Islamic Extremism, Islamic Grievances, and America- All or Nothing?

US and Them?

By “us” I mean us in the literal sense, the whole Western Judeo Christian culture and specifically the U.S. of A.  As of now we are still the leaders of that world in politics and culture (for better or worse).  But as events and history have proven we are certainly not a monolith.  The last time we, all of the Western culture, agreed on something,…. will be the first time.  Yes we are quite diverse.  Our roots are similar, but out paths and beliefs vary very widely.  Republicans certainly don’t want to be lumped with some liberals.  The French certainly do not want to be mistaken for the Spaniards.  And Canadians wear stickers on their backpacks on holidays with a maple leaf just to make sure no one will confuse them for Yanks.  The Poles really, really, hate it when they are mistaken for Russians.  And Americans just want to be Americans, no one else.  We are all as different as mice and people really.  We might share 80% of genes with the rodents but you would not want to marry one.

So are Muslims any different from us?  Do they all share 100% of their genes?  Is a modernist American Muslim same as a Saudi Wahhabi Iman?  If no then why do we Americans paint them as the same.  Not all of us of course, but enough for it to be worrying and enough for Muslims to think we do as a people.  Are we at war with Islam, or Islamic extremism and terrorists?  Are the terrorists representative of a whole spectrum of Islamic societies?  Notice I wrote societies in plural.  We as a nation need to know the difference.  And we must, all of us, decide what are we fighting, Islam or the extremists.  President Bush, on a large number of occasions, stressed very strongly that our fight is not with Islam or Muslims of any nation, but with extremists and their supporters.  Yet we have forgotten about that.  Now I understand that in war (and this is a war, make no mistake about that) propaganda takes over, things get oversimplified, as its hard for a whole people to get behind a nuanced explanation, but.  Yes there is a but.

But by out simplistic thinking and actions we are proving the extremists correct in some cases.  And that is the last thing we should be doing.  When is paranoia going to stop and when will sanity prevail?  When we equal Islam to terrorism all we are doing is proving the extremists correct when they call us Crusaders.  They firmly believe that the West is out to destroy they faith and culture.  That not only are we corrupting Muslims, but we really want to destroy them.  And when they see a bunch of idiots wanting to burn their holy book that gives them fuel.  When they see well intentioned, but clueless and misguided idiots protesting a mosque it also gives them fuel. Why do we do this?  Do so many of us really believe that 1.5 billion people are really out to get us?  Do we really think that all of 1.5 billion want to establish the Sharia all over the world?  Even those who listen to hip hop, and love out culture?  Even those serving in our military?  Even those whose family members were killed in terrorist attacks?

Why the hell do we lump them all in the same boat?  Muslims, like all people, have a right to disagree with our policies.  They have a right to disagree with our invasion of Iraq.  They do not have to like Israeli policies toward the Palestinians and out unquestioning support of said policies.  Muslims have a right to dislike the profanity and sex in our culture.  Hell many conservative Christians are not very fond of it either.  Many peace loving people took to the streets and protested our invasion of Iraq, most were not Muslims.  Many more dislike how the Israelis treat the Palestinians.  Those are real grievances.  Yet no one accuses (well no one sane, as I’m sure some have), those people of hating Israel and wanting it destroyed.  Or of being anti-American and supporting the terrorists just because someone thought that war is not such a great idea.

Yet when a Muslim does it we do accuse him of those things.  Why?  Now I get ignorance and lack of nuance in many.  But its not just that.  It goes beyond that.  Just as we don’t want to be accused for the things the French did in Algeria, the Sunni does not want to be accused of what some Shi’a did.  But no, we hear Islam and the red mist falls upon us.  We don’t see anything else.

Just how many really think that?

We start to deal in absolutes.  Like zealots we run around labeling everyone and everything.  And its wrong.  It is also counter-productive to our cause.  When we go out into the streets and protest a mosque (and no, it was not just one mosque in NY that Americans did not want built so spare me the “holy ground” drivel, I don’t buy it, cause unless you believe all of Islam is responsible then you have no argument, and if you do believe that then you are an idiot, so wrong again) what does some guy in Algeria see?  He sees Americans calling his faith evil and responsible for terrorism.  He sees himself being lumped with the terrorists.  And then we expect him to love us for it?

Are we insane?  We shit on their religion and then are surprised that many don’t like us?  Now don’t get me wrong.  Those who are Muslims and who lump all of the West or all of America in the same basket are just as wrong.  And nothing the terrorists claim, true or made up, excuses their actions, we were not responsible for 9-11 and all these bastards should be killed, the sooner the better.  But we can not run around and act like extremists ourselves and then expect the world to get that we have differences in our society when we see none in theirs.  And many who don’t particularly like us or disagree with our politics and policies do not necessarily want to kill us or establish an Islamic Caliphate of America.  People have different political opinions.  Yet every time some Muslim tries to give a nuanced explanation of 9-11 he is branded as an extremist who hates America.  Every time some Muslim (well most of them really) speaks out against Israel then he apparently supports Hamas and Hezbollah, hates Jews and wants Israel wiped of the map.  Some do, I’m sure.  And screw those, but most do not.  What most Muslims want is to live out their lives in peace, to be able to worship freely.  To cultivate their culture, to support and raise their children.  Sounds familiar?  Its what we want.  Yet we are becoming as paranoid as North Korea and Iran.  Every time someone speaks out with any criticism its “oh shit, they want to destroy us.”

And yes, there are many Muslim idiots out there who would like nothing better than to see the Great Satan destroyed.  Just as there are many idiots who view Muslims are the tools of the devil who will perish in hell unless they convert and accept Jesus Christ and their Lord and Saviour and who would love nothing else but to see Islam perish.  Fuck them.  All of them.  All are extremists, but most are like you and me, sane.  Just because, as some “Muslims” have sadly proven lately, one hides behind the cloak of faith, whether it is Christian, Jewish or Islamic faith, is does not excuse the shit they do.

Muslims or Extremists?

We have to stop letting lunatics speak for all of us.  We have to shut the extremists up.  All of us.  Muslims and Christians and Jews, and Atheists.  I write this to people of the West, but it applies equally to Muslims.  But I know the Westerners more.  I was born in Europe, I live in America.  This is my culture.  However, it makes me sad that while my culture professes to be enlightened and the best in the world it does not live up to its own standards.  We can’t run around claiming to be more open minded and tolerant than the Muslims while we do stupid shit like protesting mosques.  We can’t be running around and comparing ourselves to Saudi Arabia, because everyday we run around and claim we are better than them.  Its that simple.  Now some of the idiots may have forgotten them.  But I still hold American ideals high on my list of ideals.  Just as much as I do not want an Islamic Caliphate in New York, I also do not want a Christian theocracy.  I want to be able to choose about going to church, about which movies to watch, about which books to read.  I don’t want some asshole telling me what to do just because he thinks he knows better.  That is un-American.

I want America to not only claim its the best, but to provide a shining example for all the world, not to be comparing itself to Saudi Arabia or Iran.  And if we are to be the best, we can’t run around calling Islam a religion of evil and extremism.  We certainly would not call Christianity that.  And just because its not ours, it does not make it all that different.  And just because they are not us, it does not make Muslims all that different from us.  We don’t have to love them all, we don’t have to convert, all we have to do is behave like Americans should.  Not as some communist would during the Cold War, because that would be un-American, and quite extremist.

EDIT: BTW all this Mosque controversy I think is artificial.  The plans for it came out about a year ago and no one had a problem with it.  But this year apparently its a bad thing?  Why?  Well I think its because 2010 is an important election year.  And that’s it, stirring controversy for the sake of politics.  Just like the Bush administration used to raise the threat level every couple of weeks when elections were approaching.  But after the elections there was hardly a threat.  And it worked, it scared America.  And this does the same, the religious right will certainly be more stirred up now that they know that Muslims want to build a terror headquarters in Lower Manhattan.  No I am not some conspiracy freak, though I am that cynical.  There were threats all the time during the Bush administration, but they chose to publicize them at only certain times.  The mosque controversy will die down after November.  That’s how politics works sadly.


Mosque Near Ground Zero In New York?

No that’s not how its going to look like.  That picture is from Asia.  And technically its not even supposed to be a mosque, but a Muslim Cultural Center.  With a swimming pool among other things.  But that’s not the point.  This is the point:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Yep, that is it.  At this point I should just stop writing because the argument is over.  But apparently some of the people who are against the building of this Center have heard of the First Amendment of the US Constitution and still are opposed to it.  Wow.  Just wow.  A county that prides itself on letting any one believe in any thing no matter how stupid, is against building a center that caters to a religion.  And not some cult dreamt up yesterday, but a 1400 year old religion with about 1.5 billion followers.  And why?  Because 19 lunatics attacked us in September 11, 2001 and destroyed the World Trade Center in the name of their god.

What bullshit.

Their pathetic excuse is that’s its too close to the site of the WTC.  Only two blocks away.  What the hell does that mean?  What would not be too close?  4 blocks?  Because that is how far a mosque is located from Ground Zero right now.  Its been there before the Twin Towers were built.  Does that not insult anyone?  Or hurt anyone’s feelings?  People stating that the Center should not be built are saying that the whole of Islam is somehow responsible for the 9-11 attacks.  How many called for the banning of all militias after the Oklahoma bombing?  Or is it ok when a white, right wing nutter does it?  Then its only an act of an individual lunatic.  Here a billion and a half people are held responsible.

And the pathetic thing is that there are millions of Muslims in America, American born and bred.  And apparently they had something to do with it.  Quite a few of those men serve in our military.  We even have Muslim chaplains.  But no.  Fuck you and your Allah.  What one person does in your name, you do too, no matter how insane.  So we can safely come to the conclusion that all Baptists laugh when our soldiers die.  Damn those Baptists.  How could they all be like that?  Perhaps we should stop building baptist Churches?  After all, those freaks from Westboro speak for all of them.  Yeah, I know, doesn’t make any sense.  Well neither is protesting a fucking cultural center or a mosque using the same logic you cretin.

This is how that dreaded Center will look. Nice actually.

What we have here is a movement against a whole faith.  And its not about Ground Zero, that’s just a pathetic excuse.  There are morons all over America protesting mosques left and right.  Tennessee, California, Wisconsin are just a few states.  No attacks there.  No people died because of Islam.  I bet those who specifically argue just against this one in NY, quietly are with those protesters from other parts of America.  That idiot Newt Gingrich said that there shouldn’t be a mosque built in NY till they allow churches and synagogues in Saudi Arabia.  Ah yes, that beacon of freedom that America always tried to emulate, Saudi Arabia.  Unreal.  Another idiot, some American family group leader said that there should be no mosques at all in the United States.  Yep, who cares about the Constitution, I’m angry at some dark skinned people.  Fuck ’em and their god.

Some peace loving Christians tried to burn and bomb mosques that were already standing.  Genius.  The best way to show how someone else is violent is to bomb the shit out of them and burn their house of worship.  Really?  We’re going to have a religious war now?  Middle Ages are back?  Will we have crosses on our uniforms?  Or the stars of David perhaps?  Cause the idiots at ADL are also opposed to the center near Ground Zero.  But just watch those hypocrites bite at anyone who says what they see as anti-Semitic, real or imagined.  If someone was opposed to building a synagogue or a Jewish cultural center anywhere, for any reason, they would all have kittens.  But no.  Muslim bad.  Allah bad, Muhammad bad, mosque bad.  What’s next?  No more hummus?  Freedom Dip!!!  God forbid some woman puts a towel on her wet hair.  A terrorist with a hairdryer.  She might burn though the pipes to cause a leak to flood America.  Make sure all bathrooms are watched.

What the fuck is wrong with us?  My god.  Well I don’t really do god, but you know what I mean.  We stopped hating blacks and the Irish and Italians, and the Eastern Europeans.  Well thank the Pope that the Mexicans are Catholic otherwise we would have no one to pick our strawberries or mow our lawns, we would have 50 Arizonas, but much harsher.  I don’t like to run around and accuse people of bias, bigotry or racism.  But that is just what it is.  If they  were nice and properly white like all normal people should be, and have European culture and manners we would see them for what they are.  Normal people who believe in their god as any god fearing Christian would.  Only their bad luck that a few lunatics run around bombing shit and killing innocent people in their name.

Some modern mosque, looks awesome.

Seriously.  Can we not tell the difference?  Are we that ignorant?  Surely we can’t be.  because the more we go on like that the more we resemble the extremists we hate and fear so much.  And that is the point of all this.  I am not defending Muslims.  I don’t care for them very much.  Nor for their customs.  I like to drink once in a bit, I like women in bikinis.  I don’t particularly care for their faith either.  I don’t care for any religion.  I do respect religions.  But I also fear them.  Just for that reason.  Anyone who strongly believes he is right will easily justify all kinds of shit.  I fear fundamentalists.  Of all forms, from religious nutters to warring atheists.  From those idiots who kill anything that moves and call it hunting or a sport, to those morons at PETA who would kill a person before they would see someone hurt a cockroach.  They are all frightening.  I do fear them.  But not to the point of becoming like them.  Never to the point of really hating them.

Because most Muslims, like most Christians or atheists, are just good hard working people who want to live out their lives in a peaceful good way.  And just as I do not condemn all American Protestants whenever Par Robertson says something truly stupid and hurtful.  I do not condemn all atheists whenever one says idiotic things about religion.  I also do not condemn all of Islam for 9-11.  And it was my city they attacked.  They killed people I knew.  They destroyed two of my favourite buildings.  I really did love the Twin Towers.  But if all of Islam was like those 19 fanatical dicks then we would be losing by now.  Because guess what.  Its hard to kill one and a half billion people.  But they don’t all want to kill us.  They don’t all want to do Jihad and get virgins.  The ones that do hate the West, hate us for what we are and for what we stand.  They sure as shit would not let anyone build a church in Afghanistan.  In fact the Taliban blew up ancient Buddhist statues when they were running Afghanistan.

Destroyed by the Taliban

Do we really want to take example from Taliban?  What makes us any better when we act like that?  Yoda said:  Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. He was wise.  We can not become what we fear.  But slowly we are.  When we act like intolerant twats.  No one is telling you to like the Muslims.  But you have to tolerate them.  This is what America is all about.  A motley collection of people not killing each other.  One would hope that in the XXI century Americans would be more enlightened then the Spanish inquisitors.  But one might be wrong.  And that is sad.  And some of our leaders and opinion makers fail us once again.  Once again they take the wrong stand aimed at the wrong people.  And some are quite learned.  Some know better.  Yet they do it any way.  For a rating point.  For a future vote.  Some like Beck love to bring up Nazism all the time.  Well this is how they started.  With hate.  They did not go out on the first day and say:  We’re going to murder millions of Jews for no good reason.  No, they started preparing people by doing the little things first. It was only then that the Holocaust became possible.  Now of course America is not likely to become like the Nazis.  But we’re more and more starting to resemble those intolerant and hateful Islamic fundamentalists we hate so much.

Religious Leaders Are Morons

Yes, they are.  It seems that the closer one is to god (or the closer one claims to be to god), the dumber one becomes.  Yet we somehow tolerate their stupidity and the truly moronic things these people do and say.  Why?  Today’s prophets say the stupidest and hateful things.  Latest is Pat Robertson’s comment on Haiti.  Really?  There was a huge earthquake, thousands died, country is in ruins, but moron Pat says they made a pact with the devil.  So I guess that makes the earthquake ok then, screw the devil worshipping Haitians.

Screw New Yorkers, god was just punishing us on 9-11 for our sins.  The godless people of New Orleans deserved Katrina cause they wanted to have a gay parade.  What?!!  Teletubies.  The list of idiotic comments is quite long.  And its not just America’s televangelists.  The Popes have been knows to say a dumb thing or two, rabbis, imans.  I wont try to recount the dumb shit they say, that’s not why I am writing this.  What I want to know is how the hell do we let them get away with this?

If a politician said something this stupid in a civilized country, most of the time they would be out of a job.  Because their constituents do not want to be represented by a heartless cretin.  So a question to all the believers out there.  Why do you still flock and support these morons?  Now I am not religious, but am not trying to have a go.  I also understand the forgiveness concept.  But this is not the first time Robertson said something really insensitive and stupid.  Yet he is still seen as a moral authority and a leader in American Christian church.  How?  I would certainly not want to be lead by a moron.  Again, sorry for the strong language, I certainly am not having a pop at people’s beliefs, just at their so called leader.  But this is a man of authority and influence, yet he is allowed to say this and wont lose any of that influence.

Its not just him as I mentioned.  Its religious leaders all over the world.  Just because one claims to have god’s ear it does not make one god.  If they say or do something stupid there should be consequences.  Yet the flocks of believers continue to to listen to them, give them money, and let them lead them.  Again, how?!  Telling Pat Robertson to fuck off wont put anyone on god’s naughty list, you wont be going to hell because of it.  It has nothing to do with god.  We all must use our own brains and not let these cretins speak for us and in our name.  Because when they say stupid things it reflect badly on us.  They have a responsibility.  Hell they should have the moral beliefs and the compassion necessary to not even think such idiotic things.  But they do not, and we let them get away with it.  I doubt most of their flock would agree with the stupid things they say.  But they say them because we let them get away with them.  No one will walk out of a church or a synagogue or a mosque because their religious leader said something stupid.  And frankly that is a shame.  It shows we have no more courage or love for our fellow man than they do.  Perhaps its true, we do get the leaders we deserve.  Because they would not be on television or on pulpits is we did not let them say these things.

Why do People Pray?

The Power of Prayer

During war the power of prayer has about 50% effectiveness.  In sports, its exactly 50%.  The Super Bowl MVP usually thanks his god.  The striker who just scored a game winning goal points to the sky thanking his creator for guiding him.  If winning a battle is god’s doing, do the losers then blame god?  Does the losing quarterback blame god for not being able to go to Disneyland?  Does the goalkeeper blame god?  Or did he not pray hard enough?

Parents of sick children pray for their kids.  Unfortunately most of the time god is too busy.  People pray for all kinds of things.  For god to help them pass an exam, win the lottery, cure them, help them in a relationship.  From the most serious to the dumbest shit they can think of.  Now I have not seen the statistics, but I am betting that prayers are not answered all that often based on my observations of this world.  Is saying “it was god’s will” the equivalent to “its god’s fault?”  People believe in the infinite power of god, god can do anything, he just chooses not to.  So why do we pray?  Praying to god for things hardly works.  And what does the result mean?  If I pray for money and I win or find money tomorrow, does that mean god loves me more than the poor bastard who prayed but got nothing?  If I pray and get nothing then what?  God ignored me, is mad at me, I did not pray hard enough, he’s spiteful?  300 people pray for safe arrival to their destination, their plane lands safely.  Another 300 hundred do the same, yet the plane crashes, and they all die.  Did god do this?  Is it really god’s will?

That’s the one thing I could never stomach.  Why would god do such things to us?  And why do we put so much pressure on god?  Why do we see god as out meal ticket, saviour, education tutor, military commander, doctor, love councillor, therapist, when his track record is so poor?  Yes, why the hell do we pray for things?  When we don’t get them we subconsciously make god either ineffective or mean (to use the nicest word possible).  Fact is prayer is not powerful.  At least not when we pray like a bunch of spoiled needy selfish little kids.  Me me me me me me, help me, give me, save me!!!  Some of the nicer of us pray for their family and friends, some even pray for strangers, that’s a nice sentiment, but its the same thing.  Prayer by proxy.  More needy people wanting things from their god.  Does god have to do things for us?  When he does not do we just say “oh well, never mind.”  Or do we blame him?  That’s a lot of pressure to put on a deity.  Praying for thing is much more common than praying in celebration of our life or just for the fuck of it.  Even when we pray thanking god for things its not cool.  It does not make us good people, just polite enough to thank someone for doing us a favour.  The sentiment is as selfish as when praying for things.

I just don’t get it, the need for it, the selfishness of it.  Praying for stuff does not bring us closer to god.  Thanking god for things working out does not do it.  People have confused prayer with asking for favours.  I even get emails from supposedly religious, god fearing folks telling me that the prayer they sent will help me in one way or another, if I send it to at least 10 people.  If I don’t some bad things are going to happen to me.  Really?!  I am to be scared into praying?  Or promised a reward?  Is this what prayer is about?  Am I to calculate the risk reward factor when deciding if I should pray.  These days it appears that only kids pray properly.  Because they have been brainwashed to and don’t know any better.  But as soon as they grow up they wont pray for free.

There is a great scene in a Polish film The Teutonic Knights, right before the great battle of Grunwald (Tannenberg 1410), both the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order and the Polish King say “everything is in god’s hands now, he will help his faithful servants.”  Poles won.  What did it mean?  Absolutely nothing.  It was a waste of time really.  At least for the Germans, god did not help them.  I also doubt that the Poles won because of prayer (I have a suspicion it might have been greater number and better tactics).  Plus there is that whole “we’re going to kill a shitload of people with god’s name on our lips” thing.  It just does not feel right.  Hell, it not right at all.  So again, why do we pray for stuff?  Its ineffective, its selfish, it does not bring us closer to god.  Basically its a waste of time and effort.  The Power of Prayer is just a slogan.  God is not here to do chores for us.  Yes, not even to help us live longer or to help keep our kids safe.  There is that whole free will thing that people forget about.

There is also lack of self responsibility.  We are responsible for our actions, not god.  We do shit to ourselves.  And sometimes things just happen for no reason.  God did not destroy New Orleans, a hurricane did.  There was not reason for it, just weather patterns.  Snow and rain cause floods, not god, why would god want to flood our homes and destroy our crops?  It wasn’t god’s will that New York got attacked.  Some mean fuckers who thought their god wanted them to did it.  They try to excuse their murders with god’s will.  There was no god’s plan that we don’t understand.  That’s just bullshit that those who claim to know god try to feed to people who are scared and are trying to understand why all this crap happens.  What kind of god would god want a 7 years old to get cancer?  That’s not a plan, that’s sadism.  God is not a sadistic freak.  Why are people trying to convince us otherwise.  Just because we have a problem getting a handle on this whole “why are we here” thingy, it does not mean we have to buy the stupidest answer people give us.  It makes no sense.  Is illogical, and it makes god into a bloodthirsty sadist.  There is no plan.  What logic is there?  The life on Earth is the only life we know.  Its short, and full of pain, but we are told we will suffer for eternity (yes eternity as in billions and billions of years + infinity) if we fuck something up at 21 and do not get a chance to repent.  What?  God is not to be feared, god should be loved and revered.  This universe place is cool.  Life can be great.

But no, we are brainwashed into being frightened all our lives and the only thing is we have to say to god is “please sir, can I have some more?”  Its not prayer, its begging.  We also apologise every five minutes.  Why?  God supposedly made a whole universe just for us.  He supposedly loves us above all species.  And some even believe he sent his son to to die for us.  Is this the same god that scares the shit out of us.  Is he there to just to feared or be our servant?  That is what our relationship with god became.  We don’t understand so we are afraid.  We are helpless so we pray.  But for what really, and what good will it do?

(disclaimer: the word “god” is deliberately typed with a small “g” (except when starting a new sentence as that would be just wrong), because I was not writing about any specific God, but about any god.  It was a generic thing, and not meant to belittle God or people’s faith in God, or the existence of God, so please, take no notice of that.  The rest of course, you are welcome to disagree with and debate.)

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I hate Communists! Episode 2

Continued from here:

I Hate Communists Episode 1
Yep, still hate them.  And here I will explain why.

A Failed System

Trans: Youth forward to fight for a happy socialist Poland

Trans: Youth forward to fight for a happy socialist Poland

Now I may root for the New York Jets, but generally in politics I do not like losers so much.  Especially those who fail through no fault but their own.  And communism failed, failed miserably, all through its own doing.  It was inevitable.  There were no ifs or buts.  It was only a question of time.  A question of how much and for how long would the Red Masters be willing to force their flock to suffer before even they realized that this can not last.  It took a while, they drove their countries into ruin, but eventually even they could not force their people to live any longer in such misery.  Communism went bankrupt, and the world is better for it.  The only shame is that it lasted longer than one day.  It was not undermined by foreigners or from within.  It just failed, it could not work.  It is that simple.  Communism, for all its good intentions, is a system that goes against human nature.  And as such it is incompatible to humanity in any way shape or form.  Humans don’t do much for the good of the people.  We are rather selfish creatures.  We are also individualist creatures, we want to do things as we want, when we want and how we want, communism does not allow for that.  Communist economic ideals simply did not withstand the test of time.  As soon as people were given a chance they shed its Red cloak and went the way of communism’s enemy.  The people want capitalism.  Now of course we may debate what kind of capitalism we want, and which is best for societies, but communism is bankrupt.  It fell, either through upheaval or from the top, as in China.  The Chinese rulers may call themselves communists, but every time they do Karl Marx does 360 degrees in his grave.  The Chinese are the biggest capitalists the world has seen.  They realized that in order to stay in power they will have to give their people means to live.  No Central Planning economy was self sustaining.  It simply does not work.  Never has, never will.

Any brief illusion of Red prosperity was a lie to quiet the people.  But that too could not last.  By giving their people bread and luxuries (years after the decadent West had them) the Red masters bankrupted their nations.  It simply was not efficient.  The idea of getting out as much as you put in was a farce.  Its great in books and brochures.  Problems start when the idiots who read them try to implement them.  Now of course commie apologists will point out that we have never witnessed true communism.  And they would be correct.  Communism as the Red Prophets envisioned has never been attained.  There is a reason for that.  Because its impossible.  Simple really.  In that sense communism is like religious paradise.  Unattainable on the planet Earth.  Yet again the apologists will try to explain that historically it was so because not all the countries were communist and therefore true communism was undermined by the imperialist Western powers.  Well no, not really.  The reason many countries did not become commie was quite simple.  Paradise is an illusion, an unattainable illusion, and most people not only do not want it, they realize that its an illusion.  Communism, for all its grand talk of being a people’s movement was never supported by those it wanted to save.  It was always a minority movement, usually enforced from the top and as such it could not be supported by the people.  The whole thing was built on a lie.

Thou Shalt Have No Other Comrades Before Me

Yep, sounds like a Commandment, and it was really.  The Red Prophets despised and put down religion, and for a good reason.  No one likes competition.  Communism was not just a movement to help people, it wanted to save them.  And as such it would tolerate no other gods before them.  They took the “cult of personality” to a new level.  They had the great prophets, Marx, Engels, and their new Christ, Lenin.  They had their martyrs, Che, Rosa Luxemburg, many anarchists of the 19th and 20th Centuries whom they took as their own, whether they were or not.  They had their Holy Book.  They had their ideology.

There was one constant in communism, a unique thing for them.  The one constant thing was their Holy Trinity of Marx, Engels and Lenin.  Everything else varied depending on the time and circumstances.  Stalin and his flock were thought as holy until Khrushchev made his little speech, then it was ok to criticize The Great Stalin.  After Brezhnev took over then of course it was ok to criticize the Ukrainian peasant.  And so one and so forth.  Each and every time the new one came to power the speech started with “mistakes were made”  blah blah blah.  Same speech, different names.  Pointing the finger at individuals, the system overall was perfect, it was only those who were corrupt that make it imperfect.  Every communist country witnessed this.  Every new leader was going to make changes for the better, and finally lead everyone to the Promised land.  Yep, each new guy in charge was the new Moses.  But after a while everyone saw through it for the bullshit that it was.  It wasn’t the old guys, it was the system.

And the system was corrupt itself.  It was built on a lie, in fact it was a lie itself.  And it was impossible to argue with the dialectic.  The dialectic was flexible.  It could explain everything and anything.  It was full of great words and big promises.  The fact that it was so flexible proves that it was a lie.  The same people using the same logic first explained to everyone why Stalin’s actions were for the good of the people, then after his death, they explained why they were bad.  And in the same breath they explained, using the same logic, how everything will be different.  They kept changing their dialectic almost on a daily basis.  That is why it failed.  It was a lie.

The Red Terror

We know of the countless millions of people the Reds murdered over the years.  There is no need to rehash every crime they committed.  What I want to point out is that they committed crimes against the very people they claimed they were saving.  It wasn’t just reactionaries, enemies of the State, and foreign capitalist agents that they murdered.  They murdered their own.  Every chance they got.  When they just kill them all they quashed them.  A perfect example is the Polish Solidarity movement.  It was a TRADE UNION!!!  Yes, a trade union.  People tend to forget that.  They were not asking for much.  Just some respect and a say.  They were not the enemies of communism, they were not foreign agents.  They were the Proletariat!!!  They did not ask for power, they did not want to depose the Commies, they wanted the system to give them what they deserved.  What they got was something totally different.  The Communists are not the enemies of the evil capitalists, they are the enemies of the peasant and the proletariat they claim they represent!!!  In that they are worse than any religion, for the religious are intolerant only of the unfaithful.  The Reds tolerated no one but those in power, the rest were there to take orders and smile and applaud.

The authoritarian nature of communism is what makes it so evil.  Freedom is only a slogan.  The Reds tolerated no dissenters.  They rewrote histories.  Called people who were good evil.  Called those who were evil good.  The evil Czars based their power on traditions and secret police.  Communism was without tradition so their power rested solely on terror.  They want to control people’s hearts and minds.  As such it was completely paranoid.  And this paranoia extended everywhere.  Schools, hospitals, workplace, playground, everywhere.  The censorship the communists employed was shocking.

There was nothing democratic about the People’s Democracy.  Power corrupts, and once the commies gained power they became totally corrupt and bankrupt.  Slogans and speeches were the only thing that resembled their ideals.  Everything else they did was totally against it.  It became just a fight to stay in power.  The right today accuse those on the left of being socialists or communists.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The left realizes all the evils of communism.  There were no bigger enemies of the communists than the left liberals, and many real socialist movements.  Its because their ideals “appear” to be similar that they know them the best.  And as such the left realize communism’s true face, in all its vilest.  Communism is antidemocratic by nature.  If you dare to think differently than the Red Gods you automatically become the enemy.  They claim to have the good of the people at heart, therefore they will easily kill those same people because they know better.  I don’t know what was worst, the power hungry cynics who only said and did things to preserve themselves in power, or the fanatics who truly believed those lies.  In the end it did not really matter, they killed and oppressed with the same force.

The 21st Century Reds

Yes, its strange, but even though they are few in number, communists exist today.  They mostly are just some idealistic kids who see injustice in the world and whether through ignorance or revisionism, believe that the Red Gods can still save us.  In a way its admirable that there are people who see everyone as equals, that they want to end starvation, injustice, class differences, and oppression.  its great, and I am not being sarcastic when I say that.  Its just that communism never really did any of those things, and what’s worse, the Red Gods never really wanted to do all those things.  But today’s communists to not want to think about that, they want to think about the slogans, remember the nice speeches, and remind themselves of the evils of capitalism and oppression they suffer under their current rulers.  Once they achieve power it will be different this time.  Will it?  Somehow I doubt it.  And I have a good reason to doubt it.  Its happened every time the communists tried to bring the Red Paradise to everyone.  What we got instead was hell.  There is nothing just about forced redistribution of wealth, and guess what, the wealthy will not give up their status willingly.  So you will, once again call them the enemies of the people and slaughter them, and anyone who tried to defend them.  Justice?  I think not.  What if the people decide they do not want to produce end tables?  What if they want something else?  That was the problem with the communists, dissenters, no matter how justified, were classed as enemies of the state, and as such could be dealt with appropriately.  It was a throwback to forced conversions, “you can either be saved or we will kill you, we’re only doing this cause we love you so much.”  Thanks but no thanks, the dictatorship of the proletariat is as evil as any authoritarian regime was.   Here the commies are even worse than any religious fanatics.  The religious fanatics will actually allow for some dissent as long as it does not piss them off too much.  To the reds on the other hand, any dissent is high treason, it goes against the people!  Well its the people who are dissenting.  How can it!?

The question of private property is a strange one.  A normal state of affairs is of course that one works, one buys, one owns as the fruit of one’s labour.  Now of course private ownership and capitalism provide all kinds of ways for abuse.  However state ownership, or communal ownership is unnatural.  its simple.  Just as most red things are, this too goes against everything humans believe.  And no its not brainwashing and reactionary traditions.  In order for communism to work we would all truly have to be equal and have equal abilities.  But we are not.  And that is the problem.  The farmer who toils from sunrise to sunset will grow more than one who works half as much.  How can one ask both to reap the same rewards!  Of course the Reds will say that once they are in charge all will work as hard.  Well no, we wont!  Never have never will.  What will you do when we wont?  Kill all those who don’t carry their weight?  Will your explanation be as those who are religious?  Well god gave it and god can take it away?  The proletariat giveth and the proletariat taketh away?  Really?  Its the proletariat who were not working.  So for the good of the people the people will suffer again?  Sorry, it just does not make any sense.

I could make this a 10 part series, or 100 part series.  Nothing will change.  For all the Red good intentions they do not realize that we can not gain paradise on Earth.  Every time someone tried they miserably failed.  You too will fail, your system goes against human nature, freedom, and equality.  Instead of watching your respective dictators ruin your countries and dreaming how thing will be so much better when you are in charge why not do something useful and constructive for a change?  Why not work to make things a little better.  You can’t and wont make everyone equal, you can’t and wont make all of us happy.  Because I disagree.  And therefore by me disagreeing you would have to kill me or force me to do things I do not want.  And that my Red friends is not paradise.  A society is as good as its individuals.  And it serves to benefit its individuals as much as the individuals should serve their society.  Communism forgets half of that, and because they do they are against the people and enslave their people more than any evil capitalists do.

I may have been a tad hasty all the way back at the beginning of Episode 1 when I said I hate all Communists.  Not true.  I do not hate Michail Gorbachev.  He was the one who let this whole mess fail.  he told his Polish puppets to give the Polish Proletariat what it wanted, freedom and democracy.  And like good little servants they were, the Polish Communists did.  And Poland is so much better for it, and I thank Gorbachev for that.