Politically Correct Madness in America -Cinco De Mayo and anti-American bias

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Wow.  I am shocked.  Now let me preface this by saying that I am an immigrant.  I was not born in the United States.  I came here when I was 13.  But I do love this country and consider it my own.  At the same time I see that its not perfect.  It has problems, many problems.  One of them is the way this country goes about treating its immigrants.  legal or not.  Case and point is the stupid and racist law in Arizona.  Lets not kid ourselves here.  Its an anti-Latino law.  The excuses do not wash seeing as the immigration and crime statistics do not back up the claims made by the Arizona legislators.  So lets call it what it is.  They don’t like Mexicans, and will use any excuse to get at them.  If those illegals were white I doubt that such a law would pass.  I am white btw, this would not effect me as I am also as US citizen, but its bullshit.  Hopefully it will be challenged and struck down soon.  I wrote about immigrants before in here , and this stupid law is not the answer.

But why am I talking about Mexicans today.  Because I really am pissed off about the news I read today (link on the top of the page).  I love this country because it is so diverse.  And people from all over have the right to be proud of, and to celebrate, their heritage.  Case and point, the lovely Mexican Heritage Day Cinco De Mayo.  We Poles have our own day.  As do many nationalities.  Except NONE of US are fucking offended by America.  And sadly that was the case this past Cinco de Mayo in a California High School.

Seriously!  What the hell?!  Some kids wore clothing and apparel with American flags, and that offended people?  They had to leave school?  Some have asked them to apologize?  For what?  In case the faculty and students of Live Oak High School forgot, they work and study in America!  Yes, shocking.  These student were threatened with suspensions.  People said there might be violence!  Really?!  Because they wore American colours on Cinco de Mayo?  In a H.S. that has a large Mexican American student population.

What these offended Mexican Americans seem to forget is the second bit.  The “American” part.  Many were probably born in the United States.  Yet America offends them?  How does America collide with a celebration of Mexican heritage?  You want Gringo free celebration, move the fuck back to Mexico!

Now I really hate those ignorant cretins who, whenever they hear anyone criticise America for anything, tell others to get the hell out of America.  But this is different.  Its not about acknowledging America’s mistakes and faults, and we have made many, and are not perfect.  This is about America itself.  For all its faults, those kids are still here.  Now I do not know any of the kids.  Perhaps they don’t usually wear American colours to school, and did it on Cinco de Mayo cause they don’t like Mexicans and wanted to show it.  Well that would make them racist dicks.  But so what.

The point is that no one in America should be offended by America.  When Poles hold their Pulaski Day parade in NYC (which I am sad to admit I never attended, I just don’t do parades), along with thousands of Polish flags, there are thousands of US flags.  Same goes for any nationality on their holiday.  You can celebrate your heritage without hating America, especially when you live in America.  Nothing prevents you from being a proud Mexican.  And you can be a good Mexican and a good American at the same time.

I might be bordering on schizophrenia but I am a Pole and an American at the same time.  I am proud to be both.  I list Pole first, but that’s because I was born there.  But if I was born in this country I would call myself an American Pole.  I would still be proud to be both.  So what gives?  Where is the disrespect?  You want to celebrate your heritage?  Great.  Its supposed to be your special day.  Well, whatever.  Being a Mexican is more more that just a holiday.  I don’t feel more Polish on Pulaski Day or on November 11th (Poland’s Independence Day), or on my birthday, which is Poland’s Constitution Day.  I also don’t feel more American on Fourth of July.  When I used to have a flag on my car antenna years ago I had it all the time, not just on July 4th (someone stole it).  Nor did I pull out my pin only on major holidays.  I am Polish and American everyday.  Yes, holidays are important.  But I do not stop being Polish when I watch the fireworks and eat my BBQ on July 4th (most likely the grilled food would be Polish anyway).  Nor do I stop being an American on Polish holidays.

Some may say this is just blown out of proportion.  I disagree.  It shows an attitude by immigrants and their kids.  Now, not everyone mind.  But a big enough proportion to notice.  It seems, and this is all immigrant groups, not just Mexicans, that these people have problems with reconciling being both.  To many its either or.  They either love only America, or they only love their country of origin (or their parents origin).  Why?  One does not need to reject one part of one’s self in order to satisfy the other.  America does have a history of quick and total assimilation.  That is one reason we don’t have ethnic ghettos like Europe does.  People come here, immerse themselves into the country, learn the language, customs, and reject most things from their homeland.

This was the norm in the past.  Second generation immigrants were truly American.  But there is no need for that any more.  Even though America has an ugly history of racism and bias against foreigners, it changed a lot.  One can assimilate without forgetting one’s past and origins.  America has grown up over these 200 plus years.  Its not perfect as Arizona shows.  But in order to fight such idiocy, we also have to accept America.  Because the other side of the coin is the relatively new tendency of immigrants to resist assimilation altogether.  Perhaps its fear of losing one’s original heritage.  But that is not a certainty if one gives America a chance.  There are many 3rd and 4th generation families here that have assimilated without losing their sense of history.

So, to all my Mexican AMERICAN friends I say this.  Do not fear the country you live in.  Its not here to offend you or to force you to lose your identity as a Mexican.  But if America does does offend you somehow, then go screw yourselves and kindly leave.


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  1. Rob: While I have a difference of opinion with you on the Arizona law, I was really touched by your story of your immigrant experience. If more people had your mind set, we would have the half the tensions like those displayed in that school you referenced.

  2. Please remember March 6th…….Not May 5th………… Remember the Alamo!!!
    Request for proper consideration and Respect;….Do NOT celebrate “Cinco-de Mayo”

    I am asking both individuals and corporation / company/ Media, and Public Entities to finally do “The Right Thing” and do Not celebrate, or participate in a fake and manufactured “holiday”. Furthermore this so-called Mexican (1862), celebration shows a Great Disrespect to those 200 Americans of 26 years earlier (then Cinco-de-Mayo), that were Murdered by Mexico under General Santa Anna……. Let me explain;….
    In 1836 at a Missionary compound, that we all may know as “The Alamo”, in a land called the Republic of Texas, 200 Americans stood alone protecting the rights of Texas to become a state in the young America of that time period. Mexico didn’t want that and sent over 1500 troops to destroy this compound and squash this (American) dream! Unfortunately they did overrun this compound and killed all,……even those who wished to surrender!!! Mexico then piled all the Americans’ bodies into piles and burned them beyond recognition. This Desecration violated ALL principles of warfare and rules of Honor-in-Battle. This performance of violating Human Rights angered Americans all over the existing America, that the cry of……”Remember the Alamo”, rang through-out the land and Americans joined together to repel Mexico out of Texas, and years later Texas became the 28th state of these United States.
    ……Now this so-called “cinco” Holiday ( in 1862), that everyone celebrates is really nothing but a war skirmish that Mexico had with the French, and Yes they did repel the French Troops on May 5th, of 1862, but a few weeks later the French returned and conquered Mexico,….so what is there to celebrate, even for Mexicans?? The fact is that even Mexico doesn’t celebrate this so-called day, as a National “holiday”, because it means little to Mexicans, so why does America embrace this meaningless day to America, and at the same time, ignore our past Heroes who died at the hand of Mexico? Why are we doing a disservice to our fellow Americans, who died protecting this country, and why are we spending more time with a “Fake’ day called “Cinco-de-Mayo”, then actually respecting those who Died at the Alamo???. Why would any American want to “Raise-a-Glass” to celebrate with those who desecrated American bodies?? ……..WHY do we now??? Is Mexico more important to our History then our own American history???………Are we ashamed of being American? Doesn’t it mean anything to us, that Human bodies, that were of Americans fighting for our Freedoms, were burnt in a dishonorable and disrespectful way? Their Families never got to say their final Farewells. Doesn’t that mean anything to Americans anymore?? Can we in Good Faith sit down and celebrate with food and drink, with those who are celebrating a day in Mexico that was just 26 years after this Human desecration of Americans by Mexicans. What have we become??

    Please STOP this Dishonor to Americans and our History, and show Respect for those who died creating this country, and not those who showed Disrespect to this country…..stop This FAKE day called Cinco-de-mayo, and……………..”REMEMBER THE ALAMO”. ………..I Thank You
    Tom Pastore / Vietnam Veteran

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