Why the Right Should Love Obamacare

Yes, you read that correctly.  The people who are angriest at the just signed Healthcare Reform Bill should love it.  Let me explain.

Its a shit bill.  It really is.  And that is why you should love it.  Forget that there will be some subsidies, some tax hikes, that the government will expand a bit more.  Forget that in certain, very rare, cases abortion might be covered.  Forget that it was the other party that passed it.  You should love this bill.

Other than eliminating some of the worse insurance practices, it hardly does anything to them.  Its not socialised medicine.  The private insurance companies will have way more costumers.  What they will lose in ripping off their clients, they will make up in bulk sales.  The only bit you should be mad about is the mandatory buy in.  And even that is not so bad, what’s bad about having health insurance?  Really.

But here is why you should love it:  Healthcare reform was passed.

Yep, it was.  And now the debate is over.  Remember how Clinton tried to pass it?  He failed.  But it did not go away.  And Obama run on passing it.  Hell he got elected because the people were clamouring for healthcare reform.  Lets face it, the system needed reform.  And sooner or later they would have gotten it.  What they got was nothing that you feared.  No socialized medicine.  No single payer.  Not even a public option.  And now the debate is dead.  And will be dead for quite some time.

And that is why you should be happy.  No more healthcare reform.  Despite the right wing talking heads screams this bill is very right wing friendly.  If it did not pass then the Democrats and the American people would still want healthcare reform.  Yes they would.  You know it, I know it.  And sooner or later it would happen.  5 or 10 years from now it would.  And then the people would be angrier and would want more and better healthcare.  And that includes public option, or universal govt run healthcare.  When Clinton tried to pass it they were not ready for it.  Now they are.  And just think that if this failed how much more ready they would be in some years.

And you know they would.  Socially America is moving to the left.  And the angrier it got the more it would want.  And once it would have passed then you know you could never go back.  It would be political suicide.  Because systems like the French, Canadian, British or German, may not be perfect and people still complain about them, but you don’t see mass protests screaming “we don’t want no stinking healthcare.”

So you may have lost a battle, but I think you won the war.  Because further healthcare reform is dead now.  So don’t worry.  We wont become Canada.  Not any time soon.  Obama and the Democrats made sure of that.  For that you should applaud them.  They just passes a bill that does not go anywhere near where most on the left wanted it to.

Enjoy this moment. 


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