I Hate Communists! Episode 1

A very kind estimation of the Red Terror

A very kind estimation of the Red Terror

All of them, no exceptions, from Marx to a newborn Red.  All evil.

Whenever I see a clueless kid in a Che t-shirt my blood boils.  I have browsed through some of the other blogs on here, and many are praising and defending communism!  How?!  How is it possible that people’s ignorance and revisionism can go so far as to defend or praise the most evil of movements in history?  Now some of you who don’t love communism will point out that Nazism was just as bad if not worse.  Well, no, not really, it wasn’t.  Hitler’s Nazism was a limited movement, limited to “Aryans” only, no one else could support such stupidity.  His evil spread only as far as German military power could, and it was relatively short lived.  Communism on the other hand is not limited by boundaries, race, or nationality.  It does not just claim it will make just the Ubermenschen happy, it wants to save us all.

At the same time I am as equally baffled and shocked when I see people claiming that the president of the United States is a communist.  And they want to stomp it out.  Ignorance is not just limited to those who support commies, but those who claim to oppose it can be as bad.  No one who knows a thing about communism would call president Obama one.  Its the kind of stupidity and hatred that prevents us from engaging in a proper political debate (something that I alluded to here:https://rlisu.wordpress.com/2009/09/25/whats-in-a-name/ and here: https://rlisu.wordpress.com/2009/09/30/the-politics-of-believers-a-plea-for-sanity/).  America has many problems, its president being a dirty Red, or the threat of communism emerging in the USA are not them!

Lunatic proaganda

Lunatic propaganda

President Obama is as despised by the followers of Marx and Lenin as he is by their Capitalist enemies.  Social liberalism is NOT communism.  So do not worry my right wing friends “Comrade” Obama will not be installing collective farms and making party meeting halls out of churches.

Opium for the People

But lets get back to those deluded enough who still believe in the failed system of Marx, Lenin and Stalin.  However one wants to call it, Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism, there is a constant in all these variations.  The “ism” itself is evil.  No not because it means to enslave us.  Communism is actually a lovely idea.  It is evil because it wants to save us, whether we like it or not.  Godless communism hated religion.  Marx himself stated that “religion is the opium for the people.”  In a way its true.  However what he failed to recognize is that his own movement was not unlike religion, godless as it was.  Communism had its own prophets and ideology, and what’s worse, it had its paradise.  Unlike those reactionary religious nuts, the commies wanted to do better, better in a sense that they were going to lead everyone to paradise on Earth.  Instead of promising one a happy eternity after a good life, they were going to make everyone’s lives like religious heaven.  Whether they liked it or not.  The dictatorship of the proletariat was as uncompromising as any religious fundamentalism.

Communism in a Nutshell

No it did not begin with a couple of idealistic German Jews and a booklet.  Communism is quite old in fact.  Goes back to ancient Greece, perhaps even before it.  Throughout history there have been numerous Utopian theorists who wanted to save humans from themselves and establish the perfect and truly egalitarian community where no one individual would be better than another and where everyone would work for the common good.  Lovely isn’t it.  Modern communism came out of the ideas of the Enlightenment and through the Industrial Revolution.  The Red Prophets saw the proletariat being oppressed by the evil Industrial Barons.  And sadly they did see it correctly.  No one today, not even the most ardent of  laissez-faire capitalists would deny that the workers were indeed oppressed.  It is out of the social upheaval of the 19th and early 20th centuries that modern communism gained some support.  Mostly from some left leaning anarchists, professional revolutionaries of the working class, and bourgeois intellectuals whom the communists hated so much later on .  They saw the decadent capitalist systems of the West as corrupt with no hope of reform.  They believed that “Western imperialist industrial capitalism” was the last stage on the road to the Red Promised Land.  So they took it upon themselves to overthrow these system and install the Red El Dorado in the Western countries.  But as things go with communism, they did it backwards.  The one country that no one believed could be made communist was the first to become Red.  Imperial Russia was a backwards agrarian society with a very small industrial proletariat.  So the first necessary step to achieve communism was bypassed and thus communism experienced its first revisionism to fit the political reality of the day.  They also did not overthrow the autocratic Czarist regime.  They overthrew a revolution.  Just 8 months earlier a coalition of liberals and socialists made the Czar abdicate and tried to move Russia forward.

What followed was years long murder and mayhem.  Russia was in a civil was, Czar and his family were murdered, the Soviets changed the whole social structure of Russia.  And thus the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was born.  Communism had arrived.  Soon after Lenin realized that his communist policies are failing.  War Communism almost ruined the USSR, so Lenin introduced the New Economic Policy (NEP), allowing for some economic freedom.  Small businesses flourished, agriculture actually started feeding the Soviet people.  But Lenin died, and his new successor, Stalin, after a brief struggle for power, introduced central planning and his famous 5 year plans.  Now here some might claim that USSR industrialized itself very successfully in a relatively short time.  It went from a backward agricultural nation to an economic power.  And that, this was especially noteworthy, it happened partly during the Great Depression.  Yes it did.  So what.  The economic rise of the USSR came at a price.  A huge price in fact, both in forced social upheaval and millions of lives.  None of the other examples of rapid industrialization, Germany, Japan, Korea came at such a cost, only communism, working for the good of the people murdered those same people.  Backward Imperial Russia exported huge quantities of its grain, progressive USSR had to import grain to prevent starving even more of its people than it did.  Than war came.  USSR and in its benevolence it proceeded to bring Red equality and happiness to Europe and the rest of the world.

Commies of the World, Unite!

Yes with Hitler gone, Stalin figured it that not enough people are happy, so communism spread.  Eastern Europe was either absorbed into the Soviet Union (Baltic States) or was remade into its great protector’s image.  The Soviets loved their new allies so much that they stationed huge armies on their territories to protect them from themselves, they formed their new governments for them (with large amounts of Soviet personnel just to make sure) and once again, uprooted their new satellites’ social and economic structures.  War devastation was not enough, now the new communist states had to contend with collectivization.  Not every new saved nation was treated the same.  Here Stalin was astute enough to recognize that there are some things other nations wont take.  But overall they were similar.  Massive , but not total, collectivization, one party rule (even here there were exceptions, Poland for example had the Front of National Unity, a minority collection of approved parties and candidates, to preserve the illusion of plurality), and repression of any and all threats, real or imagined.

Then came the world revolution.  China, Vietnam, Cuba etc.  A lot of these were native movements, only inspired and supported by the USSR.  But as any true believers, they followed in the footsteps of their saviors.  Any and all opposition was not to be tolerated, again, real or imagined.  Only one party knew what was good for the people.  Social upheaval followed, traditions were reactionary and therefore bad.  And more mayhem followed.  As the Red Heaven proved to be not so heavenly, the Red Gods proceeded to reform it.  And reform it they did.  More deaths and upheaval followed.  But lets be clear about this, pretty much all the native Red revolts came against some pretty terrible governments.  No one is mourning their fall from power.  But what came after was worse than previous bastards.  So there you have it, communism in a nutshell.  More to follow……




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  1. Lett me tell you something, capitalism has killed more than communism, so i should be offended whenever i see a t-shirt with capitalism on.
    🙂 just search over youtube, google and other sites that got neither video or information.
    You got to learn before you write, still young..still young..

    • ha ha ha
      Typical “Reds,” post something absurd and make others “prove” you wrong. Sorry slick, not going to work. Did you even read the post? Was I defending capitalism? This was not about the “oppressors of the proletariat.” This was about the evil of the communist system, which even you do not deny, you just try to deflect the issue by saying something absurd like you did above, frankly I do not care what you are offended by. You have a gripe against capitalism, by all means, enjoy, write about them, just don’t write anything stupid like you did above. Because so far other than trying to offend me by implying that I am ignorant and “young,” you posted nothing of substance. Then again, I would not expect anything else from a Red apologist. Truth was never your thing.

  2. You say in the beginning, Marx was evil. This is not true, Marx was a humanist. Yes Stalin, Mao, Castro were evil men. But have you even read the works of Marx? Marx created this ideology that killed tens of millions of people, but Marx didn’t plan that. Marx was not an evil man.

  3. Hey, thanks for posting back.
    But I just reread this piece and I see nothing where I claimed that Old Karl himself was an evil man. In fact I hardly wrote anything personal about him.
    Either way, his being a piece of shit or a lovely human being has nothing to do with anything really. George Bernard Shaw was a racist, deluded, hateful scumbag. His plays however were wonderful.
    So it does not matter what kind of man Marx was, it matters that his writings were responsible for so much misery. Although I am perhaps being a bit harsh on uncle Karl. If Lenin did not read his rubbish, he would have read some other moron’s asinine drivel and run with that. The 19th Century saw 10’s if not 100’s of these Utopian philosophies. Only things that makes Karl special is that someone actually believed in his crap and tried to implement it.

  4. This is just stupid, you are just questioning about the mistakes of a good economical system, not the ideology itself. World wasn’t ready for communism because i just a very very complex way to live, but not impossible, things change. So please make yourself a favor and grow up and think in the evolution of mankind. Do you have any better idea?
    Do you have your own system that it can actually work? Better than the injustice of capitalism? Have you even read the works of Marx, Engels, Gramcsi, Morris?.
    That’s what I thought.

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