Hawai’i, Smoking and Drinking- vacation in a Communist State

Yet Another Beautiful Sunset

Now most of you will say good.  You don’t want to smell my cigarette smoke.  Anti smoking laws are good.   And surprisingly I agree.  To a point.  To a point when laws make sense and are logical.  Smoking in hotel rooms, no.  Same goes for restaurants and enclosed bars.  But if a place is open, or its a terrace of my room, then why the hell not?  Well Hawai’i says no.  Not anywhere.  I always joke that smokers are the lepers of the 21st century.  We certainly are treated as such.  Well here is my little rant, see if any of this make sense.

After a long flight I finally got off the plane and went outside to have a smoke as I would in any airport.  As I was lighting up (outside) I was told I can not smoke where I was.  I had to cross the street to the parking lot where there is a designated space for “people” like me.  Really?  My smoking bothers everyone, but minibuses and cars do that pull up by the curb do not?  I need to cross the street?  We went to Maui but coming back home had to go through the Honolulu airport.  When I was there in 2004 there was a little park (a couple actually) that smoking was allowed in.  Nice green area, benches, ashtrays, great set up.  Unfortunately in 2006 the laws got even stricter, no more smoking in that little airport park, even though it was empty.  Even though just 50 yards from it there were planes and support vehicles polluting the air more than I ever could.  The worst part of this was that this outside park was inside the airport grounds.  Meaning 6 years ago I could just step outside have a smoke and then go back to my gate, bar, store, whatever.  This time however I had to walk outside the security area.  Wasting my time, the TSA’s time and the time of my fellow travelers.  Being checked several times within a couple of hours it just pointless.  There were two of those parks in that airport.  Could we not have one for people like me?  I had a 7 hour flight ahead of me.  Plus I had to be at the gate 45 minutes before, add the time it takes to disembark from an aircraft and its well over 8 hours of no smoking.  Now I don’t mind really.

Green Demarcation Line. Smoking Nyet!!!

I am old enough to remember smoking being allowed on flights, and it was a stupid idea.  Especially with the way the plane seating was set up.  Row 20 was non-smoking, while the person behind you puffed away.  It was idiotic.  But really now.  A small area can not be designated for travelers to have a smoke inside the security zone?  At LAX our plane to Maui was delayed by 2 hours.  I went out three times.  And the worst part was that I was smoking by a glass door within view of the security personnel (designated smoking area that was filthy the cigarette butts were overflowing) and the security gates.  Yet three times I had to go through the same thing of taking off my shoes and emptying my pockets, etc, etc.  The funny thing is that the third time my friend was going though the security (we went in shifts as one person was watching the carry on luggage inside, no point in taking that laptop out 3 times), she was searched.

But at LAX and in Dallas it was not necessary to cross the street, nor is it in New York.  Yet in Hawai’i I will give everyone cancer if I do not, apparently.  Just does not make any sense.  I do realize that the laws are not just there to protect everyone from second hand smoke, but also to make my life as difficult as possible so I would stop smoking, in NYC taxes do that.  But come on.  However our resort took the cake.

It was a condo resort, so perhaps they have special rules, but none of this made any sense.  No smoking in rooms.  Fine, no problems.  I did not want to smoke inside the room anyway.  But the terraces?  When there are no other people around even?  One morning I woke up at 5 AM local time to watch a football match.  Of course no tv in Hawai’i was showing it, so it was streaming time on my laptop.  To avoid waking my wife I went out to our ground floor terrace.  No a soul around.  Yet I was weary, if I smoked and someone caught me it could have meant a $450 fine, something to which I had to agree before checking in.  But seriously now.  Now I do not litter.  Any cigarette butts would have been safely and properly disposed.  I do not even throw my ciggie butts on the ground when hiking, I always carry a small plastic container for them (used to be camera film containers, now its usually gum packaging).

We could not smoke by the outdoor, uncovered bar.  Nor by the pool.  Nor by the tanning chairs inside the grounds.  The public beach separated by some bushes (all beaches in Hawai’i are public) however was fine, smoke your lungs out, even while renting the hotel cabanas.  Go figure.  There was a designated smoking spot, about 20 yards from the pool, and 10 yards from the bar.  Other areas where one could smoke were parking lots.  And when I was checking in the man wanted to give me a room on the 4th floor.  I had to argue for a ground floor one, near the parking lot.  The outside malls were the same.  Nice areas to rest, lovely chairs or benches to relax on, all outside, smoking however, in the parking lot, no bench for me.

And drinking at our hotel was even stranger.  We had a blender in the room, so of course drinks were mixed and taken to the beach, which was fine.  But if you wanted to buy a drink from the hotel bar you could drink it right then and there, or take it by the pool.  However it was forbidden to take your drink to the beach just 5 yards further, or to your room.  What?  Someone from the staff made my wife put away the drink she just bought from the bar because she took it to the forbidden zone, the smoking place 10 yards from the bar as she wanted a smoke before she went back by the pool.  So the drink had to wait 3 yards away on a table while she smoked.  Absolute fucking nonsense.

Nanny State gone wild.  Again, I do not mind most smoking restrictions.  No smoking in restaurants means spending less time in them these days.  I used to love to go out, eat well, have a few drinks and talk for hours, a meal could last 3 or even 4 hours.  But now I just eat and leave.  For drinks I go to a bar and drink there, while every so ofter stepping out.  No biggie.  Planes too, great idea.  Many places actually.  But fucking outside?  On an open terrace with no one around?  The trade winds make it constantly breezy in Hawai’i, the smoke would not linger, nor would it bother anyone.  I am considerate, once on a plane I was sat next to an older couple (in the smoking section), after I lit up I noticed that smoking bothered them, obviously they did not pick those seats on purpose.  So I got up, asked the stewardess if i can smoke in the back where it wont bother them as much.  Its not that big a deal.  I do not want to blow smoke in your face.  I do not want to pollute your lungs.  But an empty open terrace, an empty pool area?  Or a nice beach chair with no one around inside the hotel grounds?  Those are verbotten? I would be hurting who exactly?

To the smokers out there, do check on the internet for resorts that do allow smoking in certain areas, not just parking lots.  And do avoid the Maui Ka’anapali Villas.  A nice hotel, but I felt like I was back under communism not in the United States of America.

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Politically Correct Madness in America -Cinco De Mayo and anti-American bias

You can read the story here

Wow.  I am shocked.  Now let me preface this by saying that I am an immigrant.  I was not born in the United States.  I came here when I was 13.  But I do love this country and consider it my own.  At the same time I see that its not perfect.  It has problems, many problems.  One of them is the way this country goes about treating its immigrants.  legal or not.  Case and point is the stupid and racist law in Arizona.  Lets not kid ourselves here.  Its an anti-Latino law.  The excuses do not wash seeing as the immigration and crime statistics do not back up the claims made by the Arizona legislators.  So lets call it what it is.  They don’t like Mexicans, and will use any excuse to get at them.  If those illegals were white I doubt that such a law would pass.  I am white btw, this would not effect me as I am also as US citizen, but its bullshit.  Hopefully it will be challenged and struck down soon.  I wrote about immigrants before in here , and this stupid law is not the answer.

But why am I talking about Mexicans today.  Because I really am pissed off about the news I read today (link on the top of the page).  I love this country because it is so diverse.  And people from all over have the right to be proud of, and to celebrate, their heritage.  Case and point, the lovely Mexican Heritage Day Cinco De Mayo.  We Poles have our own day.  As do many nationalities.  Except NONE of US are fucking offended by America.  And sadly that was the case this past Cinco de Mayo in a California High School.

Seriously!  What the hell?!  Some kids wore clothing and apparel with American flags, and that offended people?  They had to leave school?  Some have asked them to apologize?  For what?  In case the faculty and students of Live Oak High School forgot, they work and study in America!  Yes, shocking.  These student were threatened with suspensions.  People said there might be violence!  Really?!  Because they wore American colours on Cinco de Mayo?  In a H.S. that has a large Mexican American student population.

What these offended Mexican Americans seem to forget is the second bit.  The “American” part.  Many were probably born in the United States.  Yet America offends them?  How does America collide with a celebration of Mexican heritage?  You want Gringo free celebration, move the fuck back to Mexico!

Now I really hate those ignorant cretins who, whenever they hear anyone criticise America for anything, tell others to get the hell out of America.  But this is different.  Its not about acknowledging America’s mistakes and faults, and we have made many, and are not perfect.  This is about America itself.  For all its faults, those kids are still here.  Now I do not know any of the kids.  Perhaps they don’t usually wear American colours to school, and did it on Cinco de Mayo cause they don’t like Mexicans and wanted to show it.  Well that would make them racist dicks.  But so what.

The point is that no one in America should be offended by America.  When Poles hold their Pulaski Day parade in NYC (which I am sad to admit I never attended, I just don’t do parades), along with thousands of Polish flags, there are thousands of US flags.  Same goes for any nationality on their holiday.  You can celebrate your heritage without hating America, especially when you live in America.  Nothing prevents you from being a proud Mexican.  And you can be a good Mexican and a good American at the same time.

I might be bordering on schizophrenia but I am a Pole and an American at the same time.  I am proud to be both.  I list Pole first, but that’s because I was born there.  But if I was born in this country I would call myself an American Pole.  I would still be proud to be both.  So what gives?  Where is the disrespect?  You want to celebrate your heritage?  Great.  Its supposed to be your special day.  Well, whatever.  Being a Mexican is more more that just a holiday.  I don’t feel more Polish on Pulaski Day or on November 11th (Poland’s Independence Day), or on my birthday, which is Poland’s Constitution Day.  I also don’t feel more American on Fourth of July.  When I used to have a flag on my car antenna years ago I had it all the time, not just on July 4th (someone stole it).  Nor did I pull out my pin only on major holidays.  I am Polish and American everyday.  Yes, holidays are important.  But I do not stop being Polish when I watch the fireworks and eat my BBQ on July 4th (most likely the grilled food would be Polish anyway).  Nor do I stop being an American on Polish holidays.

Some may say this is just blown out of proportion.  I disagree.  It shows an attitude by immigrants and their kids.  Now, not everyone mind.  But a big enough proportion to notice.  It seems, and this is all immigrant groups, not just Mexicans, that these people have problems with reconciling being both.  To many its either or.  They either love only America, or they only love their country of origin (or their parents origin).  Why?  One does not need to reject one part of one’s self in order to satisfy the other.  America does have a history of quick and total assimilation.  That is one reason we don’t have ethnic ghettos like Europe does.  People come here, immerse themselves into the country, learn the language, customs, and reject most things from their homeland.

This was the norm in the past.  Second generation immigrants were truly American.  But there is no need for that any more.  Even though America has an ugly history of racism and bias against foreigners, it changed a lot.  One can assimilate without forgetting one’s past and origins.  America has grown up over these 200 plus years.  Its not perfect as Arizona shows.  But in order to fight such idiocy, we also have to accept America.  Because the other side of the coin is the relatively new tendency of immigrants to resist assimilation altogether.  Perhaps its fear of losing one’s original heritage.  But that is not a certainty if one gives America a chance.  There are many 3rd and 4th generation families here that have assimilated without losing their sense of history.

So, to all my Mexican AMERICAN friends I say this.  Do not fear the country you live in.  Its not here to offend you or to force you to lose your identity as a Mexican.  But if America does does offend you somehow, then go screw yourselves and kindly leave.

American Exceptionalism and History- The Case of Thomas Jefferson

Land of The Free.  Home of The Brave.  And We the People, of the land of self evident truths.  And the Land where all men are created equal.

Ooops, those last ones do not apply any more.  Apparently some are indeed more equal than others.  Really?  Thomas Jefferson?  Seriously?  The dude who wrote the Deceleration of Independence?  Our 3rd president.  One of our Founding Fathers, one of the most influential ones too.  The man who exemplifies America.  And America is what it is largely thanks to him?  But what?  He did not like organized religion and now kids wont be learning about him.  Seriously!  What the fuck?!!!

My god (pun intended), what the hell has this world come to when a few religious freaks can dictate the removal of a very important American from history books?  Who is next?  Lincoln?  Washington?  Why not them?  Jefferson was just as important.  Its not the fact that some idiots can do this that really pisses me off.  Its the fact that there are people in important positions who are so clueless and can do this that pisses me off.

If I was to guess my guess would be that these people consider themselves good Americans.  That they love this country and that they actually believe most of what Jefferson taught and believed.  Yes, to these people this man should be their hero.  But no, he does not fit into the new Christian Right agenda, so fuck you Tommy, out off the book you go.

I mean come on.  Expansion to the West?  Louisiana Purchase?  States Rights?  Limited Federal Government?  Gun Rights (hell he should have a statue in every town in Texas just for that)?  Really?  He could be a right wing Republican poster boy.  Ok, so he did not like organized religion.  And was a scholar.  But nobody is perfect.  So maybe he was for some regulation of banks and corporations.  But really, he who is without sin and all that.  Its not like the guy believed in evolution or something silly like that.

My god, the left dislikes him for many reasons.  Now the right too?  He’s on money for fuck’s sake.  He is on Mount Rushmore!  He has a dedicated Memorial in Washington (cleverly named The Jefferson Memorial).  But now some bible thumping cretins want him gone?  This is why I hate all religious freaks oh so much.  Their beliefs and agenda are not based in logic.  And they are willing to go to any lengths for their twisted beliefs.

I could understand it if they wanted to eliminate some of the less savory (by today’s standards) aspects of him.  Hell I get that kids instead of proper history need to be taught propaganda so they’ll grow up to be good patriotic boys and girls.  So I don’t mind bullshit being taught in the classrooms.  Its not like Americans are alone in this.  Everyone brainwashes their kids.  In that sense American Exceptionalism is not really all that… well, exceptional.  Like religious teachings, kids can’t really process so much gray area.  Somethings do need to be taught in black and white, if they are smart enough later, they’ll learn real history and will deal with it.  If not, they can always sit on school boards.

But the Separation of Church and State is one of the foundations of our beloved republic.  So please, stay the fuck away.  Now I am not asking for “under god” to be excluded from the Pledge of Allegiance.  No, nothing crazy like that.  Its no biggie really.  But please.  Leave one of the most important Americans in the history books, you stupid, ignorant, fanatic morons!!!

Will Consumerism “Consume” Us?

After September 11th 2001 President George Bush told us to shop.  Made it a patriotic duty of every American to go and buy useless crap they don’t really need, otherwise the terrorists will win.  Now his heart was in the right place, but it had consequences.  We have become a consumer society.  That is our great achievement.  We buy shit.  We didn’t revolutionize society.  We did not fix the environment.  We did not eradicate disease, or hunger.  We did not eliminate wars.  We do not create great art, write great books, make beautiful architecture.  We did not go further into space.  No, none of that.  But we did something no other generation or culture did before us.  We bought a lot of useless, cheap, and unneeded crap.  That is our mark in history.  We won the Cold War and we went to the mall.  And already we see the results.  because not only did we go shopping, we bought everything on credit.  Now not everything is our fault.  The technological revolution of the past decades made our lives easier, but that came at a cost.

Lets look at our bills and compare them to bills our parents or grandparents had.  Just a few decades ago people had to pay rent/mortgage, gas, electric, telephone.  That was it.  Now we pay all those mentioned above and we add, cellphone, cable/satellite, and internet.  Some families have 4 cellphones.  Cell plans vary too, texting, internet, can add up.  That’s about $ 200 to $ 400 per month depending on family size and needs extra on top of what our parent had to pay.

And bill sizes for the traditional stuff have greatly increased too.  Our energy consumption has skyrocketed over the last few decades.  A home 40 years ago probably had a refrigerator, washing machine, radio, television, a toaster, air conditioning.  Now we have more than one radio, most homes have multiple television sets, coffee maker, microwave oven, computer, printer, cable box, dvd player, a video game system, and numerous chargers for all the portable gadgets.  That’s on top of the juicers, espresso machines, humidifiers, air purifiers and a lot of other stuff.  Even if all those things are much more energy efficient, the electric bill is still much more than it was.

30 years ago no one collected movies, or TV shows.  Almost every home these days has a sizable collection.  Music is available in many different formats.  The gadgets we own bring more expenses.  That iPhone needs a case, a bluetooth head set, the printer needs ink and paper, the computer new programs, games, anti virus software.  The XBox, Wii or PS3 has a new game coming out.  The new season of Lost is out on BluRay, the electric toothbrush needs changing.  Plus there is a new good movie available on demand, or an event.  Etc, etc, etc.

We simply have more shit to buy.  And in a society like ours its hard to not to fall into the cycle of constantly buying new things.  Some of them we even need and could use.  Hell some are quite beneficial to our lives.  We are barraged by images and sounds all urging us to buy.  Our neighbours just bought a new tv, our 2 year old plasma is ancient technology, we need the new LCD tv.

And that’s on top of what we eat.  Now we maybe a country that eats badly and wastes money on junk food, which btw, is quite expensive, but even normal food costs a lot these days.  We have more choice now.  No more of 3 types of cheese and two types of ham.  Now we have food from all over the world.  All that costs more than domestic products.  We have beer from all over the world too.  Hell we buy bottled water now.  For generations people got by drinking from the tap.  Now we wont have it.  At the very least we filter our water.  Hell we pay for filtered bottled water (check your brand folks, you’re probably paying a lot of money for tap water in a bottle).

Yep we have choices.  Choices in everything.  We might have stopped buying newspapers and magazines, but we get more information then ever before.  And its not just local information.  In my bookmarks I have 8 different news sources from all over the world, all just a mouse click away.  We have several 24hr news networks (no matter how bad they may be, but still, we have them).  We have hundreds of channels to watch.  We play video games.  We chat, blog (yeah, I see the irony), we go on internet forums, social networking sites, sport websites, hobby websites and on and on and on.

Its not just more money that we are spending.  We are busier than ever.  Again, its not all bad, hell a lot of it is great.  But it does come as a price.  While going broke we are also losing sleep, friendships, family time.  And the worst part is, we do not appreciate what we have.  We work our respective asses off to get the crap we have and we appreciate none of it.  Those older of us can remember how big a deal a new toy was.  It was cheap, quite likely not what we wanted, but hell, we got something new.  And we cherished it.  And cherished it for a long time.  Can a person who has 200 movies really cherish each and every one of them?  How long will the joy of a newly purchased movie last?  Or a new video game?  A new album?  Not very long is my guess.

That is a problem with choice.  Its great to have choice, but when we let things consume us we become like modern children.  Every year, with a very few rare exceptions, kids fall in love with something.  And before their parents or uncles and aunts figure out what it is, they call it lame and move onto the next thing.  We have toys and tv shows that pander to specific age.  Not age groups like 5-10 year olds.  But a single  age.  The following year the thing they loved so much is now lame, and they watch new shows and need new toys.  And kids are not the only ones.  Adults are just as bad, worse actually.

Adults work hard to get their stuff.  But they need that new iPhone, or the new iPod.  But next year Apple will come out with a new model, the one they must have, so that old will go into rubbish and the new version of the iPhone will be bought.  We simply must have it, it has more memory, looks nicer, it can record videos, or we can watch tv on it.  Great.  Just the thing that we need.  We definitely do not spend enough time watching television, we need to be able to do it while we are out of the house.  Because what is the alternative here.  God forbid we would be forced to look at our surroundings, or worse, talk to another human being in person.  Can’t have that.  We buy a new television.  We spent a lot of money for it.  Now we need a new HD box, and new surround sound system.  A BluRay player.  Our film collection needs to be replaced.  And when we finally set it up some asshole comes out on tv or internet and tells us that there is a newer and better television out.

Yes folks, as soon as we bring something home its pretty much obsolete.  So we watch our television, and soon we will be tired of it.  And soon we will be working hard to get a new one, a better one.  Till we buy it.  Cause by then an even newer one will be made, and that’s the one we will need to have.  We actually obsess over these stupid things.  And no, I am not some preachy superior asshole who thinks he is better.  I am a part of this society, I am part of the problem.  Not as extreme as many, but no saint either.  But where does it end?  It ends with us very briefly adoring inanimate objects for a very high price.  We bought (literally) into this notion that we must, to have any sense of self worth, own a lot of stuff, and not just any kind of stuff, it has to be the newest and the best.

Is a new video game or a toy worth spending precious hours that we waste standing in line for it?  Really?  We must have it the day it comes out otherwise our lives will become meaningless?  Will our kids stop loving us if we do not buy the hundreds of dollars worth of crap they wont touch six months from now?  Will our friends stop talking to us if we call them on an old model phone?  We have become what the advertisers wanted us to become.  We have become addicted to their products.  Will my old 4 blade razor not shave as well as it did a year ago now that the 5 blade razor is available?  Did no one think of making a 5 blade razor when only 2 blade razors were available?  Was our skin not prepared for such luxury?  Was there no technology to attach more than 3 razors at one time?  Did it need to be 3 and then 4 and then 5?  Could we not just have gone from 2 to 5?  Or from 3 to 5?

No, of course not.  Think of all the money we spent on those stupid razors.  And each model gets more expensive, and the cartridges now are more than double of what they cost just a few years back.  Question is though, does it shave twice as good as the old one?  No of course not.  It shaves maybe a bit better, but definitely nowhere near the cost.  We gained marginal improvement at over twice the cost.  Yep.  We are slaves to our products.  And when they will make a 6 blade razor we will gladly discard that very expensive 5 blade one and buy the newest model as if our lives depended on it.

We shop to make ourselves feel good.  Then we realize we just wasted a perfectly good day on buying shit.  We will find out at home that some of the stuff we bought does not suit us, or that we don’t really like it or need it.  And we will find that we have spent a shitload of money on that crap.  So we will go back to work, miserable and poor.  Until we see the next thing we definitely must have and we just know it will make us feel better.  And so on.  The new circle of life, brought to you by your local mall.  We had the Greatest Generation.  We had the Baby Boomers.  We now have the Mall Generation.

Why do People Pray?

The Power of Prayer

During war the power of prayer has about 50% effectiveness.  In sports, its exactly 50%.  The Super Bowl MVP usually thanks his god.  The striker who just scored a game winning goal points to the sky thanking his creator for guiding him.  If winning a battle is god’s doing, do the losers then blame god?  Does the losing quarterback blame god for not being able to go to Disneyland?  Does the goalkeeper blame god?  Or did he not pray hard enough?

Parents of sick children pray for their kids.  Unfortunately most of the time god is too busy.  People pray for all kinds of things.  For god to help them pass an exam, win the lottery, cure them, help them in a relationship.  From the most serious to the dumbest shit they can think of.  Now I have not seen the statistics, but I am betting that prayers are not answered all that often based on my observations of this world.  Is saying “it was god’s will” the equivalent to “its god’s fault?”  People believe in the infinite power of god, god can do anything, he just chooses not to.  So why do we pray?  Praying to god for things hardly works.  And what does the result mean?  If I pray for money and I win or find money tomorrow, does that mean god loves me more than the poor bastard who prayed but got nothing?  If I pray and get nothing then what?  God ignored me, is mad at me, I did not pray hard enough, he’s spiteful?  300 people pray for safe arrival to their destination, their plane lands safely.  Another 300 hundred do the same, yet the plane crashes, and they all die.  Did god do this?  Is it really god’s will?

That’s the one thing I could never stomach.  Why would god do such things to us?  And why do we put so much pressure on god?  Why do we see god as out meal ticket, saviour, education tutor, military commander, doctor, love councillor, therapist, when his track record is so poor?  Yes, why the hell do we pray for things?  When we don’t get them we subconsciously make god either ineffective or mean (to use the nicest word possible).  Fact is prayer is not powerful.  At least not when we pray like a bunch of spoiled needy selfish little kids.  Me me me me me me, help me, give me, save me!!!  Some of the nicer of us pray for their family and friends, some even pray for strangers, that’s a nice sentiment, but its the same thing.  Prayer by proxy.  More needy people wanting things from their god.  Does god have to do things for us?  When he does not do we just say “oh well, never mind.”  Or do we blame him?  That’s a lot of pressure to put on a deity.  Praying for thing is much more common than praying in celebration of our life or just for the fuck of it.  Even when we pray thanking god for things its not cool.  It does not make us good people, just polite enough to thank someone for doing us a favour.  The sentiment is as selfish as when praying for things.

I just don’t get it, the need for it, the selfishness of it.  Praying for stuff does not bring us closer to god.  Thanking god for things working out does not do it.  People have confused prayer with asking for favours.  I even get emails from supposedly religious, god fearing folks telling me that the prayer they sent will help me in one way or another, if I send it to at least 10 people.  If I don’t some bad things are going to happen to me.  Really?!  I am to be scared into praying?  Or promised a reward?  Is this what prayer is about?  Am I to calculate the risk reward factor when deciding if I should pray.  These days it appears that only kids pray properly.  Because they have been brainwashed to and don’t know any better.  But as soon as they grow up they wont pray for free.

There is a great scene in a Polish film The Teutonic Knights, right before the great battle of Grunwald (Tannenberg 1410), both the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order and the Polish King say “everything is in god’s hands now, he will help his faithful servants.”  Poles won.  What did it mean?  Absolutely nothing.  It was a waste of time really.  At least for the Germans, god did not help them.  I also doubt that the Poles won because of prayer (I have a suspicion it might have been greater number and better tactics).  Plus there is that whole “we’re going to kill a shitload of people with god’s name on our lips” thing.  It just does not feel right.  Hell, it not right at all.  So again, why do we pray for stuff?  Its ineffective, its selfish, it does not bring us closer to god.  Basically its a waste of time and effort.  The Power of Prayer is just a slogan.  God is not here to do chores for us.  Yes, not even to help us live longer or to help keep our kids safe.  There is that whole free will thing that people forget about.

There is also lack of self responsibility.  We are responsible for our actions, not god.  We do shit to ourselves.  And sometimes things just happen for no reason.  God did not destroy New Orleans, a hurricane did.  There was not reason for it, just weather patterns.  Snow and rain cause floods, not god, why would god want to flood our homes and destroy our crops?  It wasn’t god’s will that New York got attacked.  Some mean fuckers who thought their god wanted them to did it.  They try to excuse their murders with god’s will.  There was no god’s plan that we don’t understand.  That’s just bullshit that those who claim to know god try to feed to people who are scared and are trying to understand why all this crap happens.  What kind of god would god want a 7 years old to get cancer?  That’s not a plan, that’s sadism.  God is not a sadistic freak.  Why are people trying to convince us otherwise.  Just because we have a problem getting a handle on this whole “why are we here” thingy, it does not mean we have to buy the stupidest answer people give us.  It makes no sense.  Is illogical, and it makes god into a bloodthirsty sadist.  There is no plan.  What logic is there?  The life on Earth is the only life we know.  Its short, and full of pain, but we are told we will suffer for eternity (yes eternity as in billions and billions of years + infinity) if we fuck something up at 21 and do not get a chance to repent.  What?  God is not to be feared, god should be loved and revered.  This universe place is cool.  Life can be great.

But no, we are brainwashed into being frightened all our lives and the only thing is we have to say to god is “please sir, can I have some more?”  Its not prayer, its begging.  We also apologise every five minutes.  Why?  God supposedly made a whole universe just for us.  He supposedly loves us above all species.  And some even believe he sent his son to to die for us.  Is this the same god that scares the shit out of us.  Is he there to just to feared or be our servant?  That is what our relationship with god became.  We don’t understand so we are afraid.  We are helpless so we pray.  But for what really, and what good will it do?

(disclaimer: the word “god” is deliberately typed with a small “g” (except when starting a new sentence as that would be just wrong), because I was not writing about any specific God, but about any god.  It was a generic thing, and not meant to belittle God or people’s faith in God, or the existence of God, so please, take no notice of that.  The rest of course, you are welcome to disagree with and debate.)

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