Religious Leaders Are Morons

Yes, they are.  It seems that the closer one is to god (or the closer one claims to be to god), the dumber one becomes.  Yet we somehow tolerate their stupidity and the truly moronic things these people do and say.  Why?  Today’s prophets say the stupidest and hateful things.  Latest is Pat Robertson’s comment on Haiti.  Really?  There was a huge earthquake, thousands died, country is in ruins, but moron Pat says they made a pact with the devil.  So I guess that makes the earthquake ok then, screw the devil worshipping Haitians.

Screw New Yorkers, god was just punishing us on 9-11 for our sins.  The godless people of New Orleans deserved Katrina cause they wanted to have a gay parade.  What?!!  Teletubies.  The list of idiotic comments is quite long.  And its not just America’s televangelists.  The Popes have been knows to say a dumb thing or two, rabbis, imans.  I wont try to recount the dumb shit they say, that’s not why I am writing this.  What I want to know is how the hell do we let them get away with this?

If a politician said something this stupid in a civilized country, most of the time they would be out of a job.  Because their constituents do not want to be represented by a heartless cretin.  So a question to all the believers out there.  Why do you still flock and support these morons?  Now I am not religious, but am not trying to have a go.  I also understand the forgiveness concept.  But this is not the first time Robertson said something really insensitive and stupid.  Yet he is still seen as a moral authority and a leader in American Christian church.  How?  I would certainly not want to be lead by a moron.  Again, sorry for the strong language, I certainly am not having a pop at people’s beliefs, just at their so called leader.  But this is a man of authority and influence, yet he is allowed to say this and wont lose any of that influence.

Its not just him as I mentioned.  Its religious leaders all over the world.  Just because one claims to have god’s ear it does not make one god.  If they say or do something stupid there should be consequences.  Yet the flocks of believers continue to to listen to them, give them money, and let them lead them.  Again, how?!  Telling Pat Robertson to fuck off wont put anyone on god’s naughty list, you wont be going to hell because of it.  It has nothing to do with god.  We all must use our own brains and not let these cretins speak for us and in our name.  Because when they say stupid things it reflect badly on us.  They have a responsibility.  Hell they should have the moral beliefs and the compassion necessary to not even think such idiotic things.  But they do not, and we let them get away with it.  I doubt most of their flock would agree with the stupid things they say.  But they say them because we let them get away with them.  No one will walk out of a church or a synagogue or a mosque because their religious leader said something stupid.  And frankly that is a shame.  It shows we have no more courage or love for our fellow man than they do.  Perhaps its true, we do get the leaders we deserve.  Because they would not be on television or on pulpits is we did not let them say these things.


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  1. I am not religious, but I do follow Jesus devoutly. You may think that those are complements but they are not when one investigates closely.

    The comments of Pat Robertson are unfortunate for 2 reasons: 1. There is no tangible proof that a pact with the Devil ever occurred in Haiti. See here:
    2. He heads an organization that is down there right now helping out with relief in Haiti.

    So, Pact or no pact, it does not matter because of the desperate situation there now! We just need to pitch in and help like my church is doing (over $30,000 and counting) Robertson’s 700 Club was raising money today for Haiti. So, it is so ironic that early on he would call attention to something that really irrelevant.

    Here are other links to speak of a Haitian man and his family who are making a difference in Haiti.

  2. If you are a devout follower of Jesus then you are religious. Nowt wrong with that btw.
    Robertson’s comments were moronic and just plain hurtful to the poor Haitians after they got his with the earthquake. A man of his stature, and influence should know better. Its nice that his organization is trying to do something good, but still, very irresponsible of him.

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