Kirk Cameron Is a Hypocrite

Well I just wasted 6 minutes of my life watching the hypocrite talk about us losing our liberties?  What liberties?  I hadn’t realized that we had a clause in the Constitution protecting our right to be Christians.  Of course Kirk (formerly of Growing Pains) mentions not one word about those poor little Jews not being able to read the Torah in schools, nor anything about those poor Muslim kids not being able to recite the Qua’ran in homeroom.  Apparently college kids are being brainwashed into believing in Evolution.  My GOD!!!   What a shock!  College kids brainwashed.  How is the government not closing down Universities all over America and arresting all the professors for violations of our liberties.

Oh wait.  I know why.  Because young Mr. Seaver is full of shit.  Now I am no Constitutional scholar but even I figured out what the First Amendment means.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof

Nowhere does it say little Jimmy has to be taught that Jesus is his saviour in a public school.  As far as I know we are allowed to freely practice ANY religion we choose.  Nor are we prohibited from establishing religions.  So what’s the problem Mr. Seaver?  Oh I know.  We have sinful hearts and only the Gospels can save us!  Isn’t that correct Mr. Seaver?  So again, what fucking God given liberties are being taken away from us?  Seriously now.  Which ones?  He started the video moaning about the 10 Commandments and poor Gideons.  But how is that an infringement?  So our dear Kirk is full of shit there.  But lets go on please, it gets better.

Using the 150 anniversary of the publication of The Origin of Species by Darwin, Cameron’s friend, an evangelist named Ray Comfort (really?) will add an “introduction” to said work (an “abridged” version I understand) and they’ll be giving out 50,000 free copies to those poor brainwashed college kids (up to over 100,000 at the time of this post).  If you have seen the video then you are by now bored because I am repeating what’s in it.  But wait!  There is a point somewhere here.  Its the introduction itself.  Now I don’t really have a problem with the general idea of a “debunking” introduction itself, despite it being a cheap way to go about “saving” those poor brainwashed college kids.  It would be harmless and silly really when you think about it.  Its some of the shit that’s in there  that pisses me of.  Apparently Darwin was raised a proper person, a god fearing Christian.  He became an agnostic (for which he shall suffer eternal damnation I’m sure), but he never denied the existence of God, nor had he claimed that one can not believe in Evolution and God at the same time.  Hello!  So Darwin says there is a God.  Very nice.  What does this have to do with his theory?  And doesn’t it prove that being a Christian and believing in evolution is not mutually exclusive?  It gets better though.

Apparently Adolf Hitler was an Evolutionist.  Yes kids, Hitler was.  We know Hitler was evil incarnate.  And if you believe in evolution, like he did,  you must be just as bad as Hitler. Hence evolution is evil.   But since none of us want to be like that crazy Nazi bastard we should disassociate ourselves from him and everything he believed.  That is what I got from reading the introduction.  Otherwise what would be the point of posting numerous quotes from Mein Kampf?  So all you vegetarians will be shocked to learn that our dear Adolf did not partake in meat.  Eat bacon or burn in hell.  To save even more of you it has to be disclosed that Hitler was also a dog lover, so any of you who had a puppy will too suffer for all eternity.  Repent I say, repent!!  Darwin was also a racist and thought women were dumber than men.  Like many of our great Christian scientists.  Yes, most were products of their time and believed in what was believed in their day.  Some our our great Founding Fathers (you know those who would want Kirk to spread Christianity to our Universities) were not only racists but slave owners.  What does that prove?  Absolutely nothing.  Just as saying Darwin was a racist proves nothing.

I noticed this bit in the introduction

He is outraged by torture, terrorism, abortion, theft, lying, adultery, fornication, pedophilia, homosexuality, and blasphemy.

The “He” is God of course and these are the things that piss him off along with rape and murder (mentioned earlier in text).  God likes war?  Well I guess that as long as none of us are getting laid before marriage its ok.

Then we learn how the other major religions are false and we can be saved only through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It also points out how so many of the great scientists were believers.  Now I don’t really have a problem with that.  Any believer believes his is the only true faith.  Fair enough.  But if we are including Hitler in the evolution argument, should we also not include some of the less than reputable Christians.  Fair is fair don’t you think?  Is Christianity debunked because a Torquemada was a Christian?  Do the sins of believers have an effect on your beliefs?  Well they should not.  What people do in God’s name may put a particular denomination into a bad light but it does not necessarily reflect badly on God himself.  I am sure both young Mr. Seaver and Mr. Comfort would agree with me on that.  So why fucking Hitler?!  Is there no sane, logical way to argue this?  Look I get it, you believe evolution is bullshit.  Fair enough.  But why do people like the two mentioned need to resort to such tactics to prove it to everyone?  Oh that’s right, they are doing it because they love us and want us to be saved.  Well, fuck you.  I do not need hypocrites to save me.

Generally I have no problem with religious people.  My belief is that as long as people are not trying to kill me they can believe in whatever they want.  However militant, fanatical theism frightens me in any form.  Whether they are people who are willing to blow themselves up to gain entry into paradise by taking a few, or a few thousand, infidels with them.  Or whether they are Bible thumping “do gooders” who love me so much that they will resort to almost anything to save me.  They all frighten the shit out of me.  And they all are fucking hypocrites.

Why is science so threatening to them?  Why, if God exists, do they attack it so hard?  Shouldn’t faith give them comfort.  Why is atheism or agnosticism so threatening to these people?  I get the part about wanting everyone to be true believers and be saved.  But why the militant stance against anything they disapprove of?

Now I haven’t dealt with some of the dubious “scientific” arguments in the introduction, I am not a scientist, I leave that to much abler and better prepared minds.

If you are interested in reading the introduction here is the link to an early version (I understand that it is being revised, at least that is what the official site says and they aren’t providing a direct link to it) here it is in a nice pdf format, and its even illustrated.


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  1. The bible is public domain, so I say we publish an edition with a new preface reminding its readers of the undeniable links to warfare and bloodshed on a scale that would make Hitler blush.

    On a more serious note, there are definitely two “sides” in Christian America these days. Cameron falls in the militant evangelical camp who believes any challenge to the bible is the same as denying existence of god. Any cultural incompatibility with their book and they go batshit crazy. The other side in Christian America is the group that understands the bible as metaphor, not a historical document.

    Nevertheless, this video is very amusing. Cameron doesn’t seem to understand some very basic things protected by the Constitution (and confirmed ad nauseam by court rulings). You can read a bible in your free time at a public school just as you can pray. However, his complaint about the Gideons not being able to hand bibles at a public school is beyond moronic; of course they can’t, you tool! If that did happen, it would be seen as a state entity endorsing a particular religion which is strictly prohibited by the first amendments. I wonder if Cameron would fight for Muslims handing out copies of the Koran at public schools…

    • Ha ha, I was thinking the same about taking advantage of the Bible’s public domain status, not sure he would appreciate the irony.
      You are correct, militants tend to be logically challenged.

      Thank you for reading and your comment Kellen

  2. You obviously have no real sense of reality and don’t give a damn about others. All I see Cameron doing is trying to reveal a truth that used to be well known for centuries up until the late 20th century. Family and community co-existed with God. Even many criminals never crossed a certian line because Christian morals were the very fabric of society. This has changed drastically. Now, the current generation is being bred into a one-sided fraudulent culture that seeks to raise human “livestock”. If you have paid attention to the reality of GMO, you will know that there is a huge obsession by our government to genetically modify both animals and humans to suit scientific ideology. This would prevent the population from “rising up” against tyranny. Profits would maximize for the elite. And this “democracy” is being spread around the world in the form of lies.

    I was once an atheist myself growing up. God presents the absolute truth. Following His way of living breeds good people who are selfless and caring. This forms a community of love in the world. Atheism destroys that. And history has shown that such individualism complete destroys societies altogether. Only fools follow things they themselves have not witnessed, such as scientific jargon. But God reveals truths that open our eyes to the evil realities of the world. Things that once smelled good to us begin to show their true nature of foul stench.

    I certainly don’t agree with everything that Cameron does, as I tossed out my TV after realizing it was a tool for evil to junk up the minds of many. Cameron still walks in fame, which in contrary to what Christ intended. You cannot change the world. It is destined to end at any time. Our lives can end at any time as well. But I do support the basic intent that Cameron has in trying to protect Christianity. It is pretty disturbing to me, being an 80s kid myself, that I grew up in a public school full of kids who still talked about God and had empathy for one another. Now I look around and see self serving individuals who would throw their friend under a bus for a profit. Atheism is causing this very problem. Because without God, there is no limit to yourself. You can become as selfish as you like and care nothing for consequences. This is what breeds insane killers. There must be a perfect parent to slap down a child when behaving badly. God is the only one who can fill those shoes. And only a complete fool would believe otherwise.

    I have an 11 year old daughter who was raised in a public school with a bunch of rotten kids. Worse, she was fed the scientific garbage earlier than I ever was. Her behavior was always a problem. She always seemed lost. But once I got her in church and emphasized God in the home, she improved. Using corporal punishment has made a world of difference. She now shows respect for authority, just like in the old days. That’s a big problem with kids these days. They need their behinds or legs smacked with a switch. This is a centuries old method of biblical punishment that reared the best people. Now, our people are so “dead” spiritually, they have become obsessed with external appearances. Even their behavior is fake. They have no identity at all.

  3. Congratulations Joe, you’re a first class moron. On so many levels. Truth that was known for centuries? Like the sun revolving around our planet? Or our planet being flat? That kind of truth? The bible is full of that shit. Did you make the pilgrimage to the Creation museum yet to see your ancestors riding dinosaurs? Just because people believed in something for centuries it does not make it right. Hell, for centuries the most common remedy for illness was blood letting. Do you do that Joe? Or do you go to a scientist to help you, you know, like a doctor?

    And good one about the Christian morality and criminals. I am guessing history was not your thing. In fact we are less violent now then we have ever been. Yes, that;s right. And your god had nothing to do with it. You claim to have grown up godless, were you evil Joe? And what kind of morality is this when you only do not commit crime out of fear of eternal damnation? That is shit. I don’t commit crime, and I bet my morals are no worse than your. And I do it because I don’t think hurting my fellow man is a good idea, after all, I would not want them to hurt me. I don’t need the fear of hell to not kill people, or rob them. If you need that then you have bigger problems than lack of historical understanding.

    Unlike you, I was brought up by strict religious nutters. It took me a long time to free myself from the yoke of this silliness. I feared that I would be rejecting my roots if I rejected god completely. Once I did I found that that had not happened. I did not turn into an asshole, and I still hold strong to my roots. But now my mind is clear, without all the hypocrisy, and I am spiritually healthy, healthier than I ever was.

    And my eyes are open Joe, and thanks to those eyes I have seen there is no god. Its quite freeing actually. I am not deluding myself anymore. And I am as much part of my society as I ever was. Go figure. And what history shows that Joe? Because until quite recently the world was full of deluded idiots who believed in deities. And don’t pull out the commmies of nazis, they too were believers, only their gods were men, you know ,like the Romans and their Emperors, or that Jewish carpenter.

    I love the line about fools not witnessing things. Interesting. I witnessed Hubble’s photos and saw in immense and ancient Universe, and witnessed photos of our quite rounded planet, I witnessed ancient remains of dinosaurs. What have you witnessed? Fuck all. Yet I am the fool? What proof do you have? Your book? The same book that tells you its cool to own slaves, or forbids you to touch your wife if she is on the rag, or forbids you to eat pork, or shell fish? I bet you love bacon Joe, but are not too fond of gays. Rather picky aren’t we now? If your book is indeed the word of god, how come you don’t follow it to the letter? You only pick things you want to believe right?

    You are deluding yourself Joe. I too am an 80’s kid, and kids today are not worse than they were then. Every generations claims that in their day kids were much better, more respectful and all that bollocks. But if that were so, our children would have murdered all of us long time ago. So stop this delusion. Your childhood was not better because there was more of jesus. We tend to be rather selective when it comes to our childhood in order to justify our existence and lives. Its crap. Things were not better back in the old days, they were just a bit different, and you had a different perspective. Nostalgia is just as bad and delusional as religion, get over it.

    And lovely. You speak of morals and goodness yet you beat your own kid? Just what kind of an asshole are you? If you think its respect you see then you are dumber than I thought. No, its fear. I too was abused when I was a kid. By evil pricks (or good god fearing folk as you would call them, and no, my atheism has nothing to do with them) like yourself. And it was not respect I had for them, but fear. And nothing else. You have to earn respect, you sure wont do it by beating people up.

    Its great that you speak of morals, yet you condone the abuse of children. And all this with the blessing of your god I suppose. I don’t remember, but I am sure its in the bible too, along with the condoning of murder, war, etc, etc. Yep, your morals are so much superior. Funny, again, to be a good person I do not need to fear a god, or eternal punishment, I just treat people like I want to be treated. And I would never abuse children. But that’s your thing. Bunch of deluded, ignorant, hypocrites. Have a lovely day.

  4. It seems that many hypocritical Christians lack the ability to think for themselves, It is so simple! If there is one surviver of a plane crash why did god only save one? I’m sure they were all praying to God before they died. They are so simple minded that can’t even ask simple questions like that. Thanks for all the non hypritical comments.

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