Michael Moore is a Fat Blowhard- America, Capitalism, Democracy

He is very dramatic, that speech at the Oscars, the gimmicks in his films, the supposed great healthcare in a Third World country, the silly “Crime Scene” tape around the banks, the list goes on and on and on.  The man can be really annoying.  As you might have guessed I recently saw his latest effort, Capitalism- A Love Story.

So, as I said, he can be really, really annoying.  Except that he has a point.  Yes, he does.  Even if you dislike his bluster and methods like going to Moses’ home.  Or trying to make fake citizen arrests, or presenting other countries’ healthcare systems as perfect.  He makes good points.  He is a champion of the people.  Yes, our champion.  Even if we disagree with him, his methods, politics, he wants what is right for America.

After all, no sane good intentioned American could disagree with him.  We have too many guns on the streets.  Our government started unnecessary wars in which Americans died needlessly.  We were asleep at the switch on 9-11.  Our healthcare is shit.  And finally, our economic system has failed the majority of Americans.  Now, can any of you honestly disagree with any of that?

I thought not.  But apparently Michael Moore is a very divisive figure.  The right simply despises him.  The left applauds him and cringes at the same time because he does not spare their idols.  Or do we just not like fat people making points for us and championing our causes?  Because honestly, no matter one’s politics I do not think anyone making less than 7 figures would be against most things this man says.  OK, so he sounds like a socialist, even worse, a red commie bastard.  Believe me, I cringe any time anyone says anything even remotely positive about any Red bastard commie.  As I said, I hate them all.  And Cuba does not have the greatest healthcare system on the planet.  If its anything like what Poland had a few decades back then its shit.  Real shit, it being “free” does not make it good.  But that does not mean we treat our sick very well.

So lets take a quick look at what this man really said in his films one by one, starting with Bowling For Columbine as I never saw Roger & Me, and think about it for a second.

Guns, America loves guns.  This country has a long love affair with guns.  There is even an Amendment in our Constitution that says we can have them.  Though I would argue that the ” a well regulated militia…..” bit puts in question that right for everyone.  Either way.  We do love guns.  And we love to shoot people with those guns.  We kill more people with guns than some wars do.  Yet any, even the slightest, gun control attempt, is met with a huge uproar.  Why?  Do we really need to own Mac 10s?  Do we need AK-47s for hunting?  No we do not.  And believe it or not, if you are a law abiding citizen chances are the government will not be raiding your 2 bedroom condo.  What’s wrong with a 7 day wait to buy one?  Its a deadly weapon for fuck’s sake.  We need a licence to drive a car, there is (in many states) a wait time to get married.  Yet we want to walk into a shop, buy 10 weapons, pay in cash and leave within 10 minutes.

The hell?  Every time there is a major shooting the NRA wants more guns.  Yes, that’s the answer, easier access to the same weapon that was used in a crime.  Is this the Wild West?  Are we still in the 19th Century?  I know Hollywood glorifies taking “justice” into your own hands, but come on.  Hell some states allow people to carry guns in bars.  A brilliant idea, because nothing ever bad happened when alcohol and guns were mixed.  Americans bought up all the guns they could afford because that Commie Kenyan was going to take them away.  Well, he’s into his second year, and I don’t think he ever mentioned it.

But gun regulation and enforcement should not just be limited to you and me, the big culprits are the manufacturers and gun dealers, who just want to make a quick buck and don’t care who buys the guns.  Here, we need proper regulation and proper enforcement.  And it should not be a political issue.  This is for our own safety.  Those drug dealers and gangs you fear so much, well a lot of the guns they have could easily been have not sold to them if we did our jobs.  Instead we scream about our rights.  Well, what about my right to live?  People get shot in all kinds of places, hell, our own vice-president, an experienced hunter and a long time gun owner accidentally shot a friend of his.  Are guns a thing we should be able to get easily and carry everywhere?

Then there was Moore’s Fahrenheit 911.  That was war and terrorism.  Was he wrong?  We start wars for no reason, I mean come on, Grenada, Panama, Iraq in 2003?  Really?  And all started by presidents who supposedly love our military.  Yep they love it so much that they are willing to send our men and women to die any place any time for any reason.  Brilliant, someone give them a medal.  War is a terrible thing.  Being anti war is not a bad thing.  No proper Christian would be for war.  War should be a last resort, not one of the first options.  We waged two wars since 9-11, one right, one wrong, both fought badly.  To supposedly avenge 3000 innocent Americans we willingly sent 5000 more to die.  With many thousands more wounded.  And what have we achieved?  Taliban out of power, but not really.  Al Qaeda still a threat.  Bin Laden still alive and free.  Nine years on, lets face it, we failed.  Yet we call Michael Moore un-American for questioning those bad policies.  How?  When have we become sheep?  Now the same people who questioned everyone’s patriotism when they dared to criticize the president and his foreign policy, openly question the new one on everything and call it a patriotic duty.  How?

Are we now so blind and polarized that even our sense of right and wrong shifts 180 degrees according to which party is in power?  Its not as if they are that much different from each other.  One guy tell the 9-11 families to stop moaning, but he is supposedly a great American.  Moore questions our policies which are failing and he’s branded a traitor and a supporter of terrorism?  Again, how?  On what plane does this make any sense?

Sicko, a film everyone should see.  Because guess what!  Our healthcare system is shit.  Yes it is.  Its close to being broken.  Now of course we can compare it to over 100 nations and claim its better, but I never thought that our goal was to be better than Mexico or Benin.  We are the supposed best nation on the planet, yet we can’t insure our own citizens.  The government just passed a shit bill that was nothing like proper reform yet we had a year long war over it.  It was an insurance company’s wet dream.  Yet we screamed “socialism,” some moron claimed “death panels.”  But what it was, was a corporate bill.  Nothing less.  Yes, as I said, the film makes wild claims.  But would we listen to a well thought out, calm and logical argument?  Why do you think the climate change brigade is trying to scare the shit out of you?  Because you wont listen to reason and logic.  Because if Al Gore does not say your children will die you just wont care.  So he exaggerates.  But instead of listening, we look for every tiny crack to claim its ALL bullshit.  We are a country still having a debate about evolution ffs.  Logic and America do not mix.

The other side makes wild exaggerations, but they say things to calm us down, we’ll readily listen to someone who says everything is fine, you don’t have to turn off your AC, or buy a slightly more efficient car.  You don’t have to sacrifice one tiny thing, go on about your business, its all bullshit.  Of course people want to hear that, not some doom and gloom.  President Bush made it our patriotic duty to go out and shop because going to WalMart is going to defeat the terrorists.  One trillion (1,000,000,000,000.00) dollars later we kept fighting two wars with no sacrifice from us.  We fought two wars for years and no one was willing to ask how its going to be paid for.  Not one tiny whisper of perhaps a tax?  But we tried healthcare reform and everyone screams to high heaven because it will cost a lot.  The fuck?  Wait, let me get this straight.  We have no problem with not paying for two wars while our boys are dying, but when it comes to helping keep people healthy and alive then we want to know who’s going to pay for it?  Are we insane?  Wars can be fought on credit, but god forbid someone needs a kidney, then its fuck em, take out a loan yourself you free loader?  Yeah, that makes sense…

And now we come to the last film and Michael’s agenda.  “Its the economy stupid!”  Yep, it is.  And its shit.  10% unemployment, homes foreclosed, people without hope of finding work.  People going hungry.  We don’t actually make anything any more.  So what do we do, we give 700 billion dollars to the companies that put us in this mess without almost any string attached.  We have not yet had any proper financial reform to change the system that put us out of work.  We watched while the same institutions who cheated us, took govt bailouts, and run us out of our homes gave their executives multi million dollar bonuses.

If you were watching a Hollywood film about that, you would be cheering for some govt investigator to lock them all up or, for some vigilante to just blow them to kingdom come.  But instead when Michael Moore points this out he’s branded a loon.  Our supposed champions defend these institutions.  Instead they vilify him, those like him and the Unions, yes the evil unions, the ones fighting for your job, your wage and your benefits.  So you wont have to work 70 hours a week for minimum wage.  Yep, its those guys who are to blame.  They moan about welfare, but never mention corporate welfare, which not only costs the govt tax revenue, but it costs us jobs.

In High School we learned about the evil French nobles and how they got rich and the peasants stayed poor working their butts off for next to nothing.  In the evil pre-revolution France the top 1% controlled 90% of the wealth and land.   In glorious and wonderful America the top 1% controls 95% of the wealth.  Yep, that’s right.  There are people who spend more money on their third yacht than you will ever earn.  But its ok, laissez-faire capitalism is great, we’re number one!!!  Did you know that in Europe the executive earn about 7 times what the workers do?  In America it more than 100 times.  And American rich pay much lower taxes.  Did you know that the rich used to be taxed at the rate of 90%?  Yet they still got rich, and became even richer.  Not one of the Rockefellers was ever taxed into poverty.  They still had their cars and mansions and yachts and butlers.  And America did not have that much debt.  But no, we want to tax the rich less, after all it isn’t fair that a person should pay more than someone else.  But of course its fair that an executive should get a 10 million dollar bonus while he fires a thousand people who make 30 grand per year so the company could save some money.  Poor little rich folks.  My heart bleeds for them while I watch yet another hard-working family being evicted from their home.

But no, we are told its their own damned fault.  They should not have bought the house they could not afford, or that car, or that tv.  Well some should not.  But a lot could.  Except they were lied to, or fired from their job.  And all of a sudden they could not afford it any more.  Of course most of the blame is put on the buyers, or Fanny and Freddie.  Except that everyone forgot how our president said that all Americans should buy a home (wouldn’t it be great if he was allowed to privatize our Social Security?).  And oh how the banks enticed us.  How sweet did all that sound.  Sure, if your rates go up you can always refinance in a few years and trust me, the rates will be even lower, this is a steal.

So we bought, and we bought the bullshit about us being greedy, we are btw.  Our consumerism is maddening.  But no one wants to blame the people who fucked up our pensions, who screwed us out of our jobs and homes.  Nope, those people either get re-elected or get multi-million dollar bonuses.  And we get nothing, just a nice scare that if we dare to change anything it will mean socialism, and with that comes Stalin and Mao, and no guns for us, and its death panels and concentration camp for little Jimmy because he forgot his “I love Lenin” lapel pin for the march.  Yep, that will happen definitely.  Don’t you watch tv, all of Europe is like that.  Or it was not long back, whatever, but if we try it we will stop being American.  We can’t change, we are a perfect nation, always were.

Except for that little slavery bit, and mass murder of Indians, and oppression of women, and oppression of workers, and no social security, and no interstate highways.  We are perfect.  And anyone who tells you different is a communist.  So Michael Moore is a commie.  Hell, he might be, I don’t think he is, but I do not know the man.  But, he sure as shit sounds more American than the morons who scream “keep your dirty government hands of my Medicare”  And the fun part is, its a lot of people who are IN the government that tell us that is shit.  And please to re-elect them.  They stay in Washington for decades, and for all those years they scream how Washington is bad and corrupt.  It is corrupt, they all are, they all are in the pockets of corporations who pay them to do and say what hey want.

Hell even the Supreme Court says that AIG is a person.  Politically AIG has the same rights of free speech as you and me.  Except that neither you nor I after ruining the economy got government bailouts, nor do we have thousands of lobbyists working for us.  Nor can we make tv commercials to sway public opinion, otherwise we are just like two peas in the pod, almost like twins separated at birth.

So no “change we can believe in” was ever coming.  While those on the left who bought this bullshit will cry (if they aren’t already), those who opposed Obama should rejoice, he is just a black, slightly more intelligent, slightly saner, version of Bush.  You may not have a senile man and a moron from Alaska, but you have the next best thing, Democrats who wont fuck with the status quo.

But, anyone like Moore who points this out is branded a commie and a traitor.  Well i think he’s a fat blowhard who uses other people’s misery to make his point.  Except that he has a point.  Most of his major point I agree with.  But unlike Moore do not dare to call me a socialist or a commie, I hate them, hate them all.  I am also not calling for the masses to rise up.  I don’t do revolutions, though apparently our Founding Fathers were rather fond of them, one never knows what comes afterwards, it may be worst than what we have right now.  I am not a revolutionary, I also do not hate or envy the rich, I do not envy anyone.  I also did not buy a home that was foreclosed, or lose a job.  Personally I really wasn’t affected by this.  But I also wont sit here and pretend everything is great and that capitalism has passed the test.  It hasn’t.  It failed us all.  Only time is can properly benefit both the owners and the working class is when its controlled by an un-corrupt government.  But as we have seen with “drill baby drill” and the BP spill, this is not the case.  And we are the ones who will pay for it one way or another.


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