The Spy Who Saved The World- The Tragedy of Colonel Kuklinski

In a chapel at Arlington Cemetery a memorial took place few years ago.  It was attended by government officials, many current and former CIA agents, a military honour guard, along with a military band.  That in itself was not unusual.  Arlington has seen many such memorials, what was unusual was the ashes of a man honoured in such way.   They were draped not in an American flag, but a Polish white and red banner with a crowned white eagle in its centre.  The officer’s cap on top of the flag was that of a Colonel of the Polish Army.  But they were there because he was a true American hero.  And that fact can not be disputed.  He received the highest CIA award, one of only 8 recipients, the first foreigner.  Many say that he helped save us from WWIII, the information he passed on helped the US win the Cold War, in fact, he saved the world from nuclear annihilation.

His name was Ryszard (Richard) Kuklinski.  He was a Colonel in the Polish People’s Army.  He was the head of the Office of Strategic Planning in the Polish General Staff.  He was a great Polish patriot.  And he was a CIA spy.  Zbigniew Brzezinski, the former national Security Adviser to President Carter called him “the first Polish officer in NATO.”  To many Poles, me included, he is a national hero.  Tomany others, sadly, he is a traitor.  It is a paradox and the Colonel’s tragedy that he is an undisputed hero to all Americans while many of his own countrymen see him as a traitor.

The Real Spy Who Came In From The Cold

The Letter That Started It All

Its a story that could well have come from a fictional spy thriller.  In 1972 the American Embassy in Bonn received a strange letter written in bad English.  Its author claimed he was an officer in an Army of a Communist “Kantry” (sic! country), and he was seeking a meeting with an officer (Lt. Col. or Col.) of the US Army (not the CIA).  The letter gave dates and times of meetings in a couple of different Western cities.  Colonel Kuklinski was actually on a official spy mission.  He was not a spy himself, but he proposed and sailing trip through Western ports during which he and his companions (most of whom were other officers) would gather information on those facilities.  He signed the letter “PV,” he later explained it stood for Polish Viking.

He was met by a CIA agent, who did not identify himself as such.  During the meeting he explained that he wanted to provide the US Army with information about Warsaw Pact plans and capabilities.  At no time during the meeting did he ask for money or any other reward.  Further meetings were planned, a system of drops was developed, and Ryszard Kuklinski became an American agent.  Soon, the CIA was deluged with detailed information about the Polish and Warsaw Pact armed forces.  According to one veteran CIA analyst, Kuklinski did not fill in the picture, he gave American THE picture.  In all he passed on over 40,000 documents in his 9 years as a spy.  In November of 1981 he and his family, wife and two sons, were smuggled out of Poland after the Polish counterintelligence received information of a spy working in high in the Polish General Staff.  He personally was not suspected.

For 9 years Kuklinski was a tragically lonely man.  No one, not even his wife, knew he was passing on information to the Americans.  I did not say working for the Americans on purpose.  Because he never really did.  He never signed an agreement, unlike most spies.  He did not take any money for his work.  His motivation was not to help America, but to help Poland with America’s assistance.  He was not approached.  It was Kuklinski himself who came to the Americans.  He asked for nothing but equipment (some was specifically invented for him, like the precursor to the Blackberry, a mobile text sending device).  When he was smuggled out of Poland he had to leave almost everything behind.  Yet he took with him a drawing of a ship titled Tempest, he gave the drawing to his handler as a sign of gratitude and friendship.  That was Colonel Ryszard Kuklinski.

A Spy is Born

Ryszard Kuklinski was born in 1930 in Warsaw.  He came from a patriotic working class family of socialist traditions.  When Ryszard was ten his father, a member of the Polish resistance in German occupied Poland, was arrested by the Gestapo.  He later died in a concentration camp.  Ryszard barely a teenager joined the Warsaw Uprising.  After the Nazis were thrown out he went back to school and joined the army.  He quickly rose through the ranks and became a trusted officer in the Polish General Staff.  The opinions of Kuklinski by his colleagues, superiors and Soviet general was very positive.  He was part of the Polish UN Mission to Vietnam during the war there.  He was one of the main planners of the Polish part in the 1968 Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia.  In December of 1970 he, along with the rest of the country, witnessed the Pomorze crackdown during which 40 workers were killed and several hundred wounded by the Polish Army.  The last two events, he said, motivated him to do what he did.  In the words of his best friend, upon learning of the Army’s actions in the December 70 crackdown, he burst into his apartment, lit a cigarette, and said ‘I can’t believe those motherfuckers did that!”  he was visibly upset and disappointed in the role of the Army which he loved.  He lost the last hopes that the Polish Army was not just a tool of the Soviets.  The work he did in the General Staff further convinced him that the Soviets intended to use Poland as nothing but a tool in the possible WWIII during which the country he loved would be annihilated.  He was a direct witness of the signing over of Polish military command to the Soviets in case of a war with the West.  The Polish generals would become simple messengers.

He now had the motive, what he needed was means.  He was a passionate, and a very knowledgeable sailor.  He build his first kayak.  He then owned a small sailboat.  But when he saw that the Polish Militia (police) had raised an old sunken small yacht, he exchanged that sailboat for it.  For three years he restored it to pristine condition.  That yacht later gave him the means.  As mentioned he proposed the sailing trip during which he contacted the Americans.  It became an annual trip till the Soviets requested that it stop a few years later, for fear that it might become an opportunity for the Western powers to recruit the sailors as agents.

Kuklinski hands documents to Soviet Marshall Kulikov

I wont try to tell the story of his life and work as a spy, that has been done extensively and far better than I could ever hope to attempt.  I will provide several links later where you can read about him if you wish.  The importance of his contribution is undisputed.  40,000 vital documents full of information about the Warsaw Pact, its plans, capabilities, and perhaps most importantly, the mood and intentions of the Warsaw Pact high command.  He regularly met with the highest ranking Polish, Soviet, and other Warsaw Pact commanders.  He gauged their mood and intentions as well as future plans.  All this he passed on to the Americans.  But that is not the main point of my story, despite its somewhat misleading title, I do not want to talk about his importance to the Cold War, and its conclusion, but about his legacy in Poland itself.

Konrad Wallenrod

(link above)

Though unlike Mickiewicz’s “Wallenrod” Kuklinski did not commit suicide, his story is not any less tragic.  For years he was in exile.  He was sentenced to death, in absentia, by the Polish Communists in 1984 for the high crimes of treason and desertion.  His rights as a citizen of Poland were revoked and his property ceased by the state.  Two years later the communists launched a propaganda campaign to discredit Colonel Kuklinski.  And the Polish Goebbels, Jerzy Urban (spokesman for the Commie govt in the 80’s), I am sorry to say, succeeded somewhat.  In the late 90’s, after he was finally exonerated, a poll was conducted in Poland.  34 % saw him as a traitor, 29 % as a hero, with the rest undecided.  And that is a very sad state of affairs.  What is sadder still is that quite a few of the members of the Polish anti-Communist movement Solidarity also see him as a traitor or at least have reservations about him.  Is it any wonder then that it took President Clinton, former National Security Adviser Brzezinski and the prospect of joining NATO to finally do right by Kuklinski in 1997?  For 8 years after communism fell he was still persona non grata in Poland.  The only thing done was to change his sentence in 1990 from death to 25 years in prison.  Lech Walesa, the leader of Solidarity, when he was president, refused to pardon him and still does not see him as a heroic figure.  His poor ass excuse was that no one can work for a foreign government and be considered a hero because that would set a precedent for future cases or even past convictions of spies.  However the exoneration and return of full citizenship and military rank clearly spoke of “conditions of higher necessity.” These “conditions” were Poland’s de facto lack of sovereignty.

And even that sent Kuklinski’s critics into a frenzy.  The said critics came not only from the Red camp of former Communist officers and officials, but also from some Solidarity circles, aforementioned Walesa included, as well as the influential Adam Michnik, a leftist intellectual (now the editor of Poland’s biggest daily paper Gazeta Wyborcza (Election Newspaper)), who was imprisoned for his anti-communist activities several times, though his opposition to Kuklinski seemed mostly to be politically motivated in relation to modern Polish politics.  Others simply just could not stomach anyone working for a foreign government at anytime under any circumstances.

So there we have it.  An officer does more to bring down the Commies than almost any individual, and opinion in Poland is divided.  Of course it is.  Poland would not be Poland if we did not argue amongst ourselves all the time over everything.  Unlike Poles who only lived in Poland I don’t have a problem with Kuklinski working for the CIA as much as some would.  I am a Pole and an American.  I love both countries almost equally.  I have lived here (the US) most of my life, close to 30 years.  So its natural that I love this country, plus I am not one who lives in the past.  But as a Pole I love Poland.  I am also a historian by education and love.  I appreciate Polish history more than most.  And as much as I do not live in the past and have accepted my new homeland as my own and love it as any properly patriotic American would, I can not forget my own roots.  Especially considering the times I have lived in and my parents and grandparents have lived in.  I do not take Polish independence for granted as perhaps many young people do these days.  But its great that they do, it means Poland is free and not under immediate threat.     

However, many a Pole can not stomach someone working for a foreign nation, even America, against Poland, even a Poland that was a vassal of the evil Soviet Empire.  These people have some reason in their beliefs, even if I disagree with them.  Colonel Kuklinski put his faith in America, he saw them as an ally.  After Yalta and many other incidents, Poles have a right to be weary of “Allies” of any kind.  Many of course dismiss Colonel Kuklinski’s motivations and great patriotism and see him as only a foreign agent.  And forget that many a great national hero served in foreign army.  The best example being the First World War during which Poles served under the order of Russia, Germany and Austro-Hungary, many a time fighting against one another.  But while they were serving their foreign masters many did so with the hope that this would help Poland regain its independence.  And it did.  So I have to disagree with them and assume that they see the world in a very simplistic way.  Their attitude also helps legitimize those who served their Soviet masters like good trained dogs.  I also assume that many feel the need to justify the PRL (Polish People’s Republic, commie Poland) because of the need to justify themselves and what they did during those times.

Colonel Kuklinski's Army id photo

The most vocal group in need of validation and justification consists of course of former officers and officials in the PRL.  They are Kuklinski’s biggest critics.  And they attacked him from all angles.  His motivation was questioned.  He was accused of doing this for money.  There were insinuations that he was in fact recruited by CIA while in Vietnam.  The CIA was said to have threatened to expose some unspecified transgressions.  He apparently was a sleeper agent for years and only activated in 1972.  Then they tried to belittle the value of information he gave the CIA.  Of course that contradicted many of their own statements as well as of those made by the Soviets themselves.  Then came the best one.  The pity angle.  Jaruzelski, the former “general” and dictator of Poland in the 80’s stated that if Kuklinski is a hero and not a traitor what does that make him and the thousands of officers and soldiers who served during the PRL.  Well I know what that makes him and those like him.  A servant dog of a foreign state that made Poland into a vassal of the USSR.  He is also a criminal who ordered the deaths and imprisonment of countless thousands of Poland’s best and brightest citizens.  Nothing less but.  And there were many like him, eager careerist servants of a foreign power who oppressed their own people.  However there were also many others who served because of honest beliefs and patriotism.  Those we have to separate from the servant dogs, even high ranking officers could be honest and patriotic and not have blood on their hands.  According to them an oath, no matter to whom it was given, is sacred.  These are the same people who ironically called Hitler’s soldiers fanatics because they were faithful to that evil bastard.  If Jaruzelski and his henchmen are right then so was the Wehrmacht, so were Hitler’s generals.  But history has proven that being a servant of evil, a mindless drone, or an eager dog like Jaruzelski is wrong.  That “I was following orders” bullshit does not fly anymore.  I understand that they do it.  They did it well too, because they have a considerable part of the Polish population believing their propaganda.  And good propaganda it was, begun in 1986 and is continued to this day.  But it does not make them any less wrong, nor any less of servants to a foreign master and true traitors of Poland and its people.  The saddest part is that Jaruzelski and his clique have convinced most of Poles (up to 60%) that the Martial law they imposed and the oppression that followed was actually for their own good.

Dec. 13, 1981, we got this instead of morning cartoons, and tanks on the streets.

Yes, the majority of Poles are convinced that the imposing of martial law, the killing of protesters, arrests of thousands, and general oppression was a lesser of two evils.  Because their “saviours” have convinced them that they saved Poland from a Soviet, or a Warsaw Pact invasion that would lead to great bloodshed.  Well, I call bullshit.  The Soviets, evidence in declassified documents supports this, were not going to invade.  Not after Colonel Kuklinski told the CIA they planned to.  In 1980!  Over year before the matrial law was actually imposed.  The Commie bastards, while talking and making deals with the Solidarity, were making plans to squash them.  And the Soviets wanted to help.  However once President Carter saw what Kuklinski gave the CIA, with the urging from Brzezinski, he threatened the USSR that if they do invade there will be unforeseeable consequences.  The Red Army quickly changed its mind and came to the conclusion that Poland was not worth the trouble of a possible nuclear war if things went too far.  Besides, they had a better idea.  They told the Poles to attend to their mess themselves.  Jaruzelski for his part practically begged the Soviets for help.  Even after they told him to do it with only Polish forces he asked for assistance in case things did not go as well as planned.  He was told no again, the Poles were ordered to do it themselves.  He wanted to resign, to his credit, but after being told to man up and do their bidding, being the coward that he is, he obliged and one cold Sunday morning I saw his face instead of cartoons.

So do excuse me if I do not believe that the man who presided over the politically motivated, anti-Semitic “cleansing” of the Army, who eagerly ordered troops into Czechoslovakia, and who ordered the Polish troops to shoot protesting Polish workers in 1970, and who allegedly was also a confidential agent of the Polish SB (our version of the KGB), is a saviour of Poland.  And that only he prevented a great tragedy in 1981.  No one supports his bullshit claim.  The problem with Poles in this case is twofold.  They respect anyone in uniform too much.  Poles really do revere their soldiers.  They will make all kinds of excuses for them as long as they wear a Polish uniform.  And they are too forgiving.  Our very own Caucescu was allowed to be the first President of a free Poland and then allowed to retire with a full pension.  We actually are supposed to be thankful to him for the peaceful transition to democracy.  When they finally got around to trying the bastard he cited ill health, his trial is still ongoing.  Meanwhile last month he was invited, along with all the other former presidents of post communist Poland, by the current president for an advisory conference before the visit to Poland of Russian president Medvedev.  The excuse given was that he has great expertise concerning all things Russian.  Well of  course he should, a dog knows its master like no other, and he served his masters faithfully for many decades.  It still does not excuse president Komorowski.  Jaruzelski should be a pariah, not an elder statesman invited to presidential conferences.  Its pathetic and wrong!

But this kind of opposition to Kuklinski being proclaimed a national hero is understandable really, and expected.  He left them, he betrayed them and their masters.  What is not expected is that Walesa and some from the Solidarity oppose him and even call Kuklinski a traitor.  But here too we can see their intentions.  Walesa and the Solidarity see themselves as the only rightful, aside from maybe the Pope John Paul II, saviours of Poland.  And if Kuklinski is given the credit he deserves they fear that history will judge them differently.  Basic jealousy.  Understandable, even if wrong.  There is enough room for credit to all.  The fall of Communism in Poland and the end of the Cold War had many heroes and adding one very important one to the pantheon wont diminish the contributions and sacrifices of others.  Others still are bitter that neither Kuklinski nor the USA, while possessing the knowledge of the impending Martial Law warned them about it.  He was after all not in danger anymore.  What was the motivation?  Well I can’t speak for the Reagan administration.  But Kuklinski claimed that if the Solidarity was warned the plans might have been changed and it could have led to more bloodshed.  The Solidarity was under constant surveillance and was infiltrated by SB agents even at its highest echelons.  Any attempt of organized resistance would have been met with force.  The Poles who so revere their soldiers conveniently forget how willingly the army participated in the 1970 crackdown and during the Martial law itself.  Any proper resistance was impossible.  Perhaps some Solidarity members could have avoided arrest, but at what price?  Unfortunately, they do not ask themselves that question.

So there you have it.  Revered and reviled, accused of everything possible.  Such was the life and tragedy of Colonel Kuklinski.  And the tragedy extended to his family.  For years they lived in hiding, under assumed names.  They were forced to move frequently, they were not able to participate in Polish-American life openly.  They lived in fear.  Such was his reward for helping to stop a nuclear holocaust.  In 1994, within the space of 6 months he lost both of his sons.  One disappeared with a friend of the Florida Keys while diving, their boat was found several days later, their bodies never recovered.  The other was killed when hit by a car.  The driver fled, leaving no fingerprints in the car!!!!  There are unsubstantiated claims that this was revenge by the commies for what he did.  There is no evidence of that however.  But while I am not a believer in conspiracy theories, its very hard for me to believe there were just mere accidents, plus it would not be the first time the commies took revenge on someone.

Perhaps I exaggerated in the title.  No one man could stop WWIII, but he did more than most.  After he saw that the Soviet plans basically assumed that Poland, as a vital communication line, would be nuked back to the stone age in an event of a war with the West, he did everything possible to prevent that.  It must be remembered that this was the time of the Vietnam war.  The US Army was in crisis in the early 70’s.  Its eyes not properly focused on Europe and the Soviet threat.  The US needed to match the Soviets on the ground.  And they did, from the late 70’s onward the US begun an arms race that the Soviets could not hope to match.  It finally broke them.  The Soviets deny that those plans were for an offensive war.  However all of their equipment and doctrine suggests nothing else.  And one Soviet general smugly claimed that the French Western Atlantic coast was not very far from them.

In the end Colonel Kuklinski won.  He got his honour and rank back.  He was able to go back to Poland for a tour of sorts.  He was honoured by several Polish cities which gave him honourary citizenship.  His ashes, were returned to Poland and he was buried in the Powazki Cemetery (our Arlington) with full military honours.  But while he is a hero of the Cold War and a hero in America, his status still is debated in the country he did all this for.  But we should take heart in the fact that when asked if he would do it again, he said he would, and this time he would work even harder.  In order to save his country he had to betray it and the uniform he loved.  That is not an easy choice to make for anyone.  Especially a person of integrity and honour that the Colonel was. For that I thank you Colonel Kuklinski.  And to me at least you are a true national hero of Poland.

The links I promised for those who want more:

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Warsaw Uprising Remembered- Was It Worth It?

Necropolis- Death of A City

Warsaw After the Uprising

And so we come upon yet another sad anniversary in the history of Poland.  In a couple of days Poland will commemorate the 66th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising.  A sad chapter in Poland’s recent history.  Well most were sad chapters in the past 200+ years, but this one stands out above most.  A whole city was destroyed, hundreds of thousands people were killed.  The lives lost were especially tragic too.  Warsaw’s best and brightest went to the barricades and perished under the rubble and the hail of bullets.  Civilian casualties numbered around 200,000.  That is on top of the military casualties of 20,000+ killed and wounded and the loss of hundreds of thousands of Warsaw Jews (and those from near Warsaw who were forced into the Ghetto).  By the time the Germans were done with the city there was hardly a building standing, hardly a live person left.

In 1939 Warsaw’s population was over 1.3 million.  Several thousand lost their lives during the September Campaign and during 5 years of brutal Nazi occupation.  Germans then collected many Jews from around Warsaw and crammed them into an already overcrowded Ghetto.  Most of those were murdered, whether in the gas chambers or through disease that came from starvation and overcrowding.  But it was murder all the same.  Still, on August 1, 1944 Warsaw had about 1 million people.  When the Soviets finally decided to “liberate” the city in January of 1945 there was hardly anyone left.  Most of the population was buried under the ruins or were forcibly driven out.

Girl praying at a makeshift grave next to a bloc of flats in one of many makeshift cementaries during the Rising.

And what ruins they were.  By this time 85% of the city was rubble.  Systematically destroyed by Hitler’s order.  Poland’s capitol, one of the biggest cities in the middle of Europe, simply ceased to exist.  The death was not instantaneous.  Warsaw was dying for well over 5 years.  A good part of the city was destroyed when Warsaw defended itself from the initial Nazi onslaught in 1939.  The Germans bombed the city indiscriminately right from the beginning of the war.  When they approached Warsaw with their armies the aerial bombing was combined with artillery fire.  On Hitler’s orders nothing was rebuilt, except for what Poles did themselves in order to live.

Then came the Ghetto.  Several buildings were destroyed when the Germans isolated the Jewish population from the rest of the city.  A wall was erected surrounding the Jews from the rest.  In 1943 came the first Warsaw Uprising.  Some 60,000 Jews were left in the Ghetto by then, from what was over half a million at the peak of overcrowding.  Almost half a million perished in Treblinka or died inside the Ghetto.  Hitler ordered the final clean up of the Ghetto, except this time the Jews fought back.  Numbering around a thousand, the Jewish fighters said no more.  They were not going to go to their deaths peacefully.  They wished to die on their own terms.  They wanted to show an uncaring world that they are human and they will not go quietly into the night.  And fight they did.  With hardly any weapons, they used what they had heroically.  The brilliant and tragic fight of the Warsaw Jews infuriated Hitler.  Once the Ghetto was cleared it was turned into rubble.

Remains of the Ghetto

During the Warsaw Uprising itself a further 25% of the city was destroyed.  The Germans once again indiscriminately bombed the city.  They even used their famed, but by then outdated Stuka dive bombers due to the Poles not having any anti aircraft weapons, and the Soviets were hardly going to send fighters to protect Warsaw.  Hospitals and churches were even targeted by the Luftwaffe.  Heavy artillery weapons were employed.

In October of 1944 when the Rising ended the Germans, after they stole what they could, systematically turned what was left of Warsaw into rubble.  More than 35% of what was left of the Polish capitol was destroyed.  85% of the whole city.  A lot of what stood was on the right bank of the Vistula River which the Red Army occupied since September of 1944.  Warsaw was no more.  Hitler achieved his dream.  The destruction was so bad that there was a debate about rebuilding Warsaw at all and about moving the capitol elsewhere.  To their credit, the Soviet run Polish Commies decided to rebuild Warsaw.  But they being red bastards could not do even that the right way.  In a hurry, and for the glory of Communist Poland the commies rebuild Warsaw at the expense of other Polish cities.  No, not by not rebuilding them.  But by actually taking apart perfectly good, centuries old buildings.  The shortage of materials “forced” the commies to demolish many a historical and beautiful Old Town.  Mainly these were “materials”  taken from ex-German cities (but belonging to Poland now, though they were underpopulated at the time).  But the short sighted attitude of the new communist regime was shocking.  Stalin’s motto about breaking eggs to make omelets was never so true.

Tempest and Battle for History

Polish Held Warsaw During the Rising, August 4, 1944

The Warsaw Uprising did not come out of nowhere.  It was part of a bigger battle.  Operation Tempest (Burza) was an Armia Krajowa (AK, Home Army) nationwide operation that aimed to disrupt German defences in Polish territory when the Red Army approached.  From the moment the Red Army entered the pre-war 1939 borders of Poland the AK fought behind the lines, or in cooperation with the Red Army itself to make the Red Army’s job easier.  This came on top of the Soviet partisan operations and those of the Soviet controlled Polish Armia Ludowa (AL, People’s Army, formerly Gwardia Ludowa, People’s Guards, though their numbers in the grand scheme of things were insignificant).   Almost all of the forces who were not controlled by Moscow fought under orders of AK.  From some very right wing small organizations to left wing ones like Bataliony Chlopskie (BCh, Peasant Battalions).

Armia Krajowa resembled the government in London.  Most of the pre-war political factions united themselves under the orders of the unity govt in exile.  When the Germans occupied Poland several different resistance groups immediately came into being.  What became Armia Krajowa was the result of reorganization and consolidation of many different factions.  By 1944 only the small extreme right wing groups were not formerly incorporated under the AK, nor were the communists, but they had a different master, one in Moscow.   However to their credit, both the right and the communists did fight under the orders of AK during the Uprising.  Their numbers were insignificant, but their heroism was as great as the rest.  Several different groups and individual Polish Jews also joined the Rising.  Estimated range from 20,000 to almost 50,000 of AK fighters (estimates are wide due to the fact that some include forces in the Warsaw district and many of those only participated in the fighting in Warsaw itself for a very short time before withdrawing to the surrounding forests, or not at all).  With up to 4,000 that came from other groups.

By the time of the Warsaw Uprising “Tempest” was in full force.  The Polish partisans liberated several cities and towns by themselves even before the Red Army arrived in what was Eastern Poland before the war.  On many occasions the cooperation between the AK and the Red Army was quite satisfactory.  However behind the Red Army the NKVD (internal police forces, later known as the KGB) units followed, whole divisions of them.  Most of the AK formations were disarmed, their soldiers were forcibly incorporated into the Communist led Polish People’s Army which fought alongside the Red Army on the Easter Front.  Most officers and many AK  soldiers were imprisoned by the NKVD.  Sent to Soviet gulags, shot, or kept in prison on trumped up charges, or without being charged at all.  Reports of these incidents reached Warsaw by the time of the Rising.  With time as the knowledge spread, Polish partisans were more reluctant to fight alongside the Soviets or to even make themselves known.

The Decision

Barricade in Warsaw

Still the government in exile (without consulting the CiC of Polish Forces General Sosnkowski) gave General Komorowski “Bor” permission to make the decision in country along with the government’s civilian representative.  By late July the Germans were reeling.  Just days before an attempt was made on Hitler’s life by his own soldiers.  The Wehrmacht was retreating on all fronts and the Red Army was approaching the Vistula Line and Warsaw itself.  Time was up.  It was now or never.  A decision had to be made.  Warsaw’s numerous fighters were eager to free their own city.  Soviet controlled Polish Radio, on Stalin’s orders, called on all Poles to rise up and fight the Nazi menace.  And so, on the last day of July of 1944 General Komorowski made his decision.  W Hour was to come the next day 17:00.

The hour of the start of the Rising is peculiar.  5 PM in August in Poland is not the ideal time to begin military operations.  It would be light for several more hours.  And while night would hinder coordination of the Rising, the defenders would have problems seeing the attackers.  But Warsaw was under martial law.  No one was allowed to be on the streets at night without special permission, so thousands of mostly young men gathering in certain areas would get attention in late evening.  The afternoon “rush hour” gave them a decent cover.  In any case the secret was out soon and the Germans were quite prepared for something, though the scale of the Rising did surprise them.

Even before the fighting was over the Armia Krajowa command was criticised for giving the order to fight.  Accusations flew from left and right.  A dangerous adventure, criminal action, reckless, responsible for the destruction of Warsaw and hundreds of thousands dead, were just a few of the descriptions.  The people who encouraged Warsaw to rise up immediately accused the AK command claiming that the Rising was aimed against the Soviet Union as much as it was against Germany.  By the middle of August Stalin was calling the fighters a “gang of criminals.”

The Rising turned out to be a tragic event.  A city was destroyed, over 200,000 dead, unspeakable suffering, the Home Army as a fighting force pretty much ceased to exist.  Questions come up to this day.  Due to not being able to have an open nationwide debate about this till 1989 Poland is still dealing with the issue of the Rising.  For 45 years lies and accusations were spread by the official Communist “historians.”  Armia Krajowa was accused of being fascist, of cooperating with the Nazis, the importance AK and its  actions were minimized, instead all glory went to the tiny in comparison, band of Communists who called themselves Armia Ludowa.  At first the Communists accused the AK of not being aggressive enough in their struggle against the Germans.  Then they were called reckless.  The Communists of course were just heroic.  Armia Krajowa had a policy to not engage the Germans if it meant that the general population would suffer disproportionately, after all, they were fighting to free those people from Nazi oppression, there was no point to this whole exercise if no one was left to enjoy the hard won freedom.  The AL had no such problems.  Their struggle was for world revolution and their efforts were aimed at helping the Red Army in their fight against the Nazis.  Chaos behind the German lines accomplished that, by any means.  If any civilians suffered, so much the better, an angry population is likely to turn against the occupiers.

Till communism fell in Poland there were no monuments commemorating the AK.  But several were erected to remember the struggle and sacrifices of the communists.  For the communists it was best when the AK was totally ignored, when they could not ignore it they made sure to paint the AK command and officers as reactionary at best, fascist and Nazi sympathizers who were more obsessed in trying to destroy the Polish communists than fighting the Germans at worst.  Home Army soldiers were murdered, imprisoned, branded as traitors by the communists after the war.  The fight by the remnants of the AK and others against the communist regime after the war ended just gave them ammunition.  Any trouble was blamed on the reactionary fascists whether they had anything to do with it or not.  In a short time the Home Army went from being the biggest anti Nazi organization to Nazi sympathisers and the West lapped it up as it gave them an excuse to do nothing about Poland’s new occupation.  Slowly the Home Army and the Polish struggle is getting its deserved recognition.  But still a debate goes on.

Life Among Chaos. A Wedding Takes Place During the Rising

Edit:  Brilliant.  I was just watching a Polish newsreel from 1990.  And unbelievably saw a video from the wedding pictured above, followed by an elderly couple reminiscing about their wedding.  Both survived.  His Uniform was borrowed, as was her blouse, the flowers they found in some vase.  The doctor who saved his arm wanted to lend them his and his wife’s wedding rings, but they declined.  Instead they used metal rings that held up some curtain on a rod.  They had them till 1990 at least.  I hope they had many happy anniversaries.

Military reasons for the rising seem simple enough.  The aim was to wrest control of Warsaw and the bridges on the Vistula to give the Red Army an easy way to cross the river and establish themselves on the left bank.  While a major city is not an ideal springboard for further offensive the Warsaw bridgehead could have been easily defended and would draw German forces from other areas of the front to defend against further Soviet advance.  With the help of the AK and with the full support of the civilian population the Red Army’s job would have been made easier if they had pressed on into Warsaw.  They didn’t of course.

Political reasons seem not so simple.  After the disarming and arrest of several AK units earlier in Eastern Poland the Poles did not trust the Soviets very much.  There was also the inclination to show that the London supporting AK was a force to be reckoned with.  As the representatives of the legal government the Poles wanted to welcome the Soviets into a free Warsaw as hosts.  This is especially important in light of the 22 July announcement of the formation of PKWN in Lublin (Polish Committee of national Liberation).  A group of nobodies who were formed to govern post-war Poland, and who took their orders from Moscow.  They were the red alternative to the Polish government in London.  The fighting went on for 63 days, but the Uprising was meant to last no more than a couple of weeks.  Neither the AK nor the people of Warsaw were prepared for such long and ferocious fighting.  So.  Was it worth it?

In hindsight we can judge them quite harshly.  The Warsaw Uprising was a military disaster.  It achieved none of its objectives.  It led to the complete destruction of the city and countless deaths.  But to judge the Rising in such a way does not give the fighters, and the people responsible for it justice.  We can of course separate the fighting man from the decision maker and put all blame on the latter while honouring the former.  And that is the tactic of the leftist debaters who still believe that it was at best reckless, at worst, criminal.  But as I mentioned, the fighters themselves wanted to fight, they have been preparing for this for almost 5 years.  If they did not fight then what was the point?  They of course would be called cowards and Nazi sympathizers by the same people who now accuse them of recklessness.  The debate, despite radical geopolitical changes, did not change much.  Damned if their did, damned if they did not.

A very young nurse of the rising.

WWSD? – What Would Stalin Do?

One hardly hears that any more.  Now religious Christians just ask themselves “what would Jesus do?”  But the communists had their own god and saviour.  And make no mistake, that is not an exaggeration.  His word was holy to them.  Everything he did and said was adhered to.  So of course the people who now so eagerly accuse the AK command forget one thing.  They forget, or make excuses for the Soviets.  Now of course revisionism is not communist invention, but they sure were good at it.  They conveniently omit the actions of the Soviet leaders and its army.  Just days before the Soviets were calling on the whole Polish nation to rise against the Germans.  When they did they got no help.  In fact Stalin did everything to make Hitler’s job easier in fighting the Warsaw Uprising.  Suddenly supplies stopped being given out to frontline units so they could not advance any more.  The scale of the fighting was diminished by Soviet propaganda.  “A Band of Criminals.”  Yes up to 50,000 criminals fighting to free their city from Nazi yoke.  Simple fact is that the destruction of the AK and its leadership saved Stalin a headache later.  Why kill them after the war when Hitler can do the job for you.

Any efforts to help the fighters in Warsaw were thwarted.  RAF and Polish (among them also brave South African pilots) supply flights were first not allowed then hindered.  Most of the casualties these brave pilots suffered were actually at the hands of the Soviets who shot them down any chance they got (by mistake of course), as the Germans had very weak air defences in the area.  The help was minimized still by Stalin’s refusal to let the flights land on Soviet air bases.  This meant lighter payloads as they journeyed from Britain and Italy.  The Americans for their part were quite willing to go along with everything Stalin did and said for fear of antagonizing him before Yalta.  When the Red Army finally did reach the Vistula at Warsaw in mid-September it hardly did a thing to help Warsaw.  A weakly supported landing of a couple of battalions of Polish People’s Army troops was not enough.  They suffered heavy casualties and their bridgehead was isolated.  Only a few returned to the right bank of the river when the fighting was ending.  General Berling, the commander of the Polish First Army was soon dismissed from his post.  He showed too much initiative in trying to help his countrymen.

The defenders of the Great Stalin will of course point out that the Red Army couldn’t help the Rising even if it wanted to.  Well that’s an admission that they did not want to help, but communists and their defenders never bothered themselves much with moral issues.  So could they have?  Of course they could.  Fact is they did not even try and they did everything possible to make sure it failed.  It is possible that even if they did try they would have failed.  But that is no excuse.  Yes the great 1944 offensive was reaching its end.  And the STAVKA (Soviet Command) was moving the point of new attack north and south of Warsaw.  But this was a local action.  The units the Germans had in the area were not first rate nor were there a lot of them.  Hitler threw 2 Panzer Corps to north and south of Warsaw to defend the Vistula line (the last natural barrier before Germany).  But they would not send their best troop into urban combat.  Stalingrad was not that long ago.  Facing the Soviets were weak Wehrmacht infantry divisions which lacked heave weapons and air support.  The units in Warsaw were having a tough time dealing with under armed partisan forces.  Properly supported a corps could have reached the banks of Vistula crushing any German resistance, while another corps could have made the crossing and taken Warsaw along with the AK.  The Soviets did not even need to lift a finger fighting on the left bank, the Poles would have gladly gone.  All they needed was supplies, and air and artillery support to cover the crossing and the fighting later.  The Germans had no reserves to speak of in the area, or anywhere for that matter.  Any forces sent to Warsaw would mean weakening an already weak line.

Did Any of Them Survive?

But the Stalin forbade it.  Instead the world watched as Warsaw died.  And with Warsaw went the AK command, its fighters and its citizens.  They faced unspeakable horror, for this was not your normal urban combat.  The brave Wehrmacht was tasked with squashing the Uprising.  And so special units were called in, under the command of SS General von dem Bach-Zalewski (one of the worst war criminals tasked with anti-partizan operations through out the war, never tried for his crimes in the East because he agreed to testify against his masters at Nuremberg).  Von dem Bach was supposed to be an expert at this.  The main force fighting the Poles became known as Kampfgruppe Reinefarth named after its commander, another war criminal who was protected by the Western Allies and never tried, he even became a small town mayor in Germany after the war and lived of his general’s pension.  A special group of fighters this was.  It included what was known as the  Dirlewanger Brigade.  A motley penal SS unit composed of criminals and deserters.  Full of rapists and murderers they distinguished themselves by looting and murdering civilians.  Von dem Bach also had the Kaminski Brigade.  A unit of Russians loyal to the Nazis.  And while they were not officially a criminal unit they gave Dirlewanger’s men a run for their money.  By August 8 they managed to massacre tens of thousands of civilians in Wola and Ochota alone (two boroughs of Warsaw).  Kaminski’s men were so bad that he was later executed by the SS.  Now of course the honourable Germans were not shocked at the murders, his crime was stealing material belonging to the Reich.  His sin was not sharing what he looted.

EDITFun Fact.  I forgot to include the post war life of Oskar Dirlewanger.  Under the authority of the French Occupation Forces, who used Polish troops for the occasion, he was captured and brought to prison where he was tortured for several days and basically beaten to death.  🙂  Now I am against revenge and even the death penalty, but this brought a smile to my face.  And a silly Wiki article on the murdering bastard call his death a “murder.”  How?  At worst it was justifiable homicide and the Polish troops certainly did much better than the Western Allies who dealt with and protected many a very guilty Nazi after the war.

Sabaton’s “Uprising” a Swedish group that sings mainly about military history.  Most of the footage in the video is from the Uprising.  “Warszawo Walcz!” means “Warsaw, Fight on!”

But Germans used anyone they could to fight the Poles.  A unit from the 5th SS Panzer Division “Wiking” was used.  Police, Wehrmacht, SS, garrison troops, anyone who could be spared was thrown into Warsaw. Tens of thousands of Nazis fought in the Uprising.  All in all the Germans lost around 17,000 in killed and missing, with a further 9,000 wounded and as high as 5,000 taken prisoner.  Of course the Germans did not take prisoners in the beginning.  Any Polish fighter captured, whether man, woman, or child was summarily executed.  After all these were just bandits and untermenschen to boot.  Only later did the Germans begin to treat the Polish fighters as POWs.

Warsaw Fights On

The Poles themselves fought first to free Warsaw and later to win honourable terms after it became apparent that the Rising was doomed and no help was coming.  Terms they did gain, but Germans being Germans stuck to them only when it was convenient for them.  As I said, the fighting was to last no more than a couple of weeks.  The fighting begun even before the official start hour as German units came across Polish fighters in their areas of concentration.  The element of surprise was gone.  Only some objectives were taken.  The Poles never did manage to consolidate their gains enough to control the whole city.  And what they did control was a patchwork of areas (as the map above shows).  The Nazis defended their lines of communication across the river to the front fiercely.  When they lost them they fought hard to gain them back.  Even though they were under constant fire for several days the Poles never did manage to cut off Warsaw from the front.  The all important bridges remained in enemy hands.  As the battle drew on the Polish forces were squeezed and surrounded.  Isolated areas held on as long and whenever they could.  When they could not they either tried to break the ring and fight through to other Polish controlled areas, or withdrew through Warsaw’s sewers.

The Warsaw sewer system was used trough out the occupation as means of escape and communication with the Ghetto.  Now it became means of communications between different districts and areas of operations.  Young runners, girls and boys, when not dodging bullets above ground, went through the sewers to bring orders and supplies whenever possible and to evacuate the wounded to safer areas.  Many a brave Pole found his death in those tunnels (those who have not seen it I would suggest watching Andrew Wajda’s “Kanal,” Canal).  Wells were improvised as water became scarce due to destruction of pipes or because the Germans turned it off.  Food shortages came.  Along with destruction Warsaw had to worry about feeding itself.

A Polish built improvised armoured vehicle used during the Rising, nicknamed Kubus (a cute name in Polish, we call Winnie the Pooh, Kubus Puchatek)

The Poles did manage to control most of Warsaw for a time.  They even captured some fighting vehicles.  A few armoured personnel carriers and even a couple of SS “Wiking” Panther tanks that they repaired and used against the Germans.  Barricades were erected.  The city became a bastion.  The civilians, though somewhat afraid, welcomed the Uprising.  Field kitchens were operated by civilians, mechanics, builders, anyone who was useful helped.  Men, women, young and old, all helped.  The whole city fought the hated Nazis.  But it was the civilians who paid the ultimate price and who suffered the most.  The official figures do not include the thousands who were sent to forced labour or death camps after the fighting ended.  The figures don’t speak of the rapes and murders.  They don’t tell anything about how these people lost everything they had.  Their homes in ruins, their possessions destroyed or looted.  Whole families uprooted.

And what of the fighters themselves?  Most were kids really.  Some as young as 12.  Child soldiers.  All volunteers.  All brave and idealistic.  Many were students completing their education in underground schools and universities as the Germans allowed only for the most basic education of Poles, nothing above a few grades.  They were poets, painters, engineers, or manual labourers, many still just students.  They were everyone.  From all walks of life.  The Polish Boy Scouts deserve a mention here.  The organization was forbidden in Poland under the German occupation.  But it did not die, it met and organized in secret.  It kept the spirit of Poland alive.  These young men and women (the girls of the Rising were as brave as any heroes of WWII) fought side by side with their elders for their city, for Poland.  The famous Battalion Zoska (a female name, pseudonym of an AK commander who was killed in action earlier ) fought gallantly in the Rising.  It was a Scout (Szare Szeregi, Grey Ranks, Underground Scout Units) unit under the AK.  They freed a concentration camp in the middle of what was left of the Warsaw Ghetto.  All able bodied freed prisoners (most of them Jews kept alive to work for the Germans, just under 400 in number) joined the battalion and fought alongside their saviours.  Or “Parasol” (Umbrella), another famed unit of the AK Scouts.  Along with many famous actions throughout the occupation “Parasol” fought on gallantly all through out the Uprising.  Among its ranks was a famous Polish poet, Krzysztof Kamil Baczynski, he was killed at his post on August 4 by a German sniper, he was just 23,  His wife, Barbara, 22, was killed less than a month later.  No happy endings here.

In memory of the youngest fighters

The fight did not end for some with the end of the Rising or even the war.  Persecuted some went underground and kept fighting the commies.  Many were persecuted even though they did not fight the communists.  By virtue of association brave heroes were imprisoned by the communists.  All the surviving members of the “Zoska” battalion were imprisoned after the war after fighting for the very freedom the commies enjoyed.  For those who survived the end did not really come till 1989.  It was only then when they could come out of the shadows and be officially remembered.  It was not till then that they could be honoured.  Most though did not live to see those days.  While their oppressors, both Nazi and Communist, were free to enjoy their pensions and peaceful life.  Unlike Hollywood films, most of Polish war films do not end on a happy note.

In the end the Rising was doomed to fail.  And fail it did.  But was it worth all the blood and ruins?  Objectively speaking no.  It was not.  Nothing is worth that much suffering.  But in that case nothing is worth fighting for, nothing is worth the sacrifice.  So we can’t be objective here.  And its not as if they had a choice.  They had to fight.  The brutal occupation had to be ended.  The sooner the better.  They had every right to expect outside help.  Especially from the east in the form of the Red Army.  It was not their fault that Stalin was willing to let his mate Hitler deal with the Poles.  Blaming the AK commanders for what was a straight forward military operation aimed at freeing the capitol of Poland, with Soviet help, is absurd.  That means those who do blame General Komorowski blame him for all the suffering and not the Germans or the Soviets.  Its not as if he could have predicted the Soviets will happily watch while Warsaw bled.  Or that the Western Allies would hardly lift a finger to help in any way.  General Komorowski and the Polish leadership are not responsible for the destruction of Warsaw.  Hitler and Stalin are.

So those willing to tarnish the memory of those brave men and women would do well to remember that.  I for one, rather remember them, their bravery and sacrifice.  As long as we remember them they have not died in vain.

Finally Remembered. Warsaw Uprising Monument

Author’s Note:  Thank you for taking the time to read this.  These brave men and women deserve to be remembered.  Feel free to post comments, especially if you have issues with this post.  But do remember it is by no means meant to be complete history of the Rising or even a partial one.  I just wanted to commemorate their sacrifice in my own way and to argue a bit with those who in my opinion tarnish their memory by placing blame where it should not go.  And sadly the debate still goes on.  Its hard to reverse over 40 years of lies and propaganda.

There are a lot of good works written about the Rising.  First and foremost a comprehensive study by Norman Davies titled: Rising ’44.  There are also several good works by Polish historian translated into English and witness accounts from those who fought in the Rising.  As well as quite a few good films and TV programs.  Not all is in English, but quite a lot is, and some of those are very good on their own, the subject matter only makes them better and more important.

For quicker sources there is a lot of stuff on the web, all you need to do is google.  Wikipedia has pretty good articles on the whole and several different aspects of the Rising.  I encourage anyone interested to look, there are fascinating stories of bravery, sacrifice, idealism and tragedy that can make anyone tear up.

Anyone visiting Warsaw please visit the new Warsaw Uprising Museum.  It had to wait till communism fell, and sadly for some years after, but finally under the mayor Lech Kaczynski (later president of Poland, he died in a plane crash this past April along with 95 others) Poland built its heroes a proper place of remembrance.

A fascinating digital reconstruction project done by the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

Thank you again.  We shall never forget.

The Great Republican Lie- Healthcare Debate, Obama, and the Left

Now I am a left leaning person, just so we’re clear.  But I consider myself politically sane.  I have values, beliefs, think one rule is better than another.  But all my beliefs come from rational thought.  In certain areas I believe the government can do good things and should be involved, but in certain things, I would like Washington to stay the fuck out.  I had many passionate political debates, but again, my views are not that passionate.

Its not relativism where I just change my point of view with the wind, but what I consider, a logical approach to each issue, and after I have learned about it I make up my mind. not before.  And I do not view changing one’s mind as a bad thing, or a lack or firm beliefs.  After all, as the Polish saying goes, only cows never change their minds.

My approach however is rare in American politics, any politics actually.  Not only are we polarized these days, we also stick to our side no matter how little sense it makes.  No matter how badly this country needs healthcare reform, neither side is willing to give an inch.  And its the same for each and every issue.  What I find strange however is the lies the right wingers in America say and believe.  And how much hypocrisy is there in American politics.  Now this of course is not new, after all hypocrisy came a minute after the first politician was born.  But this is more than that.  Its not just politicians now.  Its regular people and the pundits on tv that became huge hypocrites.  Its gotten so bad that they rival the politicians they despise.

This little rant will be about the Republicans and the right in general.  But I am sure a logical, rational, right leaning person (yes, such beings still exist, though they should be put n the protected species list) could find the same in the left.  So no, “my side” is not full of principled angels.  I do see it.  But the left is not angry right now.  Or not as angry as the right, so its not as bad, or as visible at the moment.

But why is the right so pissed off.  Short answer is they lost an election or two.  Losing power will make people do stupid things.  And I will show you a few examples of how stupid.  The main culprits, along with the idiotic politicians, are the right wing pundits on radio and television.  And of course being on tv and radio makes them opinion makers, because Americans will believe any shit that is on tv.

Take FOX News for example.  They put “fair and balanced” as their motto.  Now anyone with a half a brain knows there is nothing balanced about Fox’ news coverage, yes even its “hard news” programs, nor is the coverage fair.  Easy example.  At the time of the Pittsburgh meetings and some leftie protests there, were also a lot of Tea Party protests.  So the Fair and Balanced network shows both at the same time in two windows on the tv screen for comparison.  And the commentary:  Peaceful Tea Party protest.  And raging left wing rioters.  And of course these left lunatics are all anarchists who want every problem to be solved by the government.  What?!  An anarchist is someone who hates government, think a badly dressed Libertarian.  And they want govt to solve their problems?  It should make me laugh.  But.

Yes, but.  This was not the lunatic Glenn Beck, this was one one of Fox’ real News Shows.  Fair and Balanced?  I think not.  And they were so desperate to show how bad and violent these anarchists are, that they showed… one of the protesters walking towards and hugging a cop.  Yes, those evil huggers, jail them all.  Now I don’t like anarchists, I like order, to a degree.  But this was just a biased hack job, nothing else.

Lets take the presidency.  Before November 2008, according to the right, it was unpatriotic to criticise the president.  Especially in the time of war.  Now that’s fair enough.  Or it would be if we lived in a totalitarian state.  But it gets better.  As of 2009 if you don’t criticise the president you’re some kind of brainwashed socialist.  What gives?  Oh, right, the wrong guy won.  Otherwise, no matter what he did, we still would have to support the president cause it was patriotic.  And what’s more, George W. Bush was praised by the right for standing by what he believed and doing not what is popular but what he thought was right.  Ok, I’ll buy that, its not every day we have a principled politician not pandering to everyone.  Good on you Dubya.

Except for the little fact that Obama is now a shit president because he is trying to do what he believes in.  Everyday the right wing pundits show us polls of how Americans hate the proposed healthcare bill, and they say how, based partly on that, he should not be pushing it.  So which is it my right wing friends?  Principles or popularity?  I get that you hate the healthcare reform bill.  You have a right to, but your arguments are shit.  And you contradict yourselves.  And the biggest lie is how all this “anger” about the healthcare bill is grass roots anger and Fox only reports it.

Bullshit.  Everyday Fox tells people why this bill sucks ass.  Everyday viewers are told to call their representatives.  They are told to act.  They are made and kept angry by the same people who claim that America is angry.  Talk about your self made and self fulfilling prophecy.  Grass roots my ass.  Most of the people don’t even know what the bill does really.  They are told slogans and propaganda about socialized medicine, about govt taking over 1/6 of our economy, about the deficit, about how much it will hurt us.

Really?  More people getting health insurance is bad?  Now I don’t like the bill myself, from what I know of it, its quite flawed, it wont solve our problems.  But in the end what we have right now sucks.  So anything, even something so imperfect, would be better than this.  And most people would see it too, if for one second they stopped listening to the screaming and actually thought about it and learned about it.  Yes folks, thinking does not hurt, and thinking for yourselves is not as bad as advertised.

But no, most people do not think for themselves.  Instead they like to be told what to think.  And the right leaning of us turn on the most popular news network in America and hear about the liberal media bias.  What?!  Yes think about that for a second (again, thinking does not hurt).  Of course to Fox and its pundits anyone who does not parrot them is part of the liberal media elite, whatever the hell that means.  It seems that all the right wing opinion makers needs these days is a slogan and the sheep will buy it.

Socialised Medicine.  Liberal Media Elite.  Liberal Media Bias.  Socialist.  Communist.  Nazi.  Un-American.  Death Panels.  Kenyan.  Big Government.  Real America.  Family Values.  War on Christianity.  And many more.

They just keep throwing them out there and hope something sticks.  And of course people buy their bullshit.  Why not.  They are angry, made angry by those who throw those labels.  And they are told what they want to believe.  After all, its not their guy who is in the office.  Its not their party ruling congress.  So they willingly accept everything sold to them.  Even when those labels are contradictory.  Small details.  And the worst part is, that they say it with a straight face and people believe them.  Like sheep.  Somehow we are led to believe that the left and its politicians hate America.  Somehow the right believes it holds a patent on patriotism.  Somehow deficits are ok if the Republicans are in charge, but bad when the Democrats are.  Somehow Ronald Reagan raising taxes is ok, but Clinton reducing taxes is bad.  Somehow Ronald Reagan’s expansion of government is fine.  Yet under Obama its evil.  Somehow Bush’ screwing up two wars for years is ok.  But Obama’s every move is criticised.  One apparently loved the military, by sending it to fight and die in two wars.  The other hates it.

No proof is needed.  All one has to do is to say it on television.  And immediately millions of morons will believe that person.  How?  Why?  Why do we allow for such bullshit to exist and to flourish.  Its not that I disagree with them.  People are allowed to believe what ever the hell they want.  I have no problem with that.  Its the level of debate that pisses me off.  Its not debate really, just a slugging match.  And it does great disservice to America.  We do not need shouting.  We need a proper, civilized, exchange of ideas.  We do not have to agree on them.  But we need to learn what the other side actually thinks.  And we wont get that from Fox News.  If one is a Republican, Libertarian, Tea Party supporter, one should stay the fuck away from Fox.  Instead, you right wingers should be listening to what those on the other side have to say.  So you can learn by yourself where they stand and then you can disagree or agree with them.  By letting the likes of Beck and Hannity tell you about what the left believes you are not only getting lies, you are also lied to.  And no one wants that.  Do they?  At the same time the left should not be watching shit like MSNBC.  But watching and reading sane conservatives who will explain where they come from.

Do we really all just want people to reaffirm our beliefs and prejudices?  Do we really want people to make us angry about really trivial shit?  Do we really want shouting instead of a debate?  Are we that divided?  Can we not listen to one another?  We are all Americans.  Compromise is in our system.  But we can’t compromise if we disagree with the other side before they even propose anything.  Politics is never about all or nothing.  No law will be perfect, no reform will solve all problems.  No party knows how to “fix” America.  Both want to fix it.  Both love it.  They just disagree on methods.

Does anyone rationally believe that Obama hates America?  Or that Bush wanted to screw our country?  I disagreed with Bush’ policies a lot.  But not on everything, and never have I accused him of bad intentions.  He made mistakes to be sure, but who hasn’t.  Obama made them too.  He will make more of them before his term is up.  This is not a shock.  Or it shouldn’t be.  But the man wants to do the right thing.  As George Bush did.  Their intentions should not be questioned.  But we have come so far that we do question the intentions of our leaders.  That is not good.  How many of you know that Obama lowered taxes for most of us?  Really, he did.  How many of you knew that?  Instead you were told he is going to, or is, tax you to death.  How many of you remember that Reagan raised taxes.  And that unemployment under him was quite high, it rose in his first years.  It only started to go down late in his first term.  But apparently he was a great president, while Obama is the worst in our history after being in office for only a year because he hasn’t yet lowered unemployment.

Washington, we are told, is this evil place that wants to ruin America.  Well guess what.  Our Founding Fathers set up this system.  We love them for it.  And since they set it up it can’t be as bad as some claim.  The people in Washington are OUR representatives.  We put them there.  We elected them, many time and time again.  But somehow we are supposed to hate them?  Does no one see the contradiction there?  Government of the People.  By the People.  And For the People.  Sure they are a bunch of corrupt fuck ups.  Sure they listen to the lobbyists and not us.  But come on.  They are also Americans and we let them be this way.

Every year we moan about fat cat politicians in the pockets of lobbyists, but every year we elect the same guys.  And when we finally have enough of one party we vote for the other side.  And they make promises, and do the same things over and over again.  But its our fault, we entitle them.  We do not demand what we claim we want.  Look at banking reform.  Where is it?  The Democrats, the champions of the people, we are told, have had over a year to come up with regulation legislation so we wont have another financial meltdown.  Where is it?  Nowhere.  You know why?  Because you and I are at fault.  The banking industry is said to be spending about a million dollars on each representative to stop the reform of the financial industry.  But what are we doing.  For all the banks’ money, they do not have the votes.  We call the representatives because Fox told us we want to stop the healthcare bill, or worse, we call the to demand Obama’s birth certificate.  But we don’t call them to tell them to make sure we don’t get screwed out of our jobs, savings, pensions?  Really?

Why not?  We are in this mess because the banks were allowed to risk our money, that they did.  So millions lost jobs, life’s savings, pensions, their homes, everything.  Yet we listen to some moron tell us that the free market will solve everything for us.  Well the free market did this to us.  We helped to be fair.  We are part of the problem.  But we did nothing illegal.  The banks did.  We supposedly hate Wall Street.  But we entitle them.  After our money was used to bail them out (a necessary evil imo), we demanded nothing.  Because Hannity and company screamed socialism.  Yes, the dreaded “S” word.  Apparently the United States people and government are supposed to hand over billions upon billions of our money and hope for the best.  Because the tyrant Obama would run our auto industry, or the banks.  Ohhh, govt, meddling, bad!!  So what do we have.  A bailout, banks doing the same fucking thing again, and giving themselves huge bonuses for ruining our economy.  But as long as the government does not interfere its ok.

So according to the populist right wing morons you are supposed to hate the government meddling.  But they supported the bailout.  I don’t know much, but bailout is like meddling, isn’t it?  You are supposed to let the free market run its natural course.  But when that free market screws you out of your job and home you are supposed to blame the government.  We are told regulation is bad.  But then scream to high heaven when our kids get poisoned by unregulated Chinese toys.  Or drink dirty water.  Or eat poisoned food.  Yes the government is not protecting us.  Washington is at fault.  But we don’t want regulation.

We are told that those poor dead Haitians are poor because they never learned to fend for themselves.  And that with hard work, no regulations, no welfare, free market they would be better off.  But they have no regulations, no welfare really, weak govt.  Yet Chile had a much bigger earthquake.  However their casualties were nowhere near as bad.  You know why?  Because their government mandated that the homes in Chile have to be built to a certain standard.  Damned socialists, their evil government meddling in their lives and saving hundreds of thousands of them.  Yes, that was sarcasm, and of the cheap low kind too.

But that was also a point.  Not everything the government does it to keep us down, to control us.  Take the census for example.  Hell the morons at Fox and their minions even moan about that.  But it was our Founding Fathers who made the census.  Its in the Constitution.  And no, they did not ask only one question.  Six of the ten questions are pretty much the same as they were in 1790.  Some have changed of course, no one asks any more how many slaves we own.  But really.  Its a census.  We have been doing it for 220 years every decade.  How can any one object to it?  Well the morons who want you angry will tell you how of course.  I have filled and mailed mine out already.  I even answered all the 10 questions.  So far, no black helicopters appeared.  But I am keeping watch.

Now I understand that we have real disagreements in this country.  I understand that many dislike Obama as much as the leftie loons hated Bush.  I get that many people do not want big govt, they rightfully fear huge deficits.  They do not want too much govt meddling.  But most govt is services not meddling.  Services we demand and require.  Police, fire departments, road repair, defense, quality control.  I understand that many are angry and that some even have a reason to be.  But most things in America are not as bad and divided as the talking heads want us to believe.  There are no two Americas.  There is only one Real America.  Its all of us.  And our diversity, of cultures and opinions, while it can be divisive, it also makes us great and unique.  Being American can have many different meanings, unlike being French or English, or Japanese.  But it is also based one a similar value of beliefs.  The important ones.  Love of freedom, democracy, opportunity.  These are what makes us great.  Not whether or not someone believes in the same god as I do.  Or whether or not Democrats or Republicans are in charge.  We are American not because we always agreed with each other, but because despite our disagreements we respected each other.  There is great strength in our diversity of beliefs and ideas, not weakness.  We should celebrate that instead of hating the “Rednecks,” or “East Cost Liberals.”  In the end we all love the same country.  We all want to see it great.  We had problems before, but what made us great was that in bad times we forgot our differences and worked together, not hated each other more.  Something Fox and Friends should remember.

Now if you have read all the way down to here, and would like to respond you are more than welcome to.  I don’t even have moderation turned on.  Your comment will be public immediately after you press submit.  However, please refrain from pointing out that the left spews propaganda too, as I have already stated it myself.  But any rebuttals of what I written above are welcome.

American Exceptionalism and History- The Case of Thomas Jefferson

Land of The Free.  Home of The Brave.  And We the People, of the land of self evident truths.  And the Land where all men are created equal.

Ooops, those last ones do not apply any more.  Apparently some are indeed more equal than others.  Really?  Thomas Jefferson?  Seriously?  The dude who wrote the Deceleration of Independence?  Our 3rd president.  One of our Founding Fathers, one of the most influential ones too.  The man who exemplifies America.  And America is what it is largely thanks to him?  But what?  He did not like organized religion and now kids wont be learning about him.  Seriously!  What the fuck?!!!

My god (pun intended), what the hell has this world come to when a few religious freaks can dictate the removal of a very important American from history books?  Who is next?  Lincoln?  Washington?  Why not them?  Jefferson was just as important.  Its not the fact that some idiots can do this that really pisses me off.  Its the fact that there are people in important positions who are so clueless and can do this that pisses me off.

If I was to guess my guess would be that these people consider themselves good Americans.  That they love this country and that they actually believe most of what Jefferson taught and believed.  Yes, to these people this man should be their hero.  But no, he does not fit into the new Christian Right agenda, so fuck you Tommy, out off the book you go.

I mean come on.  Expansion to the West?  Louisiana Purchase?  States Rights?  Limited Federal Government?  Gun Rights (hell he should have a statue in every town in Texas just for that)?  Really?  He could be a right wing Republican poster boy.  Ok, so he did not like organized religion.  And was a scholar.  But nobody is perfect.  So maybe he was for some regulation of banks and corporations.  But really, he who is without sin and all that.  Its not like the guy believed in evolution or something silly like that.

My god, the left dislikes him for many reasons.  Now the right too?  He’s on money for fuck’s sake.  He is on Mount Rushmore!  He has a dedicated Memorial in Washington (cleverly named The Jefferson Memorial).  But now some bible thumping cretins want him gone?  This is why I hate all religious freaks oh so much.  Their beliefs and agenda are not based in logic.  And they are willing to go to any lengths for their twisted beliefs.

I could understand it if they wanted to eliminate some of the less savory (by today’s standards) aspects of him.  Hell I get that kids instead of proper history need to be taught propaganda so they’ll grow up to be good patriotic boys and girls.  So I don’t mind bullshit being taught in the classrooms.  Its not like Americans are alone in this.  Everyone brainwashes their kids.  In that sense American Exceptionalism is not really all that… well, exceptional.  Like religious teachings, kids can’t really process so much gray area.  Somethings do need to be taught in black and white, if they are smart enough later, they’ll learn real history and will deal with it.  If not, they can always sit on school boards.

But the Separation of Church and State is one of the foundations of our beloved republic.  So please, stay the fuck away.  Now I am not asking for “under god” to be excluded from the Pledge of Allegiance.  No, nothing crazy like that.  Its no biggie really.  But please.  Leave one of the most important Americans in the history books, you stupid, ignorant, fanatic morons!!!

State of the Union- Thanks Republicans

I did not know how the Republican party will respond to the president’s State of the Union address.  Well I knew how, I was just not aware of the setting.  Imagine my surprise when I saw Virginia’s newly elected governor Bob McDonnell on the floor the state of Virginia House of Delegates with an audience of three hundred.  It looked like the Mini Me version of the State of the Union.  I get the Republican sentiment that the responder has a huge disadvantage when he/she follows the president.  Well guess what, he or she is supposed to be at a disadvantage.  Its the presidential State of The Union for fuck’s sake.  He is bound by the constitution to give is, like every other president.  The response idea is a political one.  Less than 60 years old, it came to life in the age of television.  It would not be so bad if he came in, did his thing and it would be over.  But no, it was exactly like  SotU.  He walked in, shook hands, they cheered, and cheered.  And Just like the SotU they cheered every few words during the speech too.  God!!!  I had to sit through of over an hour of this watching the president, every cliché got a standing ovation.  The less substance there was in the sentence the louder and longer the applause.  Same thing for the Mini Me version.  What was intriguing however was the make up of the Mini SotU room.  While the legislature was made up of mostly white men with a decent sprinkling of women, but the governors guests were interesting.  Now of course nothing in politics is left to chance, so the governor’s guests were placed in two rows on either side of him (and some elsewhere in the room.  One row was seated, one was standing, so we all could see them.  The four in the immediate vicinity to either side of him, were visible whenever the camera showed the governor, meaning for most of the time.  A young Black woman was in the second row to the governor’s left, in front of her sat a US soldier.  To the right an Asian man stood, in front of him we saw a young white woman.  There you have it folks, the Republicans are the party of all, not just old white men.  Something interesting happened during that speech.  When talking about education and getting opportunities no matter what one’s zip code is the camera switched during the applause that followed the “zip code” words.   It switched to a young black man.  Really?  We have a Black president, but this is what we still think and show?  Kind of sad, my wife was shocked seeing this.

So thanks Republicans for that, from now I am willing to bet both parties will be doing this shit, instead of a short speech with the party talking points we will get a show too.  Just so the responding speaker can look more important, once again politics shows its always flash over substance.  Do we really need this shit?  The Republicans would be better served writing a better speech and anticipating better the speech that Obama gave.  Many of McDonnell’s talking points were exactly what Obama said just a few minutes earlier.  Tax cuts, spending freeze, off shore drilling, nuclear power, education, ect..

A few words about the real State of the Union.  The obligatory guests were there, someone from Haiti, police personnel, a highly decorated soldier of course to show that Obama loves the military.  It was a good speech in my opinion.  I wont run through the details because most of you either saw it and/or were told what you think of it by the media.  The conservative pundits told you it sucked and gave imagined justifications.  The liberal pundits told you it was just awesome, hope and change are back, or whatever they imagined, depending on what channel you tuned too.  So I don’t need to tell you.  But as I said, I thought it was a good speech, great at monuments.  He was quite funny at times, ad libbing on a couple of occasions, like when he mentioned tax cuts and said to the Republican side “I thought I would get applause for that one.”  Was good stuff.  It was impassioned at certain stages, the man still knows how to read a speech.  He was defiant at times, honest when admitting to failures.  A high point was when he singled out the Supreme Court for their recent ruling on corporate campaign contributions.  The speech had bluster of course, Democratic talking points that they can use for the up coming midterm election.  But he dealt with the most pressing issues facing America, economy, education, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, energy, healthcare.  He called out the Republicans and called them what they are, a party of “NO.”   He also called out his fellow Democrats and called them out on their ineptness.  So he did well I thought, ended strongly with both words (not literally but in spirit) and form taken out of Martin Luther King’s book.  It was compelling, hopeful, American.  Well done Mr. President, now if only the state of the Union was as good as the State of the Union.