I hate Communists! Episode 2

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I Hate Communists Episode 1
Yep, still hate them.  And here I will explain why.

A Failed System

Trans: Youth forward to fight for a happy socialist Poland

Trans: Youth forward to fight for a happy socialist Poland

Now I may root for the New York Jets, but generally in politics I do not like losers so much.  Especially those who fail through no fault but their own.  And communism failed, failed miserably, all through its own doing.  It was inevitable.  There were no ifs or buts.  It was only a question of time.  A question of how much and for how long would the Red Masters be willing to force their flock to suffer before even they realized that this can not last.  It took a while, they drove their countries into ruin, but eventually even they could not force their people to live any longer in such misery.  Communism went bankrupt, and the world is better for it.  The only shame is that it lasted longer than one day.  It was not undermined by foreigners or from within.  It just failed, it could not work.  It is that simple.  Communism, for all its good intentions, is a system that goes against human nature.  And as such it is incompatible to humanity in any way shape or form.  Humans don’t do much for the good of the people.  We are rather selfish creatures.  We are also individualist creatures, we want to do things as we want, when we want and how we want, communism does not allow for that.  Communist economic ideals simply did not withstand the test of time.  As soon as people were given a chance they shed its Red cloak and went the way of communism’s enemy.  The people want capitalism.  Now of course we may debate what kind of capitalism we want, and which is best for societies, but communism is bankrupt.  It fell, either through upheaval or from the top, as in China.  The Chinese rulers may call themselves communists, but every time they do Karl Marx does 360 degrees in his grave.  The Chinese are the biggest capitalists the world has seen.  They realized that in order to stay in power they will have to give their people means to live.  No Central Planning economy was self sustaining.  It simply does not work.  Never has, never will.

Any brief illusion of Red prosperity was a lie to quiet the people.  But that too could not last.  By giving their people bread and luxuries (years after the decadent West had them) the Red masters bankrupted their nations.  It simply was not efficient.  The idea of getting out as much as you put in was a farce.  Its great in books and brochures.  Problems start when the idiots who read them try to implement them.  Now of course commie apologists will point out that we have never witnessed true communism.  And they would be correct.  Communism as the Red Prophets envisioned has never been attained.  There is a reason for that.  Because its impossible.  Simple really.  In that sense communism is like religious paradise.  Unattainable on the planet Earth.  Yet again the apologists will try to explain that historically it was so because not all the countries were communist and therefore true communism was undermined by the imperialist Western powers.  Well no, not really.  The reason many countries did not become commie was quite simple.  Paradise is an illusion, an unattainable illusion, and most people not only do not want it, they realize that its an illusion.  Communism, for all its grand talk of being a people’s movement was never supported by those it wanted to save.  It was always a minority movement, usually enforced from the top and as such it could not be supported by the people.  The whole thing was built on a lie.

Thou Shalt Have No Other Comrades Before Me

Yep, sounds like a Commandment, and it was really.  The Red Prophets despised and put down religion, and for a good reason.  No one likes competition.  Communism was not just a movement to help people, it wanted to save them.  And as such it would tolerate no other gods before them.  They took the “cult of personality” to a new level.  They had the great prophets, Marx, Engels, and their new Christ, Lenin.  They had their martyrs, Che, Rosa Luxemburg, many anarchists of the 19th and 20th Centuries whom they took as their own, whether they were or not.  They had their Holy Book.  They had their ideology.

There was one constant in communism, a unique thing for them.  The one constant thing was their Holy Trinity of Marx, Engels and Lenin.  Everything else varied depending on the time and circumstances.  Stalin and his flock were thought as holy until Khrushchev made his little speech, then it was ok to criticize The Great Stalin.  After Brezhnev took over then of course it was ok to criticize the Ukrainian peasant.  And so one and so forth.  Each and every time the new one came to power the speech started with “mistakes were made”  blah blah blah.  Same speech, different names.  Pointing the finger at individuals, the system overall was perfect, it was only those who were corrupt that make it imperfect.  Every communist country witnessed this.  Every new leader was going to make changes for the better, and finally lead everyone to the Promised land.  Yep, each new guy in charge was the new Moses.  But after a while everyone saw through it for the bullshit that it was.  It wasn’t the old guys, it was the system.

And the system was corrupt itself.  It was built on a lie, in fact it was a lie itself.  And it was impossible to argue with the dialectic.  The dialectic was flexible.  It could explain everything and anything.  It was full of great words and big promises.  The fact that it was so flexible proves that it was a lie.  The same people using the same logic first explained to everyone why Stalin’s actions were for the good of the people, then after his death, they explained why they were bad.  And in the same breath they explained, using the same logic, how everything will be different.  They kept changing their dialectic almost on a daily basis.  That is why it failed.  It was a lie.

The Red Terror

We know of the countless millions of people the Reds murdered over the years.  There is no need to rehash every crime they committed.  What I want to point out is that they committed crimes against the very people they claimed they were saving.  It wasn’t just reactionaries, enemies of the State, and foreign capitalist agents that they murdered.  They murdered their own.  Every chance they got.  When they just kill them all they quashed them.  A perfect example is the Polish Solidarity movement.  It was a TRADE UNION!!!  Yes, a trade union.  People tend to forget that.  They were not asking for much.  Just some respect and a say.  They were not the enemies of communism, they were not foreign agents.  They were the Proletariat!!!  They did not ask for power, they did not want to depose the Commies, they wanted the system to give them what they deserved.  What they got was something totally different.  The Communists are not the enemies of the evil capitalists, they are the enemies of the peasant and the proletariat they claim they represent!!!  In that they are worse than any religion, for the religious are intolerant only of the unfaithful.  The Reds tolerated no one but those in power, the rest were there to take orders and smile and applaud.

The authoritarian nature of communism is what makes it so evil.  Freedom is only a slogan.  The Reds tolerated no dissenters.  They rewrote histories.  Called people who were good evil.  Called those who were evil good.  The evil Czars based their power on traditions and secret police.  Communism was without tradition so their power rested solely on terror.  They want to control people’s hearts and minds.  As such it was completely paranoid.  And this paranoia extended everywhere.  Schools, hospitals, workplace, playground, everywhere.  The censorship the communists employed was shocking.

There was nothing democratic about the People’s Democracy.  Power corrupts, and once the commies gained power they became totally corrupt and bankrupt.  Slogans and speeches were the only thing that resembled their ideals.  Everything else they did was totally against it.  It became just a fight to stay in power.  The right today accuse those on the left of being socialists or communists.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The left realizes all the evils of communism.  There were no bigger enemies of the communists than the left liberals, and many real socialist movements.  Its because their ideals “appear” to be similar that they know them the best.  And as such the left realize communism’s true face, in all its vilest.  Communism is antidemocratic by nature.  If you dare to think differently than the Red Gods you automatically become the enemy.  They claim to have the good of the people at heart, therefore they will easily kill those same people because they know better.  I don’t know what was worst, the power hungry cynics who only said and did things to preserve themselves in power, or the fanatics who truly believed those lies.  In the end it did not really matter, they killed and oppressed with the same force.

The 21st Century Reds

Yes, its strange, but even though they are few in number, communists exist today.  They mostly are just some idealistic kids who see injustice in the world and whether through ignorance or revisionism, believe that the Red Gods can still save us.  In a way its admirable that there are people who see everyone as equals, that they want to end starvation, injustice, class differences, and oppression.  its great, and I am not being sarcastic when I say that.  Its just that communism never really did any of those things, and what’s worse, the Red Gods never really wanted to do all those things.  But today’s communists to not want to think about that, they want to think about the slogans, remember the nice speeches, and remind themselves of the evils of capitalism and oppression they suffer under their current rulers.  Once they achieve power it will be different this time.  Will it?  Somehow I doubt it.  And I have a good reason to doubt it.  Its happened every time the communists tried to bring the Red Paradise to everyone.  What we got instead was hell.  There is nothing just about forced redistribution of wealth, and guess what, the wealthy will not give up their status willingly.  So you will, once again call them the enemies of the people and slaughter them, and anyone who tried to defend them.  Justice?  I think not.  What if the people decide they do not want to produce end tables?  What if they want something else?  That was the problem with the communists, dissenters, no matter how justified, were classed as enemies of the state, and as such could be dealt with appropriately.  It was a throwback to forced conversions, “you can either be saved or we will kill you, we’re only doing this cause we love you so much.”  Thanks but no thanks, the dictatorship of the proletariat is as evil as any authoritarian regime was.   Here the commies are even worse than any religious fanatics.  The religious fanatics will actually allow for some dissent as long as it does not piss them off too much.  To the reds on the other hand, any dissent is high treason, it goes against the people!  Well its the people who are dissenting.  How can it!?

The question of private property is a strange one.  A normal state of affairs is of course that one works, one buys, one owns as the fruit of one’s labour.  Now of course private ownership and capitalism provide all kinds of ways for abuse.  However state ownership, or communal ownership is unnatural.  its simple.  Just as most red things are, this too goes against everything humans believe.  And no its not brainwashing and reactionary traditions.  In order for communism to work we would all truly have to be equal and have equal abilities.  But we are not.  And that is the problem.  The farmer who toils from sunrise to sunset will grow more than one who works half as much.  How can one ask both to reap the same rewards!  Of course the Reds will say that once they are in charge all will work as hard.  Well no, we wont!  Never have never will.  What will you do when we wont?  Kill all those who don’t carry their weight?  Will your explanation be as those who are religious?  Well god gave it and god can take it away?  The proletariat giveth and the proletariat taketh away?  Really?  Its the proletariat who were not working.  So for the good of the people the people will suffer again?  Sorry, it just does not make any sense.

I could make this a 10 part series, or 100 part series.  Nothing will change.  For all the Red good intentions they do not realize that we can not gain paradise on Earth.  Every time someone tried they miserably failed.  You too will fail, your system goes against human nature, freedom, and equality.  Instead of watching your respective dictators ruin your countries and dreaming how thing will be so much better when you are in charge why not do something useful and constructive for a change?  Why not work to make things a little better.  You can’t and wont make everyone equal, you can’t and wont make all of us happy.  Because I disagree.  And therefore by me disagreeing you would have to kill me or force me to do things I do not want.  And that my Red friends is not paradise.  A society is as good as its individuals.  And it serves to benefit its individuals as much as the individuals should serve their society.  Communism forgets half of that, and because they do they are against the people and enslave their people more than any evil capitalists do.

I may have been a tad hasty all the way back at the beginning of Episode 1 when I said I hate all Communists.  Not true.  I do not hate Michail Gorbachev.  He was the one who let this whole mess fail.  he told his Polish puppets to give the Polish Proletariat what it wanted, freedom and democracy.  And like good little servants they were, the Polish Communists did.  And Poland is so much better for it, and I thank Gorbachev for that.


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  1. Communism can be successful but it needs time and intelligent and motivated people to make it work. That was a problem in the soviet and all the other communist countries, no one was willing to give up there power to create a classless society where cooperation is used to produce goods, and shared ownership. According to Karl Marx there were three steps in communism, Revolution where the proletariat revolted against the capitalist Buorgeosie, dicatorship of the proletariat where, there is a dictatorship to form and to get communism ready and then true communism. According to Marx the dictator needs to give up his power to make a classless society but no one was willing to do that.

  2. If you are so much against communism, look at what capitalism has created. Since the industrial revolution, the working class has had to endure poor working environments and too low wages. It is still happening in countries in Africa and Asia, communism can put a stop to all of this. Communism can improve Social and economic equality as well as reduce pollution. If society had a communist system a lot of the worlds problems would be solved.

  3. Lots of “ifs.” We must deal with what is, not “ifs.” Fact is that communism goes against human nature. We are NOT all equal, nor will we ever be. We don’t all think in the same way, we do not all work as hard as everyone, nor do we want to. Who is the capitalist Bourgeoisie? Anyone who opposes communists? Would I fall victim of the revolution or the dictatorship of the proletariat? Would killing me and millions like me make the world a better place, because that’s what all the communists believed and did. In order to save me they needed to kill me first, no thanks. Humans are not made that way. On paper communism is a lovely theory, problems start with implementation. Communism needs 100% agreement, that will never happen, that is why it failed and became evil as soon as your idols took power. And it was NOT just a few mistakes by few of those who took power. That’s an old tired excuse used by you. “Mistakes were made by those who led before us, but now that they are gone everything will be good.” But it wasn’t. Because the new ones were as bad as the old ones. It was not the people, it was the system. And why bring up capitalism? It has no place in this argument. I was not arguing that capitalism is good or innocent. Pointing out the wrongs of one does not make the other one any better. Believe in something that works, not something that is impossible and will bring nothing but murder and misery.

    • I know that not every person in the world is equal but that is the whole point of communism.

      • You sound almost sane for a communist, but really? Hammer and sickle? You choose that as your avatar? One of the most murderous regimes in history? That is what it symbolizes.
        Will comment on your thoughts (and your own article tomorrow, more football to watch and am not feeling well)

      • Hope you feel better soon!

  4. If communism were to take over after the revolution, then they would not kill capitalists, they would try to change the way capitalists see things. No real communists would kill millions of people but in the past, the communist leaders weren’t real communists, they only wanted popularity and power. Communism is not supposed to be a totalitarian society, but that is what the dictators did and that is why it failed. I do not praise Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro or Mao Tse Tung because they were not real communists. They were dictators that only wanted total control and therefore killed millions of people. (By the the Bourgeoisie is the upper middle class that are capitalists)

  5. I know communism has had a negative effect on society so far in history and it has been a murderous past. But it doesn’t have to be like that. I don’t believe in a communist revolution, I believe that communism can be democratic. I am working on a post about it on my blog and will probably be published sometime during the week.

    • Sorry, I disagree. As you admit, communism was negative, there is no defending it (despite some pathetic attempts from those who try), most of today’s Reds distort history and deny what happened, it is hard for me to believe that they would be any different than their idols. Also no, communism is not democratic, it requires total belief and submission, and as we have learned, believers tend to be somewhat intolerant. Submission is not democracy. Communism needs us all to buy into it, otherwise it can not work. By allowing for democracy they would have to allow dissent. With dissent there is no communism. Democracy and communism are incompatible.

  6. That is the whole point of this blog, to inform people about communism and that it can be possible to achieve. There are very few people that believe in a communist society these days, I want more and more people to think that communism is a good system. There could be a democratic communism which I explain on my blog, but it can only be democratic until the stage of communism because once a society is a true communist society, democracy is not needed because eventually the state fades away. At the stage of communism it is slightly anarchistic, there wouldn’t have to be a government there would only have to be sets of rules and a sort of court which controls that all products are distributed equally.

    • Again I disagree. Communism is simply impossible. Humans are not a very nice species. Nor are we egalitarian. If you have a 40 inch TV, I want the 50 inch, just because I think I’m more special than you. No its not just our present consumerist society, humanity has been like that since the beginning of time. People enjoy having an advantage over one another. The best you can hope for is a western style liberal socialist democracy that is a nanny state. In that exploitation of the meek is minimized, and the capitalists pay their share. But the world is not ready for that yet. Communism, if ever achievable (which I doubt very much and wont live to see (thankfully)), is not something we can realistically can contemplate right now. man simply has not evolved to accept it as a workable system. We might never evolve that far.

  7. People are alienated. Capitalists are alienated by capital, workers are alienated by wages, and consumerists are alienated by products(as you show above). It is very easy to step out of the alienation and have a different view about the world. Every individual is different, but in general all humans are the same. Once people think differently they will notice the beauty of the world, and they will notice that all people are equal. At that stage they will be willing to abandon the capitalist society and move on, they will move on to the communist society and they will notice that they will live better lives. Because now not only do some individuals improve(by making money) now everybody improves by working side by side and work for each other not only for oneself.

  8. The Bourgeoisie was a growing force during the start of the industrial revolutions. It has ignorantly crushed the feudal systems of lords which has created many different reactionary socialist ideologies, including communism. The Bourgeoisie has converted the physician, the lawyer, the priest, the poet and the man of science, into its laborers. One should also not forget how it has ruined family relations, and turned it into mere relations of money.

    The Bourgeoisie needs to constantly revolutionize itself for survival: coming up with new ways of commerce, new investsments in capital, improvement of capital, and new land for raw material and capital. This system relies on a constant expanding market for its products, which chases them around the globe. Through the exploitation of these markets they have given a cosmopolitan character of production and consumption. This creates a inter-dependence of nations.

    The cheap prices of commodites are the heavy artillery which forces the indigenous hatred of foreigners. This makes these lands bourgeois, and causes another inter-dependence. The colonies provide the Europeans with food, whilst the Europeans provide the colonies with industrial products. Eventually when there over or underproduction of products, it leads to global economic crisis…. See More

  9. You say in your article that people arn’t allowed to do what they want, in communism. This is not true. This is how it turned out. In communism people are given less working hours and more time for themselves, to do what they want. Communism itself did not fail. Despotism failed. Communism is an economic system which can not be achieved through a government of dictatorship, that is what history has proven. Not, communism itself.

    • Ah but not true my red friend. What I wrote was correct. In communism, not only are you supposed to be in paradise, you are also supposed to work for the betterment of society. Well if you are an artist but the society decides that for the good of the whole you have to be a mechanic? What then?
      See the problem is that people’s dreams will be crushed one way or another.
      You assume that under communism people will want to work for the whole.
      When has history shown that?
      In order for communism to be even remotely possible you would need to eliminate the greed, individualism and selfish genes. Till then its not going to happen.

      I you said I spoke of what people wanted to do and then only claimed that people will actually work lees. Yet you said nothing of what you raised and disagreed with. You just gave me a generic reassurance that as long as the Reds will be in charge (proper Reds, not those despots we have known) everything will be great.
      Well sorry, it may be just the cynical skeptic in me, but I think I heard that one before. Hell I hear it ever damned election. Making unsubstantiated promises is not juts a Red thing, all politicians and ideologues do it, all the time, therefore I do not believe any of you.

      • sorry, it was a long time since I read the article. OK, but work, yes the economy is planned, however this is for the good of the people. But the point of communism is to give people more time to live, you gave an example, the artist, he can work as a mechanic, and then do what he does. You see, in a capitalist society, I think the average working hours is from 10-9 about. In a communist society, working hours would be from 6-7. This will allow the mechanic to create art in his spare time, and show it to people.

        Earlier I kept on mentioning, true communists, true Marxists. I bet you Joseph Stalin was a true communist but was alienated by power. I think that history has proven that communism cannot be achieved through despotism, it needs a system of voting. I do not mean democracy, at the socialist stage, but a system of voting, where the people can vote on various communist parties through proportional representative system of parliament. This would mean less power to the individuals, and more chance of the representation of the people, or else, they would be voted out of power.

        Communism is very hard to create, its a fact. However if you can create a democratic society with an NEP version of economy, gradual changes and reforms will naturally create a communist society.

        This is sort of what I mean (from a school article I wrote) :”… Communism is the system of a complex form of economy. The creation of a truly communist economy is a gradual process, but creating a communist economy, is the creation of communism. Socialism, according to Marx, was a stage after the revolution of the proletariat, an introduction of communism. For me, socialism is an economic system of rapid and gradual nationalization of industries and property. Firstly the revolutionary government needs to nationalize the large industries and companies, this does not include farms, shops, and small business, as that will create discontent among the people. The state will then hire professional economists, under their supervision, to run these industries, and at the same time increase the wages of the working class, this will completely destroy the Bourgeoisie which has caused so much damage to our society. Collective farms, shops and private property is the very end of the socialist system, which will then naturally lead to communism.

  10. But, despotic or not, this happened in many Red countries, and it was a complete disaster. Mass nationalization, collective farms, nationalized factories, planned economy.

    Again, its not hard to achieve, but impossible. For it to even have a remote chance it would have to be a global revolution (not happening anytime soon, not for centuries most likely as we are still too far apart socially). Only then it would stand some sort of a chance, but still, one has to consider human biology, we are still selfish and lazy, we rarely do what is good for society, hell, we rarely do what is good for us. And people can’t be forced into it, otherwise the results will mirror those of Eastern Europe. In 50 years the economy would be bankrupt.

  11. First of all, did I mention theoretical marxism, no not really, and secondly, yes humans are selfish, but not lazy.

    I don’t know how old you are, but if you are an adult, you would clean your house and take care of your house, right? Because if you wouldn’t your house would get dirty. Theoretically in communism, there is no private ownership, everything is owned as a society. The society is people’s property, they would want to take care of their society, right? Just like you take care of your house.

    Thirdly, yes people are greedy, but Marx’s theories of of communism and dialectical materialism, was to abolish the greed of the people. Socialism is a stage after the revolution, this stage was to abolish human greed.

  12. But they wouldn’t, not really. I lived under a commie system. Yes, they were despots and unlike the paradise you propose, but the theory was the same. They did not abolish greed, because you simply just can’t. We’ve been greedy since the dawn of time. You think a couple of slogans and convincing people to work for the good of a who would work? Hell look at the hippie communes in America, they too were a disaster. Only thing that seems to be working is the Israeli Kibbutz’. But they do not work for the good of the bigger whole, but for their own good. And most Israelis choose to be capitalists. The worst run farms that I’ve seen were the collective farms. No one did a damned thing. Yet these people run their own private farms in an exemplary way.
    And yes, humans are lazy too. They will do what is required of them only if they have the incentive. When there is no incentive they will at most do the minimum. No more. I have witnessed this.
    It was hilarious to see govt run businesses not being productive. Yet when those same companies got foreign contracts and sent those same workers to work for American dollars for good pay, they all of a sudden turned into pioneers. Worked as well as anyone.
    Again, problem with communism is that it tries to make humans happy, if we were ants or termites then I would say yes, it will definitely work. But we aren’t, so it wont.
    Human nature is powerful. More powerful than any attempt to give us paradise. You have thousands of years of history to see this. Whatever we may think of religions, they all tried to control human nature through promises of paradise. Yet none of this worked, human nature, the bad kind, prevailed. Communism is no different in this respect. Except the paradise is supposed to be in the present, right here on earth. Again, did not work, will not work. Not in our lifetimes definitely.

    BTW, thanks for your arguments, its a pleasure, even though we disagree so much.

  13. “Whatever we may think of religions, they all tried to control human nature through promises of paradise.” Thats what you said. This is not true, for thousands of years since the Sumerians of Mesopotamia, religion and paradise have manipulated people, it has given people hope. So I disagree, why do you think the people of Russia started the revolution, because of the dream of a paradise (there were also economic and political motives), these people wanted a communist society, and fought for one. The only people who stopped them were the elite, the people who prompted them, the actual communists.

    Also, how could people in a communist state not be greedy when some are starving, when they feel that they are constantly being examined and are not being represented by the government?

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