Roger Waters The Wall- Official Dates, Tickets

Yes, he is coming, The Wall will be performed this year.  Tickets are on, or are about to go on sale, depending on the venue.

Roger Waters To Tour in 2010?

The rumours I mentioned in the post above are true.  He will be in NY on Oct. 5, and around New York on dates close to it.  Find it, buy it, enjoy.  Its definitely a must, though those ticket prices are rather expensive.  I am sure it will be worth it though, as putting on The Wall wont be cheap and Roger alone or Pink Floyd is always worth the price.

Tour dates and ticket prices below:

Roger Waters The Wall Tour, ticketmaster

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The Wall- Roger Waters to Tour in 2010?

There is news that Roger Waters is seriously considering doing a live tour of The Wall next year.  The tour will possibly last through 2011, suggesting it may be a worldwide event.  A couple of weeks ago, the former drummer of Pink Floyd, Nick Mason was on the BBC’s Danny Baker show (just caught the podcast this week, hence the news is a little dated).  Nick pretty much confirmed that it is happening.  Roger’s manager confirmed he is seriously “considering it.”

It would be great.  It would bring The Wall to a whole new generation of music lovers, and of course, the elders would go for nostalgia.  The last time The Wall was performed live was almost two decades ago in Berlin near the location of the infamous Soviet built Berlin Wall.  It was a star studded line up of musicians, the show was magnificent.  Unfortunately I only saw it on TV, and then on tape and DVD.  I saw Roger’s shows in the 90’s a couple of times, brilliant.  As was David Gilmour’s Pink Floyd, the Division Bell Tour in 1994, the greatest musical experience of my life.

Pink Floyd will never be any more.  Rick Wright past away.  The rest of the guys said they wouldn’t be getting back together.  But Roger Waters doing The Wall would be the closest thing.  After all, he wrote the album pretty much by himself.  The Wall would be bigger than his recent solo tours.  It just has to be.  Pick Floyd never did things halfway.  I really hope that Roger decides to do this.  Stay tuned folks…

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