World Cup, Week One Review- South Africa 2010 Group Stages

World Cup 2010 South Africa

Its Finally Here

Four years we’ve waited and finally there were WC games played.  Each of the 32 teams that qualified for this edition of the WC has played.  We learned a few things, though some things are still a mystery.  Lets Quickly rund down each group to look at what we saw.

Group A

South Africa 1-1 Mexico

South Africa opened against Mexico.  And if this was any indication, it was going to be a great WC.  The Mexicans dominated possession and created a few chances in the first half.  They even put the ball into the net only for it to be recalled for offside.  A great decision as replays showed.  Perhaps the refs will be good during this one for a change.  The second half was more even.  With South Africa scoring on a very good move with a great finish that left the Mexican keeper helpless.  The South Africans quickly could have put the game away, unfortunately they could not finish.  The Mexicans managed to tie due to poor defending as Marquez was played onside.  Almost in the last minute the South Africans had two very good chances, yet again they could not put them away.  So a draw, but a fun, exciting game with lost of action.  A great start to the WC.

France 0-0 Uruguay

Unfortunately there was another game played later that day.  And it was this game that proved to be the one that will be emulated more often than not.  France and Uruguay are the other two teams in Group A.  France, the 1998 WC winners, are a very talented side.  Unfortunately they are managed by a clueless cretin.  They have no plan B, and plan A is awful.  Uruguay respected France’s quality, so they set up not to lose.  And that they accomplished.  Even after one of their players was sent off.  The French, after a decent first 10 minutes looked clueless.  Ribery went anonymous, Anelka was poor and isolated, Govou was rubbish.  The midfield was poor too and the fullback, two very good ones, hardly supported the attack.  The South Americans were content to sit back and soak up the pressure.  If you missed the game or fell asleep, you did not lose much.  Domenech, the French coach, shown that he was an idiot with no adjustments for the second half and with his late and poor substitutions.  The players who came on were not the problem, its the players he took off.

South Africa 0-3 Uruguay

There was one more game we saw from Group A already.  The hosts played the dour and defensive Uruguay.  Only this time Uruguay set up differently and went on the attack from the start.  Forlan was moved back a bit and was played as part of 3 pronged attack.  They did not fear the hosts.  As it turned out there was not much to fear.  The hosts, after a very courageous performance against Mexico showed why everyone speculated that they will be the first hosts not to advance past the group stage.  Forlan scored of a deflected effort.  Then we saw the SA keeper take down Suarez and be sent off.  Diego once again scored, penalty, to put the game away.  The third came late and was just the icing on the cake.  Not many people in the stadium saw it as by then almost half the seats were empty.  The South Africans realized that their hopes for moving on were just crushed by Uruguay.

Group B

South Korea 2-0 Greece

The best thing that could happen to this game did happen.  The Koreans scored early due to some poor defending on a free kick.  It forced the dreadfully boring and defensive Greece to attack.  And they tried, bless them.  Unfortunately trying is not doing.  And they could not do, their first shot on goal came well into the second half.  Another mistake, a bad touch, saw Park of Korea steal the ball and dash toward the Greek goal, the move resulted in a goal and that’s how it finished.  The good guys won.  Boring and defensive Greece will hopefully not get out of the group so we wont have to watch them any more.

Argentina 1-0 Nigeria

Not exactly the result you expect from an attack that included Messi, Teves and Higuain, especially against an attack minded Nigeria.  They were also supported by di Maria and Veron.  Both very good passers and players who can score in their own right.  Yet the goal came early, from a corner.  Heinze, a defender, scored with a great header completely unmarked.  Nigeria tried to attack but could not sustain pressure and only managed one shot on goal.  Argentina managed 7, some very good ones, but they just could not finish.  All in all, not a very impressive performance, though 3 points is 3 points so they did their job.

Argentina 4-1 South Korea

Early today we saw the second round Group B matches play out.  The two first game winners met to determine who will go through and who will have a fight on their hands.  After a 3 goal first game of the second round we saw another goal fest.  This time it was the Argies who woke up.  A free kick on 16 minutes saw Argentina up 1-0.  Messi’s ball into the box went over two players and hit a Korean defender right on the shin, an own goal.  But it was deserved.  Argentina played well, not very pretty football, but direct and attacking.  The trio of forwards, Messi, Tevez and Higuain worked hard to create chances.  Soon after the half hour mark it paid off.  The Argies worked the ball out of the corner with Maxi crossing the ball into the box, there is was headed on to a waiting Higuin who headed into the net for the first of his three.  The Koreans, lively, organized, and attacking in the first match, were plainly rubbish.  Heavy touches, terrible passes, bad movement off the ball, wrong decisions.  But right before half-time they were back in the game.  Similar to Park’s goal against Greece, this one involved Demichelis with a  shockingly bad touch, a Korean running onto it and scoring.  Game on, 2-1 at the half.  The Koreans were not as bad in the second.  And were able to sustain some pressure, partly thanks to some stupidity from Guitierrez, Maradona’s makeshift RB.  A silly yellow will see him suspended for the last game (which is not pretty much immaterial considering later developments).  Mascherano earned a proper yellow for a hard tackle.  Heinze got one for an idiotic handball later.  But then Messi took over the game.  And along with Aguero (subbed in for Tevez) and Higuain combined for the next two goals.  Higuain finished both of them, another header and the easiest of tap ins.  Messi, the world’s best players, already compared by some to Pele and Maradona (prematurely IMO), finally showed up in a WC game.  Though he did not score he was very influential in the Argentinian attack.  If the 3 Argie forwards play like they did today they can go far despite the suspect midfield and defence.  Di Maria (moving to Real Madrid according to reports) was also very good.  The midfield and defence coped with most of what Koreans threw at them, though it was not much admittedly.  They were much better in the second half, but by then the game was over.  Argentina were simply better and Higuain got a deserved hat trick.  The win puts Argentina in the driver’s seat, where a draw in the last game will see them win the group.

Greece 2-1 Nigeria

The Greeks were finally involved in a thrilling game.  And not because they got a proper hiding from another team.  The Greeks attacked, it turned out they can.  Who knew?  From the beginning the boring Hellas were set up to go forward.  Which they tried.  The always exciting Nigerians too wanted to attack.  And what we got was a thrilling match.  Just 15 minutes in a Greek defender got himself a yellow for cynically pulling down a Nigerian attacker.  It turned out to be the wrong thing to do as the subsequent free kick saw Nigeria go up 1-0.  it was comedy at its best.  35 yards out, the ball was floated in, and missed the Greek defenders, the Nigerian Odemwingie, ducked and the ball flew into the corner of the net.  The Greek keeper threw himself the wrong way, but it was not really his fault, those crosses are difficult to defend and anticipate.  1-0 to the good guys.  But Greece, unusually kept going forward and attacking, without much luck.  And then thing got weird.  An innocent throw in turned bizarre and we saw the Nigerian Kaita sent off.  The Greek left back Torosidis grabbed the ball out of play, turned to Kaita and made a sneaky attempt to hit him with it in the stomach without actually making any contact.  Kaita lost it and kicked out at him, kicking him on his thigh.  It was not much, but Torosidis went down as if shot, to make sure.  Kicking at other players is a no no, even when cynically goaded, so the Columbian ref Ruiz had no choice but to show Kaita the red card.  The Nigerians were to play the game with 10 men for an hour.  A tough ask.  The Greeks took advantage of being a man up and kept on pressing the Nigerians.  Finally, a nice lay off to Salpingidis paid off.  He took a hard shot aimed at the corner, it was likely to go in, but in the way it took a wicked deflection and went into the opposite corner.  1-1 at halftime.  Legarbeck, the Migerian manager made a sub at halftime, Odemwingie was sacrificed for a midfielder.  The Nigerians, to their credit tried to attack, but down to ten men it was hard.  It was the Greeks who started to dominate the game.  At around 70 minutes we saw the Greeks almost score, only to be caught on the counter with a 2 on 1.  The Nigerians did everything right.  Made the right pass, got 1-1 with the keeper, but the shot was saved, a combination of bad placement and good reflexes from the keeper.  The rebound went to a Nigerian forward who from an angle missed the open net.  It went from bad to worse for the Super Eagles.  A couple of minutes later they went behind.  With two players down in the box from a head collision (the play possibly should have been stopped at that moment, but Ruiz wanted to see what developed), the Greeks took a long speculative shot, the so far brilliant Enyeama spilled an easy shot and the rebound was put in by Torosidis (the same one who got Kaita sent off).  After that Nigeria just cold not comeback.  Mentally crushed by two goals, a sending off, and two injuries, which forced substitutions, and saw them play for some minute with 9 men they could not muster the strength to tie the game.  But credit has to be given to Greece.  After over 400 minutes of WC football they finally scored and won a game.  They peppered the Nigerian goal with shots.  Forcing Enyeama to make some spectacular saves.  Its really a shame that he spilled that shot.  He was brilliant in both games, the best keeper so far, even better than Howard of the US and the Swiss keeper yesterday.  Nigeria look done.  The red, 2 losses, injuries, proved too much.  We wont see a spectacular run like in the 96 Olympics.  And its a shame as it is a team full of good players and they do play good football.

Group C

England 1-1 United States

So here we were, the “Y” (for Yanks) in England’s “EASY” group.  The country that invented the game, against the country that barely notices its existence.  Rejoice oh you Europeans, here is something you can regularly crush the Yanks at.  Except its England.  Along with inventing the game they also perfected underachieving at it.  On paper the US should not have had a chance.  Unfortunately for England the game is played on grass.  And on grass they could have lost this one.  It all started terribly for the Americans.  Just 4 minutes in, a series of nice passed and American defensive errors ended with the English stand in captain, Steven Gerrard, scoring.  It looked like the start of a bad day for the Americans.  But the US team does not give up that easily.  The collected themselves and went on.  The game to be fair, was edged by England, they had more possession, attempted a few more shots.  But the Americans also created chances, and some very good ones too.  But it was not a good chance that saw the US tie the score.  A long range speculative shot by Clint Dempsey came in the 40th minute.  Nothing to get excited about, we watched the ball roll towards the net, it was going to be easily caught by the English keeper Robert Green and we move on.  Except is wasn’t.  Green set himself up wrong.  His body was not really lined up with the shot.  He tried to catch it, but it went off his hand and trickled into the net.  Great stuff, another calamity for an England keeper.  Still, there is 50 minutes left in the game to crush the Yanks.  And England did have some chances, but they failed to take them.  Good keeping from Howard combined with good US defending and terrible finishing from England saw us through the end at 1-1.  England underachieved again.  And against a US side that was not at its best.  Both teams can certainly play better.  And both were left wondering with what could have been.

Algeria 0-1 Slovenia

The two “minnows” of the group.  Algeria a hard working but a limited side.  Slovenia, a talented and organized, but an unknown side.  Not a great game, but we’ve seen, and will see, worse.  Lots of play in the midfield, both teams lost possession too easily.  And we saw our first red card of the tournament.  Ghazzai, within minutes of coming on as a sub held the Slovenian player’s shirt right in front of the ref.  A clear, and stupid yellow.  He did even better not much later, a cross came into the penalty area and the Algerian forward stuck out his arm and the ball hit it.  He lay there hand in his head knowing what was about to come.  Another yellow and a red.  Algeria down to 10 with almost 20 minutes to play.  But the Slovenian goal did not come from numerical advantage.  Or from some sustained pressure because of it.  Robert Koran, the Slovenian midfielder hit a speculative long range shot toward the Algerian net.  it should have been saved, but it wasn’t, the keeper flopped at it, but it went in.  Clearly Green’s mishap was contagious.

Group D

Serbia 0-1 Ghana

Group D opened up with Serbia against Ghana.  Two fairly evenly matched teams.  Well organized, with good defences.  For Serbia the word great would not be far off.  Vidic and Ivanovic are two of the best at what they do.  And it was even, a bit scrappy, and defensive.  Not crap, but not great attacking football either.  There were some chances for both sides, but they could not put them away.  Mainly it was because of terrible finishing by Serbia, the main culprits were Pantelic and Krasic.  In the second half Ghana pushed forward a bit and had the edge, a hard, bad tackle saw Lukovic get a yellow at 55 minutes.  He did something even worse less than 20 minutes later, he held back Gyan to stop an attack,  A clear yellow, his second, and Serbia were down to 10.  Ghana pressed on with the man advantage bout some terrible shooting saw the still scoreless.  That was until the sub Kuzmanovic (who came on just 20 minutes earlier), inexplicably handled the ball in his own penalty area.  Gyan put away the penalty and we saw Ghana win the game 1-0.  Its interesting that Serbia, under a bit of pressure in the second half, after going down to ten men, started playing much better and created a few chances themselves.  All this was undone by the brainfart of Kuzmanovic.  So Ghana started their WC well, a win against a tough opponent.  Serbia meanwhile did themselves no favours with Germany still to play.

Germany 4-0 Australia

its not your father’s Germany.  No more cynical, methodical, though efficient and effective, play from those lovable Krauts.  Yep, these boys want to play football, and attacking football at that.  The Klinsmann led attacking style was left in by the new manager Joachim Low.  With an added bonus of good organized defence and tactics.  low however was under pressure.  Just calling up the shocking Klose and Podolski raised many an eyebrow.  To actually start the thwo Polish born forwards was a bit of a shock.  But not to Low.  Those two have fantastic NT scoring records, averaging about a goal every two games each.  But still, they were both very poor for their clubs and leaving the high scoring Cacau and Kiessling on the bench could have backfired.  Except it did not.  Both Podolski and Klose repaid the faith that Low showed in them.  After 26 minutes Germany was up 2-0 and both of them scored.  Klose still had a bad game, numerous chances that he could not put away, he finally scored with a great header beating a defender and the late in reacting Swarzer.  Podolski’s goal was a one timed rocket of a shot that opened the scoring.  Australia were utter rubbish.  after the initial and promising few minutes, the ageing squad showed its bad, negative, set up.  Germany dominated the game in every aspect.  Young Khadira coped with his midfield role.  Schweinsteiger, the converted midfield general, showed that Germany did not miss Ballack.  Ozil, the young creative player, attacked and passed well.  Germany set up with a 4-2-3-1 formation with Klose leading the line.  Ozil supporting in the middle, Podolski and Muller out wide.  That attack is supported and protected by Khedira and Schweini.  Lahm was made Captain when Ballack was injured.  He is the RB, the very young and inexperienced Badstuber is on the opposite flank.  Mertesaker the leader of the back 4.  His partner, after the injury to Westerman, is a shitty RB, Arne Friedrich.  Don’t know what possessed Low to pick him and play him there, the lack of proper and good German central defenders was one reason I guess.  But Friedrich has been quite good at CB, go figure.  Manuel Neuer got the call to be Germany’s shot stopper after the number one Rene Adler got injured.  So a fairly decimated German team, forced to play some very young and inexperienced players, comes out and thrashed a very poor Australian side to become the measuring stick of the first round of games.  The Aussies resorted to kicking the Germans and attempting some feeble shots.  But the Germans were always in control.  Cahill’s red (harsh perhaps, but understandable) just made sure that there was no comeback by the Aussies (not that one was coming) .  Germany kept pressing forward and were rewarded by two more goals by Muller and the sub Cacau.  Interestingly, the Germans squad reflects modern day, multi-cultural Germany.  8 of the 23 players Low called up could have played for different countries, but chose Germany instead.  One even has a brother playing for Ghana.

Group E

Netherlands 2-0 Denmark

Monday started of with one of the most anticipated matches of the first round.  The always exciting Holland faced off against the pretty decent Danes.  Surely this was going to be the best match of the round.  it wasn’t.  Denmark set up brilliantly in defence.  Holland was off balance as van der vaart who was supposed to be the Left Attacking Midfielder constantly strayed into the middle clogged up play and generally got in others way.  Holland enjoyed more possession but failed in front of goal in the first half.  Denmark defended stoutly and even made efforts to counter creating a few chances themselves.  But it was still 0-0 at the half.  At the start of the second things happened quickly.  Right off the kick off Holland found themselves with the ball on the end line, van Persie crossed into the six yard box only to see the badly positioned Simon Poullsen head the ball off Daniel Agger’s back and into the net for an unfortunate own goal.  It was quite comical with even Simon laughing in resignation.  The Dutch pressed on without much effect.  The introduction of the youngster Ellia for the terrible van der Vaart injected pace and creativity into the game.  ill then we were forced to watch slow passing slowly developing attack that came into naught.  On 85 minutes the always brilliant Sneijder made a great pass to an onrushing Ellia and put him clear on goal, the clever shot careened off the post but the always hard working Dirk Kuyt was quicker to the rebound ahead of the ball watching Kjaer.  at 2-0 it was over.  Some questions were asked of the Dutch, but the other side is that they finally won while playing badly.

Japan 1-0 Cameroon

A forgettable affair.  Japan was the better team and fairly won against the defensively set up Cameroon.  Even Samuel Eto’o, the star of the team was played out wide.  Leaving him out of position and isolated.  Japan finally won a game on foreign soil in the WC.  A lovely cross from the right wing ended up at Honda’s feet.  After a good first touch he put in a shot from up close.  Cameroon managed to his the crossbar once, but there was not much more to the game.

Group F

Italy 1-1 Paraguay

Monday’s last game saw Group F kick off as the World Champions Italy begun to defend their title against the South American side Paraguay.  Its Italy, group stages, so their performance was predictably unimpressive.  They controlled possession and enjoyed a territorial advantage but it all went wrong for them after 38 minutes.  A dubious free kick was awarded to Paraguay, it was floated into the box and Alcaraz got his head onto it giving Buffon no chance.  The culprits who allowed Alcares get to the ball were de Rossi and especially Italy’s 36 year old Captain Cannavaro.  It went from bad to worse for Italy as Buffon the great Italian keeper got injured and had to be subbed out.  Word is its unlikely he’ll be back.  Italy kept pressing, but were unable to create many chances.  Finally a breakthrough came off a corner in the 63rd.  Villar, the mostly solid Paraguayan keeper, swung his fist at and missed the ball.  It went to de Rossi who made it 1-1.  Both teams had chances to go ahead, but could not finish and it ended 1-1.

New Zealand 1-1 Slovakia

Yes, you read it right.  The All Whites (as opposed to the All Blacks of New Zealand Rugby) drew 1-1 against a decent European side.  To be fair Slovakia are a bit of a hit and miss.  They won their qualifying group, losing only to Slovenia twice, but at times they were quite lucky.  Other times however they played very good football beating Poland twice and their rivals the Czechs.  But still, even on a bad day they should be able to beat New Zealand.  But they could not put the game away, scoring only once, and from and offside position (bad positioning by the linesman).  New Zealand defended bravely and attempted to attack.  The breakthrough came at 94 minutes.  A floated cross saw Winston Reid beat the defenders and Jan Mucha for a historic goal and result for the Kiwis.  Their first WC goal and their first point.  Well done them.  Something of historical note happened in this match.  Young Vladimir Weiss is the 3rd of the Weiss family to play in a WC game.  His father (current manager of Slovakia)and grandfather both played for Czechoslovakia in previous WCs.

Group G

Ivory Coast 0-0 Portugal

The Group of Death.  3 highly rated teams, and North Korea.  One of Brazil, Ivory Coast or Portugal wont make it out of the group.  After seeing the Ivorians play Portugal I wish both were knocked out.  An awful game.  Ivory Coast, the most balanced African side, is full of talented players, both in attack and defence.  Portugal has Ronaldo, Simao, Deco, Carvalho.  Unfortunately they also have Carlos Queroz as manager.  The game was shocking.  While Ivory Coast at least made feeble attempts to attack, Portugal did not even try.  One great long range shot that went off the post by Ronaldo is all we can remember from this match.  Well not all.  We can remember cynical fouls, defensive set up, and moaning from both sides.  The second half was a bit better, at least the Portuguese made an effort.  Some chances came and went, the introduction of Simao had its positive effect.  Drogba too came on for the Ivorians, had one god chance.  but it ended 0-0, with more moaning, kicking and accusations of play acting.  The final whistle could not come quickly enough.  It did, so lets forget about this misery.

Brazil 2-1 Korean DPR

Number 1, against number 102.  The famous 5 time champions Brazil against some no marks from behind what is left over from the Iron Curtain.  North Korea was in the WC only for the second time, the first was in 1966 when they were the surprise of the tournament making the quarter finals.  But not this time, Group of Death and the mighty Brazil in the first match.  Speculation was ripe, just by how many goals will Brazil win, 5, 6?  One thing everyone agreed on was that they know nothing of the North Korean team.  Well they can play.  And play quite well too.  As fit as any team, well organized, fast, decent on the counter.  Holy shit, who knew?  I can be excused, but apparently even the professionals did not bother to watch any of N. Korea’s games before the WC.  It took Brazil 55 minutes to break them down.  Maicon the brilliant RB scored almost off the end line.  A cross, a shot?  We’ll never know, but it went in.  Then Robinho put Elano in on goal with a brilliant pass, Elano made it 2-0.  But the Koreans were not done, they scored at 89 minutes.  And created some chances that could have tied the game.  Luck was not with them, so Brazil avoided embarrassment.  But they were poor.  Passing was slow, movement bad, played right into the Korean tactics.  Still, a win is a win and Brazil are in control of their destiny leading their group.

Group H

Honduras 0-1 Chile

Any one who knows anything could have predicted a win for Chile.  They play very well, good attacking football  Honduras are just happy to be there.  Still they tried.  And it made for a decent game.  The scoreline is somewhat deceptive as Chile could have and should have won more convincingly, only to be failed by their finishing.  But slick passing and good runs were the order of the day in this entertaining match.  The winning goal came in the first half and reflected Chile’s performance.  A very nice move was capped off by a lucky bounce that went into the net.  A great pass found the onrushing Sanchez, he then pulled the ball back and it hit off the defender and Chile’s Beausejour into the net.  The second half, though without goals, was more of the same, good passing coupled with poor finishing.

Spain 0-1 Switzerland

A shock to say the least.  The slick European Champions lose to the minnows from the Alps.  But was it such a shock?  The Swiss have a great defensive record, they went out on penalty the last WC, without allowing one goal in 4 matches.  Their new manager is the brilliant German, Ottmar Hitzfeld.  He knew what he had.  And set his team up perfectly.  Still its Spain, they just dismantled Poland 6-0 in their last preparation game.  But other than both having white and red kits there end similarities between the Poles and the Swiss.  Hizfeld set his team up brilliantly, the keeper played well, the defenders made timely tackles.  But it was Spain mostly responsible for their lack of goals.  The formation looked ok.  Villa leading the line with the brilliant Iniesta and Silva wide supporting him.  Xavi, Alonso and Busquets were the midfielders.  The very attacking Ramos on the right flank, Capdevilla on the other, Puol and Pique in the centre.  Cassilas the Captain, in goal.  So all good so far.  Except it was not like that at all.  Spain attacked almost exclusively from their left side.  Even Silva drifted over to the left wing more often than not.  That created a crowd, at times it looked more like a kids match where everyone is close to the ball, rather than a professional football game.  Ramos was all alone on the right screaming for the ball.  Almost none came.  After the very poor Silva was subbed out Navas did stay on his proper flank, but Spain could not break through.  It all played straight into the Swiss set up and tactics.  The first half went on basically like this.  Spain, short pas, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, Swiss clear, Spain short pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, Swiss clear.  Rinse and repeat.  Spain made over 300 passes in the first half.  It was a joke.  Absolutely no shape, no conviction.  They looked like Arsenal on a very poor day, trying to be too clever and attempting to walk the ball into the net.  Pathetic.

The Swiss meanwhile, defended with formation, not panicking, not in awe of Spain’s 3 yard passes.  They countered when they could.  And in the second half it paid off.  A long ball, a flick on, a nice pass saw Derdiyok clean on goal.  Cassilas fouled him and was clearly going to be sent off, but luckily for him in the ensuing scramble Fernandez managed to get to the ball first.  1-0 to Switzerland.  The shock was on.  Torres came on.  But he was quite rusty, unable to finish.  Switzerland almost had another, Derdiyok beat both Pique and Puyol only to see his clever shot careen off the post.  Alonso hit a rocket of a shot that hit of the bar.  And that was it.  Yes Spain had chances, forcing the Swiss keeper to make some great saves.  And the Spanish fans will claim the number of attempts, time of possession and territorial advantage.  But so what, the aim of the game is not to pass yourself dizzy, but to score goals.  In that they failed, because they were shit.  Perhaps they were to enamoured with themselves.  Perhaps they saw the Poland game as a sign of things to come.  Perhaps they wanted to win in style.  That’s nice, but win first, then worry about style.  They deserved nothing from this game.

Breaking Score

France 0-2 Mexico    Group A

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.  The French find themselves almost out of the WC just after two games.  They will need to beat SA handily and hope that there is no draw in the other game.  And that is because they got beat by Mexico by the score of 2-0.  Another bad performance by the French.  And this time they may not get away with having a shitty group campaign.  Mexico executed their plan brilliantly.  Domenech made a change, but not in tactics, he just threw in Malouda and that was that.  Anelka was poor.  Govou was Govou, and Ribery is no Zidane.  The French got caught trying a poorly executed offside trap.  That left the substitute youngster Hernande all alone against Lloris.  He went around him and put the ball into the open net.  Blanco, another sub, converted a penalty to dash all hoped of a comeback.  This time Abidal was the culprit.  The penalty was sold by the Mexican player who went down easily, making sure of tripping himself over the sliding Aidal, but still, there is no excuse for diving in on that play.  There was hardly any danger and he was late.  Hopefully we’ll see the French out of the WC early next week and Domenech will leave in infamy.  Its no more than the French FA deserve by keeping this clown on.


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