in our name.  Waving a flag and reciting slogans does not make one patriotic.  Just because our soldiers are wearing American uniforms it does not make them automatically right in whatever they do.  We can not fight to bring democracy to some while supporting brutal dictators elsewhere.  Actually we can, but we must stop the bullshit and call it what it is, politics and power.

So yes, some of my heroes were terrorists, Washington, Lee, Jackson, Bem, Wysocki, Koscioszko, Pilsudski, the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto, the Poles who fought against Germans or Russians.  All heroes for one reason or another.  Hell some of the people I admire most, while maybe not terrorists, fought for some truly shitty causes, Rommel, von Manteuffel, Guderian, Balck, von Manstein, Raus, all fought and bled for a Nazi Germany.  I admire them as much those who fought against them.  Like Patton, Eisenhower, Sikorski, Maczek, or Sosabowski.  Not all those I admire were noble though their character or deeds.  Some took part in actions that were truly wrong and despicable.  Yet as long as I remember that the concept or right and wrong is as relative as anything in this world it is ok.  It is when we act with righteous indignation, and call those on the other side as evil that real problems start and we lose whatever moral authority we had by our actions.  When someone is convinced he is right it is easy for him to commit evil in the name of good.

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What’s In a Name?

Everything, it seems.

By calling someone a name of your choosing you can change the way that person is seen by others.  And its not just people, its whole nations, or races.  Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names will really kill you.  Name calling is seen as a bad thing but not really a big deal.  Well I disagree.  It is a big deal.  A Socialist is what is the American president is called these days.  Just saying it cheapens any possible debate.  The talking heads on the news, and opinion makers have stooped so low.  Its not just any morons protesting on the street with the usual “[Insert politicians’ name] is Hitler.”  Its other politicians calling each other pathetic names.  And of course their legions  of their faction’s zombies run around repeating it.  Therefore Obama is a Socialist, wants the US to become Canada, or worse, Cuba.  Bush was Hitler, and as any proper Nazi would, wanted to destroy or take over the world.  And no one listens to each other.  Political debate is pretty much nonexistent these days.  No one talks to each other, they scream at one another, but no one listens.  After all why would people who hate each other so much listen to what the other has to say.

It seems that my native country had concentration camps.  We did, but they were not “Polish Death Camps” (despite what many “journalists/historians” try to claim).  The fucking Germans built them.  Not Nazis, Germans.  History somehow has separated the Germans from the Nazis.  Sure everyone knows that the Nazis were German, but they are not the same.  Germans, good hard working folk, very cultured, pioneers of science, culture and art.  After all its the land of Goethe, how can a people who produced Heine, Cantor, Handel, Beethoven, Kepler, Cranach, be a gang of murdering bastards?  Well they can.  But no, we are told Nazis bad, Germans good.  It was not the Germans who propagated this separation.  It was the Western politicians and historians who needed the good Germans on their side to fight the evil godless Soviets.  So it stuck.  Germans may have been Nazis but they aren’t anymore.  And the aforementioned Soviets are the same.  Evil murdering bastards.  Russians however, are not so bad.  But the last time I checked the headquarters of the Коммунисти́ческая Па́ртия Сове́тского Сою́за, was located in Russia.  Yes the Soviet Communist party was RUSSIAN.  They too changed a lot of names, St. Petersburg became Leningrad, Tsaritsyn became Stalingrad and is now called Volgograd.  Every time there is a coup somewhere it seems we need to invest in a new map to keep up.  It was the same people, product of the land that also produced Kandinsky, Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky.  But no, all it needed was for a change of government, the colour of the flag and the name of the country, and Russians are all cool now, always were, it was those pesky Soviets who were bad.

I have no particular dislike of the Germans, in fact I can be classified as a Germanophile.  Though admittedly am a Russophobe.  So this is not just a rant from a “poor victim.”  But as a Pole, I nor my people have an excuse.  When we fucked up in history it was the Poles.  Not Sanacja Poles, or Commie Poles, or Royalist Poles, just Poles.  All our sins belong to us.  It was just our bad luck that our recent history stuck us on the wrong side of the debate in the last century.  But even there we were made out to look worse than others.  For over 4 decades people learned of Polish antisemitism, which was made to look worse than German or Russian antisemitism.  Its not an excuse, we were antisemites, but compared to our neighbours we were saints..  We had no state sponsored pogroms, we did not actively help the Nazis during the Holocaust, yet we are made to look worse than those who did.  How?!  Well the answer is simple, we got called names.  The Russians, in order to discredit the proper Polish resistance, called them collaborators, Fascists, nationalists.  The pre-WWII Polish Sanacja government was called a Fascist authoritarian regime.  Any and all who resisted the communists were called reactionaries, and as we all know all reactionaries are right wingers, the Nazis the right wingers, so of course Polish resistance practically wore jackboots and screamed Heil Hitler.  Wonder why the silly Corporal killed so many of my countrymen if we loved him so much.  Go figure.

So remember anytime you hear some cretin label another person be very careful.  A Polish author, Zbigniew Nienacki, wrote a book about the beginnings of the Polish nation.  It was not great literature, just another take of the Polish myths and legends.  But an important lesson of the trilogy was about the power of naming things.  The Prince said to his hated wife: “I now pronounce you dead, and all who hear will believe, you no longer exist.”  All heard and all believed.  And with all our technology and “intelligence,” we still believe the princes of our world.  Anyone who calls someone as Nazi immediately should lose any credibility.  Anyone who says that something is “socialism” without explaining the details of the proposed policy, and his own alternative solution should immediately be shouted down.  Even if that someone says stuff you believe in.  Actually its ESPECIALLY if someone says stuff you agree with.  Surely we do not want morons speaking for us?  Surely we do not want morons representing us and our ideals?  Be careful of labels and names, they really do hurt.  They cheapen the debate, they prevent us from listening to one another, they prevent solutions to obvious problems.  People who strongly believe in their ideals CAN debate those with whom they disagree in a civil educated manner and not just tell each other to shut the fuck up cause they are wrong.  Well, at least they should.

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Forever A Babe, A Review

Its a story about a boy and his football team.
And what a team it was. Tom Clare recalls his life in post-war Manchester and how he grew up along with the Busby Babes, as they were affectionately called.  Its much more than just a story about football.  We get a glimpse of life in post-war England.  Mr. Clare recalls the realities of life on a poor Manchester neighbourhood.  A different time when boys spent most of their waking free hours outside.  This is my first book review so not really sure what to write but I wont include any anecdotes from the book as I do not want to spoil it for someone.
I have known Mr. Clare’s writings before reading his book so I sort of knew what to expect from him about Manchester United.  The book however is much more than anything I read before.  It gives a comprehensive personal account of the pre-Munich years and tells of the great loss that he and the whole City of Manchester felt when those boys perished in the plane crash.  And it that sense the book is different from what I previously read about the Babes and the tragedy. Instead of monotonously recalling what happened on the Munich runway it goes beyond that.  It tells us how he, as a 13 year old, reacted and what it meant to him and the whole city.  We also see what football (soccer) meant to people 50 years ago.  A different time certainly.  When players were neighbours and friends, and part of a community and not just celebrities who happen to play a sport.  And I guess that is why they are missed so much.  Lost in their prime, the whole football world missed out and wonders what could have been.
I am a Manchester United fan so perhaps this book means more to me than it would to some who are not.  But I would recommend this to any football fan so they too can get a glimpse of football from a half century ago.  In there one can find some history of the club, great stories from a match going fan, and a intimate look at one of the most exciting teams that played the sport.  Finally there is a whole chapter on the author’s favourite player from that team, Duncan Edwards.  And in it we find why the 21 year old was so special and why he is still considered by many as the most complete player to have ever played the game.
I highly recommend this.

Forever A Babe by Tom Clare is available at amazon.

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