Obama Wins The Nobel Peace Prize


Well that’s very nice, but what has president Obama done to deserve it?

I voted for the guy, rather reluctantly I must add to clarify.  But in the past year what has he done to promote world peace?  Is not being named George W. Bush enough for the prize committee?  Talking about peace is one thing, actually doing something is something else.  If he got it next year (after actually doing something worthwhile) then fine, congratulations.  But just being a charismatic leader who talks about cooperation is not enough in my humble opinion.

When Gore and Carter got their it was for years of promoting peace.  Obama has been on the national scene for barely a few years, on the international scene for less than two really.  Yes he opposed the war in Iraq, but so did millions of Americans, and even more people worldwide, so what makes president Obama so special?  The members talked about new spirit of cooperation.  Wonderful, I am all for engagement and cooperation.  But since being elected what has president Obama really done to deserve this honour?  I really can’t think of anything past a few nice speeches, some friendly handshakes and goodwill trips.  He is continuing the same policies president Bush had in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  Now this is not the place to say whether those policies are right or not, but I do not believe George Bush was considered for the prize.  American foreign policy, despite right wing paranoia, has not really changed so far.  As mentioned above, we are continuing on the same path as the previous administration had with fighting two wars.  We are still not ruling out using force against Iran should it prove necessary.  All over the world, other than nice words, we are doing the same things we were doing.  So what gives?

Honestly now.  What has changed?  I can’t thing of anything concrete.  For years I believed that the Literature and Peace Prizes did not go to the most deserving all the time, but they are given out when the Nobel committee wants to prove a point.  I like president Obama, I think he is a fine man and a good patriotic American.  But for the life of me I do not believe that out of over 6 billion people on this planet he did the most for peace.

The only answer I have is that he was awarded this for being the president of the United States while not being named George W. Bush.


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  1. Granted, you may ask what has he “done”? From a global perspective, he has contributed significantly to the world’s view of the U.S., which in turn will lead to greater cooperation and negotiations. He has restored the United State’s status as a respected nation and world leader. Can you iimagine being a leader at your workplace if you are not respected and are viewed as a bully? We absolutely cannot function alone, we need allies. If you travel outside the U.S. (Europe in my case) you are familiar with a more global view of the U.S. Under Obama there is a refreshed global perspective of the U.S. We need to stop acting like “we’re all that” or will cease to be the great nation that we are. Any business person can tell you complacency leads to stagnation. Please folks, give credit where credit is due. The man was not awarded (in my opinion) the prize for a singular event (he can’t stop the war in Iraq or cure the economy with a snap of the fingers – how do you stop a runaway train on a track years in the making?) The man has done more in a few months in office moving towards putting us back on track than many others have done in 4 or 8 years.

  2. Those nominations had a deadline of the end of February I believe. In the end you make my point though, he is not GW so he got it. Not acting like an arrogant prick is not that hard, most of our president have acted civilly towards the world. I do realize that America’s image has changed after the election but basically president Obama received it for future efforts.

  3. Just becasue you can’t think of anything concrete doesn’t mean anything hasn’t occurred. He’s solidifed a reduction of nuclear weapons with Russia. Remember them? Our adversary during a war of weapons?

  4. He he, come on, we still have the biggest nuclear arsenal, and along with the Russians have enough to blow this planet to hell a few times over. Nixon, Reagan, Bush 1 all reduced nuclear weapons, no one gave them the Peace Prize for that.

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  7. Lots of of people blog about this issue but you wrote down some true words.

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