The English National Football Team Needs A Revolution- Post World Cup Changes

Thank You and goodbye

The English national team needs a revolution.  No matter what happens next week or the week after, even if England win the WC (not likely).
There was all this talk about the Italians being very long in the tooth.  But England, in average age, rival and out do the Italians.

Euro 2012 is 2 years away.  Lampard will be 34 and past it.  Gerrard technically young enough, will be 32.  Rio Ferdinand will be 33.  Technically he’s also still young enough, especially since he’s a defender, but his injuries should make him concentrate on United only.  Then there is the lovable David Beckham.  He’s 35 ffs.  He’s still talking about coming back into the fold of the NT after he gets fit.  Are you fucking kidding me?  Have a friendly to say goodbye to him and tell him to fuck off and stay the fuck in Hollywood.  James will be done, Joe Hart should get the number 1 shirt and the manager, whoever it is, should stick with him.  King is 29 still, but does not have knees, tell him to piss off.  Upson too, 31 and shit tbh.  Wes Brown is 30 right now and injury prone for the last couple of seasons, he should concentrate on his club career.  Carra the scouser will be done, he just came back for the WC.

From those mentioned only Gerrard should be kept on the squad.  Yes some of them still can play, but how are younger English player going to get experience if they don’t even get call ups because Fat Fwank and Becks get in the squad.  And at least Lippi has an excuse, his geriatrics won the World Cup.  And other than that shit Cannavaro, Lippi plays a fairly young team, the old ones are on the bench for the most part.  Meanwhile the same old chokers keep putting on the England shirt while younger players watch from the bench or on tv.  And any suggestion of dropping the Holy Cows gets dismissed immediately.  Why?  What have they done for the NT to justify getting picked time and time again.  This is the same team that choked against Portugal in Germany 2006 (and no amount of winking excuses change that fact) and failed to qualify for the Euro 2008.  Yes a lot of them had a good qualifying campaign this time around (and their calls ups were justified for the most part).  But in a month a rethinking is needed.  A new generation must be brought in and bloodied.  I realize that people are afraid that the untried players might not qualify for the 2012 Euros, but its not as if the old lot covered themselves with glory 3 years ago, and they were in their prime then.  So I say fuck em.  Thank you for your service to your country, now its time to move on, its time for a change.  If not now, when?
No matter who is the manager after the WC, no matter what they do in the next few games (if they have that many), a change is needed and it must come now.  Its not just a knee jerk reaction, but England must look forward, the next tournament is two years away.  And ageing players wont win anything.
The best thing for England would be the self-retirement of the mentioned players.  Go out with dignity.  The squad would still have enough experienced players who can lead and teach the younger ones.

But if you are on the verge of despair, just think, it could be worse, you could be French.

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EDIT: I just saw this article in the Daily Mail

Sir Trevor Brooking: I fear for England’s next generation

By Bob Cass Last updated at 9:38 PM on 19th June 2010

Sir Trevor Brooking has warned that England’s World Cup woes are likely to go on for at least another four years.

Fabio Capello’s side may have struggled badly in South Africa but the FA’s director of football development predicts there will be worse to come at the next finals in Brazil.

‘There is an immediate void in the standard of the team,’ Brooking said. ‘World Cup 2014 will be difficult for England.

One for the future: England will hope that Aston Villa’s Nathan Delfouneso will make the sstep up to the national side

‘I don’t think there are the obvious quality ones coming through who can replicate what we have currently, unless we can fasttrack one or two of the younger ones – and that’s asking a lot.’

Seven of the current squad are aged 30 or older and nine others are over 28.

The so-called Golden Generation have yet to deliver and in addition to the quality of the players behind them being less impressive, there are problems developing them.

Club versus country disputes persist at every level and Brooking is concerned youngsters will miss vital international experience because of lucrative pre-season club tours.

‘There is an under-19 tournament in France in July,’ he said. ‘Tournament football is really important. The hosts, Holland and Austria are in our group; Italy, Spain, Portugal Croatia in another.

‘But we have three or four at clubs who want to take them on their pre-season trips.

‘Phil Jones, the Blackburn lad, is outstanding, and will be a key player if we are going to do any good. We also want Nathan Delfouneso to be released by Aston Villa.

‘We have five lads we might have issues with. All the other federations have a blanket rule where they can take a player at any point.’

England’s Under-17 group won the European Championship in May but Brooking adds: ‘Where are they going to play their first-team football in the next few years?’

‘If they go on loan in the Championship, it has to be the right club, and we want them to play in a consistent way.’

Really?  Will it be that difficult to emulate a QF crush out after an uninspiring campaign like in 2006?  How can they do worse than the Golden generation players who failed to qualify for the Euros 2008?
The Golden Generation was golden in name only, they won nothing and embarrassed the country.  The new lads may not be “superstars” but achieving what Beckham, Lampard, Gerrad and Co. achieved wont be all that hard.  Pathetic by Brooking who must have a very selective memory.

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