Well, Hello There

A little about what I want to do on here.

This blog will be about anything really.  I have varied interests, mainly history, politics, music, art, football(soccer), other sports, or just life in general.  Whatever inspires me, or really pisses me off (which is more likely), I will try to share my thought on here.  I try to avoid what I see as frivolous things.  Mainly because they are a waste of time and not worth getting excited about, so no updates on some celebrity death and how I felt about it.

To be continued….

Published on September 14, 2009 at 9:19 pm  Comments (4)  

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  1. Nice reads 🙂 very interesting , you explain things that i think and cant explain for myself

  2. wow

  3. i remember as well in our country leader came to conference to the north side of our country where the place we worked there and this morning all of the officer prepared for meeting to meet the president .but unexpectedly that morning the weather very foggy that never happen in our country. the time was near and every body while being waiting we heard the sound like a bome , what was going on, the plane stumped the bridge and dived in to the river. no body saw and one of the fisherman saw and rushed , drove to the hospital but late the second president and political official died alot.
    so that story had happened everywhere when we didn’t know. only God knows the tragedy. so we can’t say anything in our life.
    we have to give adolecence in our pray and silence.remind us that we have to repent in our life .

    • THANK YOU. I needed to hear that.

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