Those Pesky Immigrants

Give me your tired....

The Pot Has Melted?

I appears so.  No one wants immigrants.  Even those for immigration reform do not want any more.  Perhaps we  should change the Statue of Liberty sign from:

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses
yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

To one that says:

“No vacancy”

Like they do in motels.  Lets face it folks, we don’t want immigrants.  In fact, we don’t know what to do with the ones we have.  And that’s what I want to write about.

We’re building a wall.  Yes, the people of America, land of immigrants, and land of Ronald “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this Wall” Reagan are building a wall (fence we call it, but come on) to keep immigrants out.  Now whether you agree or disagree with this, you must sit back and think for a second of the ramifications of this.  Wow.  We do not wish to be a nation of immigrants any longer.  Its that simple.

So yes, America wants to seal itself.  Ok.  I doubt we can, the best thing that is happening to the anti-immigrant people is the ever plunging dollar and our unemployment rate.  For most Europeans it does not pay to come to America any more.  That only leaves our Latin neighbours, but they too will stop coming in such numbers if our economy does not improve.

But what do we do with the over 10 million illegals here?  We don’t want to give them legal status, we don’t want them to work, we don’t want to give them healthcare, we don’t want their kids to go to our schools.  “Get them out” they scream.  Great.  How?  Truth is we can’t and we wont.  America has enough troubles running after real criminals, it may be too busy to go after working families.  Because that’s what most immigrants are.  Hard working people.  Technically yes they are committing a crime by staying here.  But honestly now, its like jaywalking in NYC, no one really cares.  They are not taking away our precious resources.  They are in fact helping America.  But that’s not the point.  I do not wish to discuss how and if illegal immigrant are contributing to our society.

I want to talk about the fact that they are here.  And we’re not doing anything about it.  The very conservative George W. Bush tried.  Sadly he failed.  I say sadly because it was the most sensible plan anyone has come up with in a number of years.  Now he may not have been the author of it, but it became “his” bill.  It was going to pave a way for the over 10 million people to legalize their status.  It wanted to do so sensibly IMO, and without too much hardship on anyone.  Yet America screamed a resounding NO!  Why?  It made sense.  We have, again, 10 million people living here illegally.   No matter how we try we wont wish them away.  Its impossible, and would be cruel, to get rid of them.  Remember, some have been here 10 or 20 years.  Some are quite assimilated.  Yet we refuse them.

Is it because so many are the wrong shade?  It wasn’t the lack of jobs what made us scream no.  Times where pretty good then.  It was not crime.  Crime level are quite low, and immigrants are not disproportionate there I believe.  And its not as if president Bush’s plan called for citizenship certificates for criminals.  We deport them as is our policy.  So why?  Why do we not want these people here?  The old excuse is “rewarding an illegal activity.”  Would we be?  Technically yes.  But they would be paying fees and fines.  And then best of all, they would be paying taxes because they would be working legally.  We could have had a provision in the bill that would disqualify them from welfare and similar govt aid programs.  Each perspective applicant would have to provide proof of work.  They would have to be self-sufficient.  Yet we screamed no.

To me it makes no sense.  We choose to have them live among us, but do not accept them.  They are our neighbours.  Yet we don’t want them here at all.  They are not the worst neighbours.  But we run the risk of making them into such.  Europe has problems with its illegals, and legals for that matter.  Its is because their immigrants are not fully accepted into their societies, and therefore they do not assimilate as much as American immigrants did.  But now we are running the same risk.  American immigrants assimilated quickly and almost seamlessly.  But they wont if we do not accept them  This can provide for future social upheaval.  This also can become a security risk.  The more disaffected immigrants we have, the higher the risk of them turning against America.

Trouble is after the proposed bill failed, immigration reform has become taboo.  No one touched it in the last presidential election.  And no one will touch it now.  Yes, the great and all powerful man of hope and change will not change anything when it comes to immigration reform.  That’s right.  The man who fights for the common people wont do a damned thing.  Either because he can’t or simply because he wont, Obama wont touch that one with a ten foot pole.  The Democratic run Legislature wont do anything either.  Mostly because they are cowards.  Its a volatile issue, so they wont touch it.  They rather concentrate on reducing our emissions by 1% by 2137.  They are scared, elections are only a year away, and its only 3 years till the next presidential election.  So they wont even try.  Meanwhile 10 million people live among us, unsure of their future in America.

I know these people.  I live in New York City.  I am an immigrant myself (legal before anyone asks :D).  I live among them.  They are mostly good people.  They work, want to raise their kids, they dream of owning a house, they dream of making a better life for themselves and their kids.  To be sure, some are assholes.  Yes, they are just like any people in America.  Whether your ancestors came on the Mayflower or whether your mom and dad came from Kathmandu, they are like all of us.  Many even want to serve our country, and defend it from foes.  And not because they want their “Green Card,” but because they are flag waving patriots.  Yes like you and me.

But again, I will hear, we shall not reward crime.  Fine.  Provide me with an alternative.  But please, have one that makes sense, not some idealistic crap where by the end of the weekend Federal Agents will rid us of those pesky free loaders who should not be here in the first place.  Well sorry, they ARE here, and they are not leaving.  What are we to do about them?


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  1. good read. thanks.

  2. […] Hopefully it will be challenged and struck down soon.  I wrote about immigrants before in here , and this stupid law is not the […]

  3. Stop writing false information how many immigrants are really free loaders? Look at the facts the real facts not some bull from a racist website the truth is that immigrants put into the economy than they use in social services just to let you know over 90% of economist agree with me that if america lost all the “illlegals” it would be the worst economical disaster in U.S. history. By the way the word illegal is not a noun and the only difference between them and you is a set of papers. It is ignorant label someone an illegal its like labeling someone a criminal because of very minor traffic violation

    • Really dude? Seriously? Can you actually read English? Or did you just see the title and maybe a sentence or two and assumed a bunch of crap? I have no other explanation for your moronic comment about my post. Perhaps ignorant would be a better word, maybe you only went as far as two paragraphs and saw that “stop the invasion” picture, then got all angry and went straight to the comment section and started writing furiously. Do go back and read the whole thing, and keep this in mind for the future, it will help you not look like a fool.

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