USA Win Their Group in a Dramatic Finish- World Cup 2010 South Africa

Celebration after Donovan makes it US 1-0 Algeria

Well this has not happened before.  The United States National Team won their Group to advance to the Round of 16 at the World Cup.  Unreal.  It was a dramatic ending to a very dramatic match.  Once again US came close to giving up an early goal.  Jay Demerit failed to clear a long ball and it went to an Algerian forward who hit the crossbar.

But from then on the Yanks were the dominant team.  Algeria, despite needing a result themselves, was content to sit back and try to hit US on the break.  Joy turned into despair for America, yet another scored goal was whistled back.  This time for offside, though Dempsey looked level with the play.  More chances came, more close calls, but it ended with 0-0 at the half.  And all this while we heard that England scored.  That meant the US needed to win to progress.

Gomez was taken of at halftime.  Failhaber came in.  The US kept creating more chances,  yet nothing went in.  Dempsey came close once again but the shot went of the post.  More misery and heart attacks for the US supporters.  As time kept ticking away mercilessly I started to despair.  We just couldn’t score, no breaks came our way, the ball did not bounce for us.  It was a repeat of the first half.  Headers, open net shots, nothing.  We had a perfect shout for a penalty (and a red for Algeria) when Dempsey was elbowed in the box.  But the refs did not see it.

As 90 minutes came to a close hearts were racing.  The US, to their credit, kept composure, always believing their would get one more chance.  And that chance came after 91 minutes were played.  Howard threw far to his right, Donovan got the ball, run with it a few yards, passed it forward to Altidore, he crossed and from up close Dempsey shot right at the keeper.  The shot was saved, not again!!!  But the keeper spilled it, Donovan thankfully was following the play and put it in.  it was amazing, even Ian Darke, an English commentator went mad for us.  Great stuff.

Donovan. American Hero

Oh the madness!!!  Football (soccer) can be such a cruel game.  But the joy it brings us is incomparable.  Just Amazing!!!  My heart is still racing.  We kept a clean sheet, and won the game in the most dramatic fashion.  We are still in it.  Saturday at 2:30 PM EST the US will attempt to progress to the quarter-finals of the World Cup.  Lets cheers on our boys, they deserve our support.


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  1. Was a fantastic game. As much as anything else, I am ecstatic that the Americans have been involved in several of the best games of the tournament so far. Great advertisement for how great football can be!

  2. Perhaps too much excitement for me Matt. My god, so much emotion spent in just 90 minutes. But if the next game ends in a similar result, I’ll take it 🙂

  3. Yeah definitely need a break. My heart can’t take much more!

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