Thank You New York Jets

Just wanted to write how much I enjoyed watching my Jets this season.  N0w I am a typical Jets fan, in the 25 years that I have been watching this team they made the playoff all of 7 times before this season.  In those 7 seasons they have managed to win 4 playoff games.  The biggest success came in the 1998 season.  Went 12-4 and went to the AFC Championship game.  Was a great season, but it fell apart in that second half against the Broncos.  Including this season the Jets managed to have 11 winning seasons.  Managed to win 10 or more games in 5 seasons.  However, they had 6 seasons winning 4 games or less, including the brilliant Rich Kotite era when a 3-13 season was followed by 1-15.

So its not a big surprise that I approached this past season with some caution, hell I predicted us winning 4 to 6 games.  New coach, a very young and very raw quarterback.  This was not going to be pretty.  Imagine my surprise when the Jets won the first 3 games of the season.  But normal service returned in the following weeks and it was the “same old Jets” after all.  Then the very raw and new coach made some very important adjustments and things turned around again.  To be sure, he made mistakes, as did the young QB Sanchez.  But with a bit of luck and cooperation from other teams the Jets managed to sneak into the playoffs.

Then they managed to outplay and beat two very good teams.  It was brilliant.  Especially as this happened on the road.  Our rookie QB played like a veteran, everything seemed to work.  And it lasted into last Sunday against the Colts, for a whole half.  Then Payton Manning did what he does and we simply did not have the weapons to answer them.  It was that simple.  They are simply too good.  But I am still happy.  Season turned out better than I thought.  Coach Ryan manages games very well.  Mark Sanchez will become a very good QB, our defence is great to watch, and capable of great things.  We have young, exciting players.  And for the first time in years when I say, “wait till next year,” I actually mean it.  Cautiously of course, I am a Jets fan.

A note:  Superbowl will be very interesting this year, the Colts and the Saints are IMO the best teams in their respective conferences, so it should be a good game.  And both teams fully deserve to be there.  I will be rooting for the Saints, because of Brees and the whole city.  They deserve it.


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