American Exceptionalism and History- The Case of Thomas Jefferson

Land of The Free.  Home of The Brave.  And We the People, of the land of self evident truths.  And the Land where all men are created equal.

Ooops, those last ones do not apply any more.  Apparently some are indeed more equal than others.  Really?  Thomas Jefferson?  Seriously?  The dude who wrote the Deceleration of Independence?  Our 3rd president.  One of our Founding Fathers, one of the most influential ones too.  The man who exemplifies America.  And America is what it is largely thanks to him?  But what?  He did not like organized religion and now kids wont be learning about him.  Seriously!  What the fuck?!!!

My god (pun intended), what the hell has this world come to when a few religious freaks can dictate the removal of a very important American from history books?  Who is next?  Lincoln?  Washington?  Why not them?  Jefferson was just as important.  Its not the fact that some idiots can do this that really pisses me off.  Its the fact that there are people in important positions who are so clueless and can do this that pisses me off.

If I was to guess my guess would be that these people consider themselves good Americans.  That they love this country and that they actually believe most of what Jefferson taught and believed.  Yes, to these people this man should be their hero.  But no, he does not fit into the new Christian Right agenda, so fuck you Tommy, out off the book you go.

I mean come on.  Expansion to the West?  Louisiana Purchase?  States Rights?  Limited Federal Government?  Gun Rights (hell he should have a statue in every town in Texas just for that)?  Really?  He could be a right wing Republican poster boy.  Ok, so he did not like organized religion.  And was a scholar.  But nobody is perfect.  So maybe he was for some regulation of banks and corporations.  But really, he who is without sin and all that.  Its not like the guy believed in evolution or something silly like that.

My god, the left dislikes him for many reasons.  Now the right too?  He’s on money for fuck’s sake.  He is on Mount Rushmore!  He has a dedicated Memorial in Washington (cleverly named The Jefferson Memorial).  But now some bible thumping cretins want him gone?  This is why I hate all religious freaks oh so much.  Their beliefs and agenda are not based in logic.  And they are willing to go to any lengths for their twisted beliefs.

I could understand it if they wanted to eliminate some of the less savory (by today’s standards) aspects of him.  Hell I get that kids instead of proper history need to be taught propaganda so they’ll grow up to be good patriotic boys and girls.  So I don’t mind bullshit being taught in the classrooms.  Its not like Americans are alone in this.  Everyone brainwashes their kids.  In that sense American Exceptionalism is not really all that… well, exceptional.  Like religious teachings, kids can’t really process so much gray area.  Somethings do need to be taught in black and white, if they are smart enough later, they’ll learn real history and will deal with it.  If not, they can always sit on school boards.

But the Separation of Church and State is one of the foundations of our beloved republic.  So please, stay the fuck away.  Now I am not asking for “under god” to be excluded from the Pledge of Allegiance.  No, nothing crazy like that.  Its no biggie really.  But please.  Leave one of the most important Americans in the history books, you stupid, ignorant, fanatic morons!!!


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  1. So…the left and the right hate him…i always knew the dude was the perfect libertarian:-P

    and yes seriously….WTF is this all about…are they going to stop teaching Plato and Aristotle, too?

  2. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

    check some of these beauties out. This is what happens when you let morons run a board like that.
    Colbert or Steward had a piece on this, one of these people is a dentist, who wants to challenge the experts!!! As Colbert said, perhaps we should brush our teeth with chocolate now as a challenge to the experts. Total brainwashing, without any self reflection.

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