World Cup Draw Set- US to play England

Well here they are.  8 groups of 4 teams finally set for next June’s World Cup in South Africa.  There is the proverbial group of death, there are some easy groups, but its there World Cup.  Every match is a match of a lifetime.  Only 3 matches are played to get out of the group.  The idiots at ESPN are giddy with the US drawing England, Algeria and Slovenia.

While playing England is great, we have not faced them in the World Cup since 1950, where the shock of the WC happened and the little US team beat the mighty England 1-0.  60 years later England is still mighty, but the US is not just a team of amateurs.  We have players playing in very good European Leagues.  No amateurs this time.  England is still the favourite but they will not be taking the Americans for granted.

What gets me though is that our so called experts, Alexi Lalas, that idiot McNanaman, and others think this is an easy group.  Its not.  I have seen Slovenia several times in the qualifying stages.  They are a very talented and organized side.  Algeria will be no pushover either.  They work hard, are fairly talented and are dirty bastards.  There will be no quarter given.  US will need to play three great games to get out of the group.  And probably some luck.  Yes the draw could have been worse, but it could have been much better.

What is the group of death?  Brazil, Ivory Coast, Portugal and North Korea.  The Koreans are the dark horses in this.  They might lose each game 3 or 4 to nothing.  But they might surprise people.  No one knows, no one has seen them play much.  One of Drogba, Cristiano Ronaldo, or Kaka, will not make it out of the group.

Time to look like an idiot now and make some predictions.  Group A:  France and Mexico will get out.  Uruguay barely qualified, and despite being hosts I just don’t see SA doing anything.   B: Argentina and South Korea will go through.  To me Greece is the weakest of the lot, Nigeria might just lose out to the hard working Koreans.  C: England, and I hate to say it, but Slovenia.  We luck out with playing England first, but they will be up for it under Capello and after missing the Euros.  Then we will face a must win game and might come up short.  D: Germany and Ghana will go out of a fairly even group, a real group of death, not much glamour there, not many shirt selling superstars, but a lot of good footballers.  Australia are not pushovers and were unlucky to lose to a dive of the Italian Grosso.  Serbia have Vidic, the Manchester United monster, and shined in qualifying winning their group that consisted of France and Romania.  E: Holland should win this group, the other three teams are fairly evenly matched, but I will go with the Dames edging Japan and Cameroon.  F:  Italy, with Paraguay edging Slovakia, New Zealand to provide points for their opponents and great highlights for their goalscorers.  G: Brazil will go through, and I am guessing Ivory Coast unless Portugal get their shit together or Cristiano Ronaldo carries them.  H: Spain will go, easily, with Chile.  Honduras are just happy to be there and the Swiss are not good enough.

My pick for the World Cup winner:  Brazil or England.

Team Previews can be found here and here

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  1. Just you watch, Portugal will go thru and England will once again get kick out by them! =p

    Whats new with England being overated Rob and I actually am surprise you even predicted them to win the World cup this season. Im going with Italy or Brazil.

  2. I have seen Portugal play in the qualifying several times, am not impressed at all. Yes they played better than people gave them credit for, but were terrible in front of goal since Ronaldo stopped scoring for the NT. I would not be holding my breadth if I were you, they have no proper striker.

    England has the easier way to the final, will avoid Spain and Brazil. They are playing very well, very organized and for once they seem to be focused. Yes they have some question marks, but no team is complete. They have as good a chance as any.

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