9-11 Attacks, Memorial and the New Tower

How New York looked and how it should look.

I’m a New Yorker.  And as a New Yorker let me tell you nothing hurt as much as losing the Twin Towers during the 9-11 attacks 9 years ago.  As a human being the lives lost were of course much bigger.  And today of all days I should be writing about the attacks and how I was affected by them and the lives lost and how the nation coped with the shock.  But aside from my insignificant personal experience which interests no one, what could I write that others have not written much better than me?  There are and will be much better posts written on the attacks and the commemorations.  I on the other hand want to write about the future of Ground Zero.  And the future is mighty bleak.  The present I should say, the future will be a matter of opinion.

The Memorial

Future memorial

The Memorial itself is not without controversy.  But that’s not the controversy I want to talk about.  The way its made and will look is up to personal taste.  The same can be said of what it will include and exclude.   It will open next September 11.  Ten years after the attacks.  Yes, 10 fucking years!  And it gets better, most of the other towers that we destroyed in 2001 will not be finished till 2013 or 2014 including the newly renamed One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower).  And I find this pathetic.  We are the richest nation in the world.  Its richest city is New York, yet it takes us 10 years to build a museum?  A dozen years to build a few buildings?  Seriously?  How pathetic.

All these years the politicians come out and say how resilient we are, how strong we are as a people, how great we are.  Yet 9 years after the attacks nothing stands.  Its not a hole in the ground anymore as construction has finally begun, but seriously.  In Dubai the Arabs were able to break ground and finish a 165 story tower (and its simply stunning) in under 6 years.  That’s right, they started in 2004 and its open already.  Yet we can not finish a museum, let alone some buildings.  Certainly make one proud to be an American.

Just compare the two.  One looks like a fucking ice pick.  The lower floors look like a bunker.  No style or grace.  Just something thrown up.  The design itself is unimaginative.  Its been done before.  Its not particularly pretty.  And the hexagonal walls will be lost in the sky line.  The Arabs on the other hand built a gorgeous building far taller than anything else standing.  And for much less.  Go figure.  Yet the politicians who tell us what a great country we are did not stop the bullshit that went on for years.  They were a part of it in fact.  For two years, two years after the corner stone was put in, construction of the tower was stopped because of politics.  Ansolutely pathetic.

I loved the old World Trade Center.  The Twin Towers were magnificent.  They were able to replace the Empire State Building as the signature of New York City.  Will this?  Hardly.  Just another tall building, nothing more.  And it can’t even be finished on time.   Pataki (former NY governor) and his cronies will give us a heartless tall bunker.  Yet apparently we are not afraid.  No, we’re not.  We’re fucking paranoid.  When that idiot Trump, along with many others, suggested we put up two towers similar to the destroyed Twin Towers, but even taller, as a fuck you to the terrorists, he was laughed at.  Now as I mentioned he’s an idiot, I can’t stand him.  But he was right.  World trade Center is not just office space.  Its a symbol.  And what better symbol than to build two towers, even taller than the ones that were destroyed.  But no, instead we get this heartless shit because we are afraid.

And its nothing but fear.  And guess what.  Despite the rhetoric, its how the terrorists win.  Their aim, as their name would suggest, is to spread terror into a society.  The politicians told us we do not fear them.  But really now.  We are scared shitless.  No, I am not proposing going back to pre 9/11 ways.  But come on.  All this controversy, all this politicking, meanwhile we hear slogans about us being the greatest and not afraid.  Anything near Ground Zero is now apparently holy ground.  If the Europeans thought like this they would have to move whole cities seeing as many were almost completely destroyed.  Yet Warsaw, London, Berlin, Leningrad, Rotterdam and many others were simply rebuild.  And that did not stop the Europeans from commemorating and remembering their dead.  Even in America the pentagon was not abandoned  but rebuilt.  But in NYC no.   Aesthetically speaking many of the other new towers will be quite nice, but Lower Manhattan wont have the same feel and look as it did prior to 2001.  Post 9-11 New York is and will be a much different place.  And that is yet another tragedy.

I was a proud new Yorker.  Proud how we coped, and how we dealt with the attacks.  But not long after something happened.  And now we are no longer proud.  We are simply afraid, despite the slogans and speeches.  And we forget what it is to be Americans and New Yorkers.  No Americans should be scared of some fanatical bastards.  No proper New Yorkers would protest a cultural center and a Mosque, yet they do because they became paranoid.  And the New World Trade Center is a reflection of that paranoia.  We suffered one major attack in the last decade, yet we are more paranoid than the Brits, Germans, Russians or Poles who were being killed on a daily basis.  Yet we hear talk of resilience.  Well where is it?  When do we stand up and say in a proper New York way “Go fuck yourselves you fanatical bastards, you don’t scare us!”

The politicians and pundits keep telling us that by doing this or that the terrorists win.  Well no one ever said anything about fear.  The terrorist’s aim is to scare us enough.  To scare us enough so we’ll give up our ways.  They hate us for what we are, what we were actually.  And the most inclusive of cities in America runs around scared protesting a place of worship.  The most resilient of  American cities, one known worldwide for its skyscrapers is too afraid to build proper tall towers.  Greatest country in the world.  Greatest city in the world.  Are we really?


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  1. […] followers.  And why?  Because 19 lunatics attacked us in September 11, 2001 and destroyed the World Trade Center in the name of their […]

  2. I like American life style and its democracy …god pleased you all

  3. Democracy is great, as is American lifestyle, though that might be a matter of personal preference, but not really the point of my post.

  4. I am somewhat disappointed with this whole 9-11 memorial thing. Yes, it helps those who lost friends/family, but it does not address the problem, which I guess will happen again.
    Dr. Edward Teller, et. al, didn’t invent a device to take hydrogen and turn it into helium (with a huge amount of energy released) not because he thought it was fun; he did it for a reason, and that was to keep the USA safe.
    I am disappointed that the USA did not respond swiftly and with full force, against Afghanistan (and while they are at it, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan).
    As Rudy Guiliani stated “Hope is not a strategy”

    • You’re disappointed we did not invade more countries? We can’t win the wars we’re in now, how would we win more wars? And invade Pakistan? The one with nuclear weapons? Surely you’re joking.

  5. Well about the “pathetic tower building”: Towers do not build themselves, it takes time and effort. The monument is so important to american history that all who are available are being thrown in to build it. I’m not sure of the name, but check out a show that was recently aired on Discovery that covers everything on the building. Things change, and we have to be ready to accept them. The fact that you dwell on everything not being perfect is bothering. However I agree with you on your last words, we are NOT a great country and I believe a lot of people know that. But we have a great hospitality and giving about us that makes up for the bad. I may have missed the whole point of your entry, but well, I believe these things needed to be said. God bless America, for what it was before, and what it is now.

    • Time and effort? The “Freedom Tower” was held up for two years because of politics. Its not about perfection, but we could have built something truly remarkable, this will be poor. We are freaked out because someone dared to attack us. So instead, like a great nation would, rebuilding something great, we are doing a glass and concrete bunker because we are scared. And we are celebrating that fear. Its sad imo.

      BTW, about our great hospitality. All peoples have great hospitality. Its not an American thing. We are still a good people, however as a nation we are no longer great as you would agree. We need to achieve great things, and unite to become great once again instead we live of past greatness while thinking we are that nation still. Its very delusional. On top of that we are as divided as we have ever been by letting idiots speak for us, and by electing idiots to seats of power.

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