The Great Republican Lie- Healthcare Debate, Obama, and the Left

Now I am a left leaning person, just so we’re clear.  But I consider myself politically sane.  I have values, beliefs, think one rule is better than another.  But all my beliefs come from rational thought.  In certain areas I believe the government can do good things and should be involved, but in certain things, I would like Washington to stay the fuck out.  I had many passionate political debates, but again, my views are not that passionate.

Its not relativism where I just change my point of view with the wind, but what I consider, a logical approach to each issue, and after I have learned about it I make up my mind. not before.  And I do not view changing one’s mind as a bad thing, or a lack or firm beliefs.  After all, as the Polish saying goes, only cows never change their minds.

My approach however is rare in American politics, any politics actually.  Not only are we polarized these days, we also stick to our side no matter how little sense it makes.  No matter how badly this country needs healthcare reform, neither side is willing to give an inch.  And its the same for each and every issue.  What I find strange however is the lies the right wingers in America say and believe.  And how much hypocrisy is there in American politics.  Now this of course is not new, after all hypocrisy came a minute after the first politician was born.  But this is more than that.  Its not just politicians now.  Its regular people and the pundits on tv that became huge hypocrites.  Its gotten so bad that they rival the politicians they despise.

This little rant will be about the Republicans and the right in general.  But I am sure a logical, rational, right leaning person (yes, such beings still exist, though they should be put n the protected species list) could find the same in the left.  So no, “my side” is not full of principled angels.  I do see it.  But the left is not angry right now.  Or not as angry as the right, so its not as bad, or as visible at the moment.

But why is the right so pissed off.  Short answer is they lost an election or two.  Losing power will make people do stupid things.  And I will show you a few examples of how stupid.  The main culprits, along with the idiotic politicians, are the right wing pundits on radio and television.  And of course being on tv and radio makes them opinion makers, because Americans will believe any shit that is on tv.

Take FOX News for example.  They put “fair and balanced” as their motto.  Now anyone with a half a brain knows there is nothing balanced about Fox’ news coverage, yes even its “hard news” programs, nor is the coverage fair.  Easy example.  At the time of the Pittsburgh meetings and some leftie protests there, were also a lot of Tea Party protests.  So the Fair and Balanced network shows both at the same time in two windows on the tv screen for comparison.  And the commentary:  Peaceful Tea Party protest.  And raging left wing rioters.  And of course these left lunatics are all anarchists who want every problem to be solved by the government.  What?!  An anarchist is someone who hates government, think a badly dressed Libertarian.  And they want govt to solve their problems?  It should make me laugh.  But.

Yes, but.  This was not the lunatic Glenn Beck, this was one one of Fox’ real News Shows.  Fair and Balanced?  I think not.  And they were so desperate to show how bad and violent these anarchists are, that they showed… one of the protesters walking towards and hugging a cop.  Yes, those evil huggers, jail them all.  Now I don’t like anarchists, I like order, to a degree.  But this was just a biased hack job, nothing else.

Lets take the presidency.  Before November 2008, according to the right, it was unpatriotic to criticise the president.  Especially in the time of war.  Now that’s fair enough.  Or it would be if we lived in a totalitarian state.  But it gets better.  As of 2009 if you don’t criticise the president you’re some kind of brainwashed socialist.  What gives?  Oh, right, the wrong guy won.  Otherwise, no matter what he did, we still would have to support the president cause it was patriotic.  And what’s more, George W. Bush was praised by the right for standing by what he believed and doing not what is popular but what he thought was right.  Ok, I’ll buy that, its not every day we have a principled politician not pandering to everyone.  Good on you Dubya.

Except for the little fact that Obama is now a shit president because he is trying to do what he believes in.  Everyday the right wing pundits show us polls of how Americans hate the proposed healthcare bill, and they say how, based partly on that, he should not be pushing it.  So which is it my right wing friends?  Principles or popularity?  I get that you hate the healthcare reform bill.  You have a right to, but your arguments are shit.  And you contradict yourselves.  And the biggest lie is how all this “anger” about the healthcare bill is grass roots anger and Fox only reports it.

Bullshit.  Everyday Fox tells people why this bill sucks ass.  Everyday viewers are told to call their representatives.  They are told to act.  They are made and kept angry by the same people who claim that America is angry.  Talk about your self made and self fulfilling prophecy.  Grass roots my ass.  Most of the people don’t even know what the bill does really.  They are told slogans and propaganda about socialized medicine, about govt taking over 1/6 of our economy, about the deficit, about how much it will hurt us.

Really?  More people getting health insurance is bad?  Now I don’t like the bill myself, from what I know of it, its quite flawed, it wont solve our problems.  But in the end what we have right now sucks.  So anything, even something so imperfect, would be better than this.  And most people would see it too, if for one second they stopped listening to the screaming and actually thought about it and learned about it.  Yes folks, thinking does not hurt, and thinking for yourselves is not as bad as advertised.

But no, most people do not think for themselves.  Instead they like to be told what to think.  And the right leaning of us turn on the most popular news network in America and hear about the liberal media bias.  What?!  Yes think about that for a second (again, thinking does not hurt).  Of course to Fox and its pundits anyone who does not parrot them is part of the liberal media elite, whatever the hell that means.  It seems that all the right wing opinion makers needs these days is a slogan and the sheep will buy it.

Socialised Medicine.  Liberal Media Elite.  Liberal Media Bias.  Socialist.  Communist.  Nazi.  Un-American.  Death Panels.  Kenyan.  Big Government.  Real America.  Family Values.  War on Christianity.  And many more.

They just keep throwing them out there and hope something sticks.  And of course people buy their bullshit.  Why not.  They are angry, made angry by those who throw those labels.  And they are told what they want to believe.  After all, its not their guy who is in the office.  Its not their party ruling congress.  So they willingly accept everything sold to them.  Even when those labels are contradictory.  Small details.  And the worst part is, that they say it with a straight face and people believe them.  Like sheep.  Somehow we are led to believe that the left and its politicians hate America.  Somehow the right believes it holds a patent on patriotism.  Somehow deficits are ok if the Republicans are in charge, but bad when the Democrats are.  Somehow Ronald Reagan raising taxes is ok, but Clinton reducing taxes is bad.  Somehow Ronald Reagan’s expansion of government is fine.  Yet under Obama its evil.  Somehow Bush’ screwing up two wars for years is ok.  But Obama’s every move is criticised.  One apparently loved the military, by sending it to fight and die in two wars.  The other hates it.

No proof is needed.  All one has to do is to say it on television.  And immediately millions of morons will believe that person.  How?  Why?  Why do we allow for such bullshit to exist and to flourish.  Its not that I disagree with them.  People are allowed to believe what ever the hell they want.  I have no problem with that.  Its the level of debate that pisses me off.  Its not debate really, just a slugging match.  And it does great disservice to America.  We do not need shouting.  We need a proper, civilized, exchange of ideas.  We do not have to agree on them.  But we need to learn what the other side actually thinks.  And we wont get that from Fox News.  If one is a Republican, Libertarian, Tea Party supporter, one should stay the fuck away from Fox.  Instead, you right wingers should be listening to what those on the other side have to say.  So you can learn by yourself where they stand and then you can disagree or agree with them.  By letting the likes of Beck and Hannity tell you about what the left believes you are not only getting lies, you are also lied to.  And no one wants that.  Do they?  At the same time the left should not be watching shit like MSNBC.  But watching and reading sane conservatives who will explain where they come from.

Do we really all just want people to reaffirm our beliefs and prejudices?  Do we really want people to make us angry about really trivial shit?  Do we really want shouting instead of a debate?  Are we that divided?  Can we not listen to one another?  We are all Americans.  Compromise is in our system.  But we can’t compromise if we disagree with the other side before they even propose anything.  Politics is never about all or nothing.  No law will be perfect, no reform will solve all problems.  No party knows how to “fix” America.  Both want to fix it.  Both love it.  They just disagree on methods.

Does anyone rationally believe that Obama hates America?  Or that Bush wanted to screw our country?  I disagreed with Bush’ policies a lot.  But not on everything, and never have I accused him of bad intentions.  He made mistakes to be sure, but who hasn’t.  Obama made them too.  He will make more of them before his term is up.  This is not a shock.  Or it shouldn’t be.  But the man wants to do the right thing.  As George Bush did.  Their intentions should not be questioned.  But we have come so far that we do question the intentions of our leaders.  That is not good.  How many of you know that Obama lowered taxes for most of us?  Really, he did.  How many of you knew that?  Instead you were told he is going to, or is, tax you to death.  How many of you remember that Reagan raised taxes.  And that unemployment under him was quite high, it rose in his first years.  It only started to go down late in his first term.  But apparently he was a great president, while Obama is the worst in our history after being in office for only a year because he hasn’t yet lowered unemployment.

Washington, we are told, is this evil place that wants to ruin America.  Well guess what.  Our Founding Fathers set up this system.  We love them for it.  And since they set it up it can’t be as bad as some claim.  The people in Washington are OUR representatives.  We put them there.  We elected them, many time and time again.  But somehow we are supposed to hate them?  Does no one see the contradiction there?  Government of the People.  By the People.  And For the People.  Sure they are a bunch of corrupt fuck ups.  Sure they listen to the lobbyists and not us.  But come on.  They are also Americans and we let them be this way.

Every year we moan about fat cat politicians in the pockets of lobbyists, but every year we elect the same guys.  And when we finally have enough of one party we vote for the other side.  And they make promises, and do the same things over and over again.  But its our fault, we entitle them.  We do not demand what we claim we want.  Look at banking reform.  Where is it?  The Democrats, the champions of the people, we are told, have had over a year to come up with regulation legislation so we wont have another financial meltdown.  Where is it?  Nowhere.  You know why?  Because you and I are at fault.  The banking industry is said to be spending about a million dollars on each representative to stop the reform of the financial industry.  But what are we doing.  For all the banks’ money, they do not have the votes.  We call the representatives because Fox told us we want to stop the healthcare bill, or worse, we call the to demand Obama’s birth certificate.  But we don’t call them to tell them to make sure we don’t get screwed out of our jobs, savings, pensions?  Really?

Why not?  We are in this mess because the banks were allowed to risk our money, that they did.  So millions lost jobs, life’s savings, pensions, their homes, everything.  Yet we listen to some moron tell us that the free market will solve everything for us.  Well the free market did this to us.  We helped to be fair.  We are part of the problem.  But we did nothing illegal.  The banks did.  We supposedly hate Wall Street.  But we entitle them.  After our money was used to bail them out (a necessary evil imo), we demanded nothing.  Because Hannity and company screamed socialism.  Yes, the dreaded “S” word.  Apparently the United States people and government are supposed to hand over billions upon billions of our money and hope for the best.  Because the tyrant Obama would run our auto industry, or the banks.  Ohhh, govt, meddling, bad!!  So what do we have.  A bailout, banks doing the same fucking thing again, and giving themselves huge bonuses for ruining our economy.  But as long as the government does not interfere its ok.

So according to the populist right wing morons you are supposed to hate the government meddling.  But they supported the bailout.  I don’t know much, but bailout is like meddling, isn’t it?  You are supposed to let the free market run its natural course.  But when that free market screws you out of your job and home you are supposed to blame the government.  We are told regulation is bad.  But then scream to high heaven when our kids get poisoned by unregulated Chinese toys.  Or drink dirty water.  Or eat poisoned food.  Yes the government is not protecting us.  Washington is at fault.  But we don’t want regulation.

We are told that those poor dead Haitians are poor because they never learned to fend for themselves.  And that with hard work, no regulations, no welfare, free market they would be better off.  But they have no regulations, no welfare really, weak govt.  Yet Chile had a much bigger earthquake.  However their casualties were nowhere near as bad.  You know why?  Because their government mandated that the homes in Chile have to be built to a certain standard.  Damned socialists, their evil government meddling in their lives and saving hundreds of thousands of them.  Yes, that was sarcasm, and of the cheap low kind too.

But that was also a point.  Not everything the government does it to keep us down, to control us.  Take the census for example.  Hell the morons at Fox and their minions even moan about that.  But it was our Founding Fathers who made the census.  Its in the Constitution.  And no, they did not ask only one question.  Six of the ten questions are pretty much the same as they were in 1790.  Some have changed of course, no one asks any more how many slaves we own.  But really.  Its a census.  We have been doing it for 220 years every decade.  How can any one object to it?  Well the morons who want you angry will tell you how of course.  I have filled and mailed mine out already.  I even answered all the 10 questions.  So far, no black helicopters appeared.  But I am keeping watch.

Now I understand that we have real disagreements in this country.  I understand that many dislike Obama as much as the leftie loons hated Bush.  I get that many people do not want big govt, they rightfully fear huge deficits.  They do not want too much govt meddling.  But most govt is services not meddling.  Services we demand and require.  Police, fire departments, road repair, defense, quality control.  I understand that many are angry and that some even have a reason to be.  But most things in America are not as bad and divided as the talking heads want us to believe.  There are no two Americas.  There is only one Real America.  Its all of us.  And our diversity, of cultures and opinions, while it can be divisive, it also makes us great and unique.  Being American can have many different meanings, unlike being French or English, or Japanese.  But it is also based one a similar value of beliefs.  The important ones.  Love of freedom, democracy, opportunity.  These are what makes us great.  Not whether or not someone believes in the same god as I do.  Or whether or not Democrats or Republicans are in charge.  We are American not because we always agreed with each other, but because despite our disagreements we respected each other.  There is great strength in our diversity of beliefs and ideas, not weakness.  We should celebrate that instead of hating the “Rednecks,” or “East Cost Liberals.”  In the end we all love the same country.  We all want to see it great.  We had problems before, but what made us great was that in bad times we forgot our differences and worked together, not hated each other more.  Something Fox and Friends should remember.

Now if you have read all the way down to here, and would like to respond you are more than welcome to.  I don’t even have moderation turned on.  Your comment will be public immediately after you press submit.  However, please refrain from pointing out that the left spews propaganda too, as I have already stated it myself.  But any rebuttals of what I written above are welcome.


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  1. you seem like a very impressive person to me.i think that american political thought on the right has become too polarized and too narrowly focused. Where are all of the rockefeller republicans and the so-called yankee republicans—-the east coast socially moderate conservatives? what happened? now we are left with fox news and glen beck.can you imagine any republican today giving dwight eisenhower’s famous military industrial complex speech warning? you seem like you would fit in with those old time republicans if you were a member back then, or with the liberal party if you lived here in canada. the liberals are a middle of the road party in between the new democrats and the progressive conservatives up here. we need to ditch ideological dogmatic thinking ,when it stops making sense, both here in canada and everywhere else. that includes the political right and the left.

    • Cheers
      To be fair, there are moderate Republicans, quite a lot of them too. But same as with the left, its the loonies that scream the loudest. The saner groups are silent. The politicians fear that if they speak out, the extreme, birthers, religious right, will turn on them and call them traitors to the cause. The debate will improve somewhat IMO if the Republicans win the House and the Senate. With one of them in control, it will be a tiny improvement, with both, more so. Because then they no longer will be the opposition party, trying to stifle any bill proposed, they will have to govern along with a Democratic President. It wont be acceptance of him, but a sort of detante like with Clinton. We will just have to see how much Obama will be like Clinton, and how saner the Republicans can be. The talking heads will change their tune quickly. They have done it for years.

      • You make an excellent point mr said. The democrats like to brag about the clinton years and the state of the economy during that time. I don’t blame them, but one thing is always overlooked from that period—–US governance was an equal partnership between a republican controlled senate,republican controlled congress, and a democratic executive branch for most of those years. We can assign the glory from that time any which way we want, but one thing is clear; that was awfully effective governance for the US. If things do change this november,we’ll see how much obama is like clinton and how much the republicans join the party and start proposing their own good ideas to match his. It could be a great time. I hope you’re right.

  2. Sorry RLISU. It’s rlisu “said”. This is the first computer i’ve ever owned. just bought it. Got to get used to this blogging thing.

  3. No worries.
    I just wish we could go back to a proper debate instead of stupid scaremongering and hate filled campaigns. Too much to hope for I know, but still. This makes no sense, how can a country go forward if one party only says no and the other is too scared to do anything.

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