The Politics of Believers-A Plea for Sanity

Political Landscape Today

Political Landscape Today

It seems we are no longer the UNITED States of America.  We look as divided as at any time in our history.  No I do not expect a war of succession to break out within a year.  But the political landscape in America today is sickening.  We do not look like we have a common ground, compromise is seen as a dirty word, selling out your ideals, crossing over to the other side.  And this has come after we have won the great ideological war against communism.  Instead we are waging a war with ourselves.  Even with an external enemy still a threat to hurt America.  We are no longer Americans.  Instead we have become Liberal Americans, Democrat Americans, Conservative Americans, Republican Americans.  Its not enough just to love this country, we must now choose a side and stick to it because God or a Non Deity forbid, the other side will take over and ruin the country for everyone.

democracy is a tyranny of the majority.  However these days (not just for the past year, but for the past few election cycles), we seem to have forgotten that.  The majority of the country votes for certain candidates and those who lose are either replaced or do not gain power.  And we go on with our lives moaning how the other guy is fucking up this great nation of ours by doing this or that.  Well we used to anyway.  Now the losers seem so angry that its hard for them to accept the fact that they lost.  No more: “oh well, lets hope he/she does not mess up too much, but we’ll see.”  We now hear calls of complete and total rejection of everything the winner does.  There are efforts to illegitimize those in power.  There are even expressions of hope that they will mess up and ruin the country in the process just because some are angry that their side lost, and so they can prove their petty little point and scream to all the world “See, I was right.”  The country be damned, they were correct.

One and the same, just like their biggest critics.

One and the same, just like their biggest critics.

This is not just based on today.  The liberals of this country are as guilty as the conservatives.  Just under 9 years ago they were as angry that Bush beat Gore as the Republicans are now angry that some black liberal beat McCain.  They hate each other with a passion, yet might as well be on the same side.  They say the same things.  They hate with the same venom.  Meanwhile those of us in the middle are stuck listening to insane rants from idiots who claim they speak for us.  This country has always had its share of lunatics, some even with power and influence.  But never IMO did they have so much power and influence, and never have their voices been taken as seriously as today.

Again, when I say TODAY I mean that in years time.  For four years the louder of the Democrats claimed that the 2000 election was not legitimate because of the Florida mess.  They refused to accept the Supreme Court decision, and Al Gore’s eventual concession, that George W. Bush was a legitimate president of the United States of America.  Now we have the loonier of Republicans claiming that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is not a legitimate president of the United States of America because they fail to accept the election commission’s acceptance of proof of birth, nor do they accept the fact that from all the attacks that came from the McCain camp (and they did not miss a thing, neither did the Obama campaign) during the election there was no real question of Obama legibility to become the president.  In 2000 there were some silly actors “threatening” that if Bush wins they will move out of the country.  In 2008 we heard similar from the right.  If only.  Bush was accused of ruining this country.  Obama is apparently destroying America as I write these words.

In the past there have been partisan attacks from one side against the other.  But they were mostly based on personal dislike of a person (Republicans were not enamored with one William Clinton) , or based on policy issues.  Now it seems that we do not need even those flimsy excuses.  Anything the left even attempts to do is immediately rejected out of hand by the right.  There is no debate of the issue, but flat out rejection, its not bad because it does not make sense, its bad because the other side proposed it.  It was the same just a few years ago, only then it was those who today are in power who were rejecting anything that Bush proposed, not on its merits, but simply because he proposed it.  The zealots have taken over political debate.  And the politicians are buying into this madness.  Sure there are still hollow campaign promises of “reaching across the aisle,” but as soon as the election is done all hands are firmly in their side of the aisle.  They fear that political compromise (which apparently is a bad word these days, don’t let you children learn it), and actual cooperation with their opponents will be seen as a betrayal of their side.  Their supposed “base” wont tolerate anything other than complete dogmatic politics.  They are pandering to the vocal minorities of their camps.  Forgetting that is was the non-believers, those who actually got them elected, and who too need to be also considered.

I know I know, the zealots love the country so much that they want to save it from ruin.  Yes, its lovely that they want to save me from the evil incarnate that is Barack Obama, just as the liberals were trying to save me from the devil that was George Bush.  However one thing that they have forgotten is that the MAJORITY do not want them to save us all.  The majority voted for these guys.  The majority wants them to take us in the direction they want to take us because they AGREE with them and their policies.  Its shocking I know, but those who voted for these guys also have a voice, they made their voice heard when and how it mattered most, by voting.  But no, the zealots refuse to accept that.  We were duped into voting for this or that guy.  Only they see the light, the other side is too naive to notice the lies and propaganda.  We were indoctrinated by the politicians (the other side’s politicians of course, my side only tells the truth and are an example of virtue and purity), blinded by their sweet lies, and while they sharpen their horns we live in oblivion to the TRUTH.  And as any fanatics they and only they see the TRUTH.  And only they can save us from evil.

The difference between left and right

The difference between left and right

That is not to say that the opposition should just shut the hell up and take everything the winners do with a smile.  No, by all means oppose those in power.  But do so because you disagree with a particular policy.  Don’t hope the other guy fails.  Cause guess what, every time Bush got something wrong we ALL lost.  There were no winners, because it was not a Republican policy, but an American policy.  Now every time Obama will screw up it will affect us all.  However every time you will manage to stop him, you are affecting the whole country.  So instead of calling the new president of the United States of America names like “communist,” “secret Muslim,” “socialist,” or claiming he is not a legitimate president; or looking for things you can criticize him for, why not sit back, relax a little and listen to him.  I listened to both him and his predecessor.  I did not vote for Bush, I disagreed with many of his policies, however some I had no problem with because I thought they made sense.  I reluctantly voted for Obama, I was not part of this “hope” crowd, although I felt that a “change” was in order (hence my vote).  I did not see him as the second coming.  Nor do I believe he is a Godless Communist/Socialist Muslim (sic!) hellbent on destroying this great country of ours.  He is just some politician with an idea on how to make this country better.  Now we may disagree with some of those ideas, as we are bound to do, but we must give him a chance so he can propose them and then we can critique them on their merits.

But no!  The lunatics are running the political asylum these days.  Our politics these days are based on our beliefs and preconceived ideas we have, and not on policies.  Politics are becoming like religious debates now.  Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals are sounding more and more like evangelists trying to convince the other side to convert and claiming that everything the other side does is blasphemy!  When liberals screamed their loud heads of at Bush, they were called unpatriotic, while they claimed their “patriotic” right to criticize the president.  Now the same people who were so incensed at those un-American liberals who dared to attack the sanctity of the office of the president of the United States are screaming their heads of at the president of the same United States by invoking their “patriotic” right to oppose him.  Of course the liberals are now shocked that anyone could treat a president in such a disrespectful way.  The flag wavers, overnight, have become the flag burners.  While those who burned the flag now proudly display it.  Its not only hypocrisy, its fucking childish and insulting to us all.

Pot is actually Kettles twin brother.

Pot is actually Kettle's twin brother.

Its not that one side is wrong.  Its not that they oppose the other side.  Its how they oppose it.  Everyone seems to have an agenda.  An agenda to completely discredit the other side.  Listening to political debates is like listening to a conversation between Martin Luther and Pope Leo X.  The bloggers do it, the mainstream media does it, and most sadly, our politicians do it.  Everyone is a believer, and as such they believe that their view is the only correct way to achieve American Paradise.  Of course any and all dissent from within is seen as as blasphemy and betrayal.  The “debates,”  such as they are, are screaming matches not political conversations.  To the Liberals Obama can do no wrong, and if he can it is only because he gives in and compromises.  To the Conservatives Obama can not do anything right, if he ever will, it will only be when he completely gives in to the right.  And unless George Bush became the incarnation of Ted Kennedy nothing he did would have been accepted by the left.  Nor would he be criticized by the right at all unless he actually would have done something that the left would have liked.  We are living in a polarized society, where those on the extreme fringes of our political spectrum have taken over the politics of the country.

The are no political opponents anymore.  We are only left with political enemies.  All it takes for the right now is to scream out a few catch phrases like “socialism,” “big government,” “Barrack HUSSEIN Obama,” and those who are not enamored with Obama stop listening to what he has to say and reject what he wants to do, on “principle.”  It was the same not long ago when “civil liberties,” “oil, and “right wing conspiracy” were the catch phrases used to instantly reject anything to come out of the White House.  My side were saints, the other side is evil.  Only true believers have a voice.  Only they care, the rest of us are at best political sinners willing to compromise our political values.  Therefore we should be ignored and shunned because only the zealots know the Way.

Really?  Is this what it has come down to?  Is this what we believe?  Was Bush only a hellbent despot who wanted to expand the American Empire and only supported big business and the rich?  Is Obama a Muslim communist (sic) who wants to take all of our hard earned money away from us and wants to destroy the very fabric of America?  Is it not possible that both are patriots who wanted to improve the country and lead us into better times and only their ideas on how to achieve that differ?  Could it be possible that neither of them was the worst thing to ever happen to this country.  Could it perhaps be that they are just politicians trying their best?  Could it?  Not according to the zealots.  And if you don’t believe me, just ask them, they will tell you the truth, for only they know what TRUTH is.


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  1. You should express you views on a soccer forum.

    Awe come on Rob, you forget that America is like a normal disfunctional family. We bicker, prod and poke, but when someone comes after the FAMILY we come together. That’s what is important.


  2. Good post. One tiny correction: if ALL Florida ballots had been recounted (see,_2000#Post-electoral_studies.2Frecounts near bottom), Gore _would_ have emerged as a winner, so that is perhaps a bit of a different case than delegitimizing Obama over, f. i., the false notion he’s not US-born.

    However, I completely agree with your over-all point. Your “everyone is a believer’ I have started calling faith-based politics (just like how we have faith-based economics, nowadays). Not because it’s religious, but because it’s based on beliefs and ideology, not facts or policy.

    • Yes, you did, that’s the shocking bit, we agree on a few things 😛

  3. I commend your efforts to start a blog about the state of American politics. Few Americans care enough to even think about such things beyond an occassional rant.
    You’re right about the fact that America is not a “democracy.” America is a republic. For those who want a clear explanation of the difference and the importance of that difference, visit the Patriot Party website at:

    The reason why politics is such a mess is that America’s political system is not a Two-Party system. It is a multi-party system that has become monopolized by two bully parties. The Patriot Party promises to fix this by implementing the Bidirectional System.

    The debate in America is really over two views of human nature. We call these views Spring-Gravity Theory. When the nation has a discussion on which view is correct (much like a flat or round Earth), we will know how to resolve our social (and financial) problems. Unfortunately, with a national debt at 12 trillion dollars, time is running short. Good luck to us all.

  4. […] (something that I alluded to here: and here:  America has many problems, its president being a dirty Red, or the threat of communism emerging […]

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